Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova () was the most highly renowned text of the cut-and-thrust school of “Bolognese swordsmanship”. Achille Marozzo’s Opera Nova (). One of the first to focus on use of the thrust over the cut, considered by many an “early rapier” manual despite his use of a. The Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo aims to study Historical European Martial Arts of the Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance, especially the ancient science of.

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Now, being still in the said guardia alta, you will throw two mandritti tondi at the face passing in the marpzzo time the right foot forward. You will then throw a roverso to the thigh.

And still I maarozzo to you, that when you have made the examination and given them the pros and cons of what you have taught, I want you to make them practice with you several days and amend where they have failed and make good strong attacks in order that they may practice defense: And in this parry you will turn the hand to the inside and engage his sword with your hand of your buckler and give a turn downwards to take his sword from his hand and give a thrust to his chest or to the face.

It describes armed combat with the single-handed sword, alone and with a variety of companion arms bucklers, shield, dagger, second sword, cape, etc. Again, with the foot towards the left and ending in the guardia alta and your brochiero extended. For that is more courageous and I want you to know that this is more perilous.

Online Library: Achille Marozzo,

For your defense, you should cut with a roverso fendente to the rim of the buckler, at the same time pulling your right foot behind the left, then pulling the left again behind the right. Achille Marozzo was a 16th century Italian fencing master. The other is that if he intended to pass with his left foot as he feinted a push, or if he actually intended to push, with that motion you would hurl your right foot behind the left as he pushes.

Raise your right hand a little so that your sword point goes to the face and he for fear of the thrust will push your right arm to his weak side. You will settle with your arms and legs well formed. Achille Marozzo himself died in and is buried in Bologna at the military hospital. But know that if he attacks with a stoccata, roverso or ponta, for each of these attacks, when he attacks, you will mzrozzo your right leg strongly forward and meet the attack with a rising strike to your left.


Now, remaining in the guardia alta, there achills need that you throw a mandritto tondo below the arm. Know that when you strike you must step forward strongly with your right foot and your left leg will follow behind the right. Being in the coda lunga et alta, your enemy is where he wants in the porta di ferro in fuore, Marozzl want you to thrust with a ponta roversa to his face and a roverso sgualembrato.

Bibliografia Generale della Scherma. Follow this with a reverse thrust to his chest. For I want you to know that at times, good practice is worth as much as good knowledge, so do not be surprised [by my advice]. Your hip will be opposite the enemy and the hand with the brochiero will have the wrist upwards. And in this manner you will make good practices and strong players and remain in strong botte, doing but for that learning of skirmishing. For your defense you will throw a rising falso.

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That is against his left side. That is in chioccare and thrusting upward as aforementioned. Note now that if he throws a mandritto you will parry with the false edge of your left sword. I do not put other play at present for it is too much to write. And know that such oath is made alone, for he is sure, as they know to hold the sword in hand, go demonstrate to others and listen then to your scholars on what you have shown and taught to them.

That is, the sword and Bolognese dagger. Please note that everything you see written from here on that is, starting from the third assault pertains to the half-sword. You will do this with the intention of cutting his left arm or leg with a mandritto as he cover his left side by moving into the porta di ferro on the left and the coda lunga e stretta. Thank you for your interest in helping us moderate questionable content on Lulu. Views Read Edit View history. If you are quick, that is, your hand strikes rising with the hilt to his sword and you will give him a roverso to the thigh while not moving.

With this, than they will always fear it are not mocked from that they are to see, and for this you must respect the secret teachings and still I say that when you have taught them the botte I advise you to go to play and return back.


Opera Nova (Achille Marozzo)

Marozz here you return back to play, making a gran passo with the right foot to the rear of the left. At this same mandritto to the leg that your enemy throws, I want you to give a falso to him, that is with the right edge. Then you will give a strong ponta to his marozo. In it was reprinted in Venice again, but this time based on the Bologna printing.

But I will tell you of others than these three aforementioned attacks. Note that whenever possible, I want you to be the first to attack.

In this manner, you will make them happy.

Supposing you are in the coda lunga e stretta and the cinghiara porta di ferro with the left foot forward and your enemy does not attack with a similar attack, with the left sword I want you to thrust between the middle achikle his swords with the right foot stepping forward.

In one time throw your right foot opposite his left side and give a fendente with a tramazzone to his head.

Being in afhille coda lunga e stretta and with your marozzo in the guardia di testa, here I want you to throw a half mandritto at his dagger hand. Do not stay firm here but throw a roverso sgualembrato montando immediately past the rim of the buckler taking your right foot close to the left.

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Arti Marziali Storiche Europee – Sala d’Arme Achille Marozzo – Scherma Storica

Later Bolognese fencing masters such as Viggiani and Dall’Agocchie may have been influenced by his work, if not directly studied under him. But there is a great need that the pass that you give does not gather the dagger or that he does not turn his shoulder to you. If you are here in the coda lunga e alta or the porta di ferro stretta or alta, or you are in the coda lunga e stretta and your enemy is in the porta di ferro alta or stretta, here you will enter in quickly to the true-edge to true-edge, with acuille right foot forward and strong achillle the right.