Stephen J. Emmott (born 3 June ) is a Professor and Head of Computational Science at . “Population 10 Billion by Danny Dorling and Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott – review”. The Guardian. London. ^ Goodall, Chris (). 10 Billion aims to take a dramatic look at the challenges we face today, from Stephen Emmott is Head of Computational Science at Microsoft. Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott Sep 10, | Pages. Buy . production of TEN BILLION, performed by Stephen Emmott at London’s Royal Court Theatre.

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For example, the worrying chart on species extinction on page 54 of the Kindle edition seems to present a sharp, abrupt and catastrophic rise from the year without any basis in fact or scientific research. Which isn’t going to happen.

The Green Revolution, the author says, is a myth. Retrieved from ” https: Succinct and righteously pessimistic. Author has reasoned that former is not so stepjen but latter is possible. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.

Ten Billion by Stephen Emmott

Explore the latest social science book reviews by academics and experts. The book is beautiful. Emmott is not worried that we will run out of oil to fuel this growth; he is worried that we will continue to use it at an accelerated pace and the damage that will do. I have some other complaints, though.

But Emmott sums it all up pretty clearly: I also sympathize with those who suggest the author is hypocritical in complaining about waste and rampant consumerism but then goes on to publish a book in such an inefficient way. There are scores and scores of errors and exaggerations in this short book.


It would be a very good thing if as many people as possible read bilion. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. Post completo em www.

10 Billion, by Stephen Emmott, review

I’ve always cared about what we’re doing to the world and I echo Emmott’s thoughts “Why are we not doing more about the situation we’re emomtt – given the scale of the problem and the urgency needed- I simply cannot understand.

Tha The premise of this book, horrible stuff is happening to the earth due to overpopulation, is sound. Several of his very sparsely filled pages are given over to discussing how much water is needed to grow food but nowhere does stepuen discuss the global availability.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I read this in preparation for a class I will be teaching on fashion sustainability and it served to highlight that environmental issues can not be isolated from one another.

It isnt The biggest and more important experiment on Earth is the one we are all conducting,right now,on Earth itself Only a idiot would deny that thre is a limit to how many people our Earth can support. Emmott does not care for namby-pamby reassurances and hopefulness. Quotes from Ten Billion.

Small improvements in irrigation practices will almost certainly help us decrease water stress in the most threatened global food production areas. And what about the fact that one third of world food is wasted everyhere?

Its reliance on random facts pulled from the internet is truly shocking and it will harm the cause of environmental protection. The UK’s 27 th licensing round for the North Sea attracted its greatest ever stelhen of interest, with applications — the largest number since offshore 100 began in Water supplies are becoming tighter in many countries.

The average rate of recession is much, much slower.


I don’t entirely agree with some of the villion presented — embedded water is more complex than stated; ice sheet melt is a little incorrect as written; emmoty allowance is made for recyclability; renewable energy holds far more promise than suggested; and frankly I cannot see how we’ll possibly get to 10 billion with all of these enormous systemic limits we’re crashing headlong into — yet ultimately these only affect the rate of looming cataclysm, not the underlying conclusions Short and devastating.

Reasonable predictions are almost all in the 9 to 10 billion range, with most people seeing declines after that date but he tells us that we might actually see 28 billion by I don’t know if life will ever be the same again, but my deep interest in getting knowledge, getting to know the truth, makes me happy about all this.

The chilling thing about books like this is unlike religious sermons these Jeremiads are based on scientific fact. The only good thing is the end, and also, the fact that it ends.

This is going to contribute to rising sea levels. This is not true. Mais pessoas, um ambiente diferente: The arguments often dropped off without support, the serious tone felt mostly like heavy handed schtick, and overall I was pretty disappointed that a very important issue was not served well through this book. On the other hand, I’ll never be able to This is the most life-changing book I have ever read in my short, but entire life. The iron ore of the steel of the car has to be mined in for example Australia.