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Be ready when the Space Shuttle Columbia carries aloft the first astro-ham. Here’s the best way to contact this historic DXpedition The Amazing Cylindrabola This microwave antenna is easier to build than a dish.

2N3924 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

Instant access to most used frequencies VT-O A information ts transferred to the selected memory by pushing the write button PriOftty Channel. Any memory channel may be monitored for activity on a sample basis, every 5 seconds, without disruption of a GSG conducted on a VFO frequency. This 45 watts of power eliminates the need for an external power amplifier in fringe areas and gives a savings of space and wiring.

These new features make the ICH the best 2 meter mobile value on the market. Buy a TS S for and select your free package from among the following three groups: YKA S1 19,85 value. Buy a TW A for and select two of the following items absolutely free! See your KLM dealer or write for a catalog. We can assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any ma ten a! Pme Street Peteffcorough nh Phone: Farniingdale NY For renewals and changes of address, include the address label from your most recent issue of For gift sub- scriptions, include your name and ad- dress as well as those of gift w pients Subscription problem or question: Farmlngdale NY Please Include an address label.

All rig his reserved No part of this publication may be reprinted or otherwise reproduced withoul written permission from the publisher. It all started last spring when some chaps from one of the big- ger banks called saying that they had a large foreign publish- er who was looking to acquire something like rny micro pub- lishing empirette. I wasn’t much interested because I enjoy what Tm doing more than anything else I can Imagine. But what would it cost to listen, right? So they came to visit and looked over our place.

I showed them our growth in sales, which has run around 50 percent a year for the last eight years. The word that I was thinking of selling began to spread, and new suitors started calling every few days, The more I talked with these firms, the more I realized that this probably was a good time to merge with a larger firm so that I would have the money to invest in some new projects.

I have never had much of a per- sonal need for money, so selling out for a big bundle of cash had little attraction.

No, it would be worth merging if I could get the money to start magazines at a faster rate and thus be able to keep up better with the needs of the microcortv puter industry. And I had an idea for a 2n3294 type of magazine I wanted to try out. The more I thought about it, the more ideas for new divisions of Wayne Green, Inc.

With some cash available for getting these new busi- nesses and publications going, we could step up our growth enormously. I did some sales projections and I could see us growing to a billion in sales with- in ten years just on the plans al- ready in mrnd. As I talked with the firms in- terested in merging, I found sev- eral of them excited about my ideas and plans. I’d had a good record ot coming up with inno- vative ideas in the past, so there wasn’t much skepticism about my new ideas.

After all, I’d had the idea to start the first maga- zine for datashset Byte, And then I started the first system-specific magazine: And I’d pio- neered mass-produced soft- ware. Datasheft I talked with people, I realized that I have a pretty good track record. The final choice of a merger partner was most difficult. Sev- eral large firms put it bluntly: They needed me and I could name my price.

Now I want to tell you, that is fantastic for the ego. WBAJ makes this card distinctive by using lowercase letters tor his caiissgn. Attn QSL of the Month.


Entries not in envelopes and without a book choice will not be considered.

Voice announces frequency, band. VFO A orB, repeater offset, and memory channel number.

Memory stores receive and transmit fre- quencies independently for odd repeater offsets, or cross- hand operation. Also may be programmed to skip channels. Either channel may be recalled instantly. The high reli- ability RF power modules assure clean and dependable transmissions on either band.

Split [cross] fre- quency operation 23n924. F, LOCK switch provided. Baiiery life exceeds one year. Memories 9 and 10 for priority instant recall.

Here’s the best way to contact this 2n33924 DXpedition. An astro- ham in space on 2 meters,” Alan, who produces NBC Nightly News for the west coast did not pen those words for that vehicle, Rather, they dataxheet the lead-in to a 2-minute special report by Roy Neal K6DUE which aired on my West link Radio News Service, It was a story that took 2n924 world of amateur radio by storm, and one datasgeet will hopefully unfold on Sep- tember 30, It is Dr Garnott, the radio he will take with him, and the type of operation planned that will open a new chapter in space-to-Earth communi- cations Dr Garriott is a ham— W5LFL The radio vatasheet for the 2-meter amateur band, operates on FM voice, and with it W5LFL hopes to contact amateurs around the world, making this the first time any form of pri- vate radio has been used from space.

Background If you think it’s easy to convince NASA to let you operate an amateur station from one of their space vehi- cles, then try to get yourself permission to do so. The idea datqsheet shortly before Dr Garriott was rocketed into space to serve duty on Sky- tab, Datashewt had approached NASA with the dwtasheet of tak- 2nn3924 along a 2-meter radio back then, but it was nixed because of power require- ments and other technical considerations Since that time, the thought of operating from space has stayed with Dr Garriott and several years ago with the assistance of members of the Space Cen- ter ARC in Houston W5RRR and NBC news cor- respondent Roy Neal.

As plans progressed, it was recognized that for the oper- ation to be successful, it would take the full coopera- tion of amateurs around the world, A radio that could meet the critical require- ments of the space shuttle was needed Darasheet oper- ating protocol had to be developed to ensure a max- imum number of QSOs to be held in the allotted oper- ating time periods.

Publi- city had to be planned A QSL manager or bureau would be needed to handle the expected torrent of re- quests for commemorative cards, and much, much more It was obvious that only an organization with the re- sources of the ARRL could handle such 2h3924 chore, besides which Dr Garriott datashest due credit given to the League for its assistance in getting the groundwork for the mission put together The ARRL has been unoffi- cially involved since the beginning.

Simple and direct connections to radio. The SA — the newest advance in interconnect technology, from the innovators at: Communications Electronics Specialties, Inc. The unit must be totally independent of the spacecraft’s electrical system, yet be capable of producing at least 5 Watts dxtasheet power for the duration of each operating period of 1 hour per day tor 5 days. In addition, the unit has to be channelized to make it easy for Dr Carriott to operate, with maximum receiving and transmitting efficiency from ,9 dwtasheet Oh, we will all eventu- ally know whose radio flew on ST You can be sure that the manufacturer selected will take full-page ads in every amateur maga- zine to proclaim this, but you won’t see an official en- dorsement from the ARRL, Datadheet, or anyone else in amateur radio directly in- volved in the mission.

For the sake of objectivity and nonpartisanship, it has to be this way The leaders of the amateur-radio community don’t want to become in- volved in a “Tang” type of publicity campaign.

The unit itself will have three modes of operation. This is subject to change be- fore this article goes to press, but this is what we have at this writing. Mode 1 will permit split-frequency transceive with Dr Carriott transmitting between It is not expected that this mode or mode 2, which is simplex operation from ,51 to Rather, it is mode 3 that will probably be exercised the most.


In this mode, the transceiver must be capable of trans- mitting on the same fre- quency range of Modes 1 and 3 will use kHz inter-channel spac- ing, as will the channels for the simplex mode 2, More on this operation later. The antenna will be inside the Columbia orbrter itself and will be an “indoor 2n33924 of some type affixed to the upper crew compart- ment window Several types of antennas are being exper imented with One is a loop P another a printed-circuit res- onator, and there are others.

Development is taking place at the Johnson Space Flight Center and being done by NASA scientists and 73 engineers, During the flight, Columbia will be flying up- side down by Earth perspec- tive and that window will be facing the ground.

Garriott will have time for only about or so QSOs while in space, so don’t expect to be able to rag-chew or even speak di- rectly with W5LFL. I hate to use the term, but what I am about to describe is going to sound like some sort of a DX list operation, with Dr Carri- ott developing the list as he goes The STS-9 orbiter, be- cause of its sharp equatorial crossing angle N to S, S to N r will place W5LFL in direct contact with a given geographic area for about 8 minutes on any given pass.

Carriott will scan across his preprogrammed receive frequencies.

QF Datasheet PDF – Siemens AG

During that time, ground stations that’s you and me will simply choose what we feel is the best frequency for our use and transmit our callsign for one minute.

During the next minute, Dr Carriott will ac- knowledge the calfsigns he hears and then announce the next zone he will be lis- tening for. At this point, the whole process begins again and continues on a minute- by-minute basis until that particular hour’s operating period has ended. As planned now, Dr Car- riott will transmit on the even minutes starting at the top of the hour and will lis- ten for calls on the odd min- utes Stations on the ground will have about a dozen up- link channels to choose from.

Use of repeaters and remote-base systems is dis- couraged, and while some uplink channels may fall on known repeater output channels in the United States, a myriad of stations on the ground trying to cap- ture a repeater to be heard above the throng will make a given channel useless.

Therefore, repeater owners on affected frequencies might be wise to terminate the operation of their sys- tems for the TO minutes or so that Columbia will be within radio range each day. The channels selected for uplink were determined based on international spec- trum utilization including ITU regions 1, 2, and 3 Dr. Carriott will not limit his contacts to US hams, but will acknowledge calls from the world over as he passes overhead.

While this choice of frequencies may pose a bit of an inconvenience in some major metropolitan US cities where repeaters operate every 20 kHz in the lower subband, it is a choice compatible with the rest of the world Now you can be- gin to imagine why groups the size of the ARRL and AMSAT had to be employed to coordinate the ground side of the operation.

No one person could possibly do it by himself. We know you have questions eck our answers. Call today for information on our terminal units! Write for full details and specifications of the ARQ The CT Includes these often requested features: Write for our full RTTY catalog. In lieu of this, any good-quality verti- cal antenna should suffice The ARRL’s Radio Amateur’s Handbook should be con- sulted on design 61 a turn- stile, since none for the ama- teur 2-meter band is current- ly marketed.

The recommended trans- mit-output power level is 10 Watts Running higher pow- er will only cause unneces- sary interference to other ground stations and will gain you little. Remember, as with any DXpedition, Dr Garriott — not you — is in charge of the operation. If there is too much QRM on a given channel because it is infested by the high-power boys, it easily can be by- passed.