Hermann Bellinghausen Los indígenas de Las Abejas de Acteal están convencidos de que Pero como es un crimen lo que se hizo, se debe aplicar la justicia. Esto, además de la guerra irregular desatada por el Estado contra el movimiento zapatista, que en Chenalhó fue cruda y brutal todo Hermann Bellinghausen is a Mexican poet and journalist who covers In he published Acteal, crimen de Estado, a reconstruction of the. Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional (Zapatista Army of National Liberation—EZL uprising in . in-depth studies about the Acteal massacre exist (e.g., Bellinghausen, ; . Bellinghausen, Hermann. Acteal: Crimen de estado.

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At the end of every day a new crack opens, each time a little wider, in the walls that confine our brother and compa Francisco. One day soon, the pressure on them will ensure that these walls will heermann, both inside and outside. It is something simple but beautiful, and it gives us much pleasure to share it with you. We hope it may serve as small flag in this worldwide struggle which has the heart as its homeland, and solidarity as its territory….

Let us today honor Francisco by struggling more keenly for his immediate and unconditional release. Actea, algo muy sencillo pero bonito, y nos da mucho gusto compartirlo con ustedes.

It is appropriate to point out that the prisoner himself had stated that he would not accept being admitted to this hospital, where he was secluded without adequate medical care. The above letter, directed to the ministers Juan N. To Civil Society in Mexico and in the world: In response to the global demand for justice incited by the recent attacks on the Zapatista Support Base Communities BAZ carried out by the bad government and its armed death packs, it is with anguished and troubled hearts that we write these words, which are for your immediate consideration.

As such, our compas from the Juntas de Buen Gobierno Good Government Councils and the affected communities have issued numerous denouncements and have urgently called for the mobilization of global solidarity actions targeting all levels of the bad government of Mexico. If those from above believe that they can continue waging their violent war against our Zapatista sisters and brothers without repercussions, they are deeply mistaken.

This time around, the dignified peoples of the world will have their say. Before the growing global demand for justice and an end to the current and possible attacks, and in order to expand the reach of the ongoing activities taking place as part of the current First Phase of our Campaign: As you will understand, these dates were chosen for their great significance in the history of indigenous struggles throughout the world: If you would like to join our efforts and accept our proposal, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to:.

First and foremost, we would like to thank all the people who are continuing to give light and life to this worldwide campaign, which for over a month now we have been creating and shaping together. Thank you for sharing this path with us and for continuing to walk alongside us. More and more people are finding each other every day, seeking and meeting in the darkness and obscurity of lies and indifference which those from above have constructed in order to keep us divided.

Fumbling in the dark, we continue to meet each other, and searching, day after day, for a way to break through into the light.

As our ancestors say, our collective words contain the essence of life on this planet: To prevent us from joining hands and rising from this darkness, those from above have committed to douse out all the lights radiating from dignified people. This is why they are deploying their strategies of violence and destruction, and are attacking, imprisoning, repressing, assaulting, violating, robbing, silencing, and lying to us.

This is also why those from above, those who have created this long night, have chosen as their main target the indigenous peoples of the world, who have made such significant contributions to the struggle against the darkness. Faced with this threat of planetary extinction, we must mobilize urgently to defend each and every light that illuminates our path towards the construction of another possible world. And as the True Word was and is the first form of light, it is vital that we defend those words which Old Antonio tells us were the first three in every language: It is no coincidence that these three words cannot be found in the governments, jails, schools, mass media, or the other institutions serving the privileges of those from above.


Nor is it a coincidence that these same three words are alive, in many different ways, among the dignified people from below, especially the indigenous people of Mexico and the world. While those from above continue to attack and destroy these lights, we will continue to defend and create more lights, more solutions, more worlds.

Even though those from above are using the lies which give the night its darkness to keep us divided, in our hearts we carry that which makes the light shine… This is called truth. In order to actively support the defense of the light that shines from the Zapatistas, an exemplary indigenous movement, whose struggle has always been for and with both indigenous and non-indigenous peoples alike, we call on and invite everyone once again to join this campaign, and to carry out its second phase, which will consist of a month of strategic and direct actions.

During these days of action, compas, let us unite, honor, remember, and support all the Zapatista communities and in particular, the following ones, as they are presently under siege:. As a result, the entire community was violently displaced re several people were missing for some time while they criken refuge from the violence. Many remain severely ill. The situation is made hermxnn because many compas are ill. From forced displacement to sexual assault, these compas have suffered numerous forms acteap violence and repression solely for wanting to live with dignity and freedom as indigenous peoples.

Their video-message, which has already had over 30, views, can be viewed here:. His only offense, as has been stated over and over again, is that of being a Zapatista Support Base member. For this reason, he is being held as a hostage of the Mexican State.

Hopefully it will continue to grow, reaching new places and peoples. In closing, if you accept this proposal and will participate in the Second Phase, we ask that you please let us know as soon as possible by sending an email to:. From September 6 to 19, the number of aggressors rose from 55 toand they have constructed a camp metres from the community.

An observation brigade formed by Other Campaign civil organisations and collectives visited the zone to meet with the displaced, and released a comprehensive report. During the night, the eatado aggressors pointed their weapons at them. Armed individuals in military clothing arrived afterwards.

Narco News: The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign: Chiapas

Less that 30 residents remain in the community. Some women escaped towards the river. We went three days without eating or drinking. They appeared three days later in San Marcos. Since September 16, the state Public Security has had a control post at the entrance, which seems to be for protecting the invaders.

On September 18, the police fired shots. The paramilitaries have occupied the autonomous health clinic casa de salud. Animals and pastures are being laid waste, the paramilitaries cut the wire fences, and ateal the crops. We will not stop our struggle and we are not going to give up.

We did not follow the path, but went through bellinguausen canyon. I felt like there was a jaguar after me, I was lost and terrified, I felt as if I was no longer in the world. They are threatened by members of the PRI, who hide to shoot at them. This slideshow requires JavaScript.


He has now hermanh imprisoned for twelve years for a crime it has been proven he could not have committed, but numerous appeals have been turned down or ignored, and the many national and international organisations involved in his defence believe this is their final hope for his release. The letter, which is to be delivered by hand to the Mexican ambassador in London this afternoon, asks the ambassador to urgently forward a letter to each of the Justices of the Court requesting they accept the motion.

The letter is also being sent by post, fax and email. His human rights activism in prison has led to the founding of two groups representing political prisoners, and the whole of his small community, el Bosque, is behind him. Recently 2, members of this community marched through the streets demanding his acteap. They know that he was elsewhere at the time the crime, the ambush of a police convoy, took place, and they also know why he was falsely accused of this crime. The son actael admitted he had been lying on the instructions of his father, in return for the gift of a pickup truck.


For the photos seE: Among these projects is a renewed government effort to delimit Natural Protected Areas within the Lacandon Jungle, in order to generate carbon credits to be sold to California companies.

They began carbon retention there by crimenn monetary compensation to protect trees and avoid felling them. bellinghaussen

The Other Journalism With The Other Campaign

Initially, the California state government, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, made one payment, but following the economic crisis there, further payments were suspended. The Chiapas government then used its own funds instead. The program will only provide compensation using dubious verification methods that portend the privatization of forests. These attacks stem from the current wave of government repression against the Zapatista movement, which encompasses thousands of indigenous communities in resistance throughout the Mexican state of Chiapas.

Visit the San Worldwide Echo Campaign website at http: Como dicen nuestros antepasados, nuestras palabras colectivas contienen lo imprescindible de la vida en este planeta: Para prevenir que esto suceda — que con las manos entrelazadas salgamos de esta oscuridad — los de arriba se dedican a destruir todas las luces que hacen los pueblos dignos.

Aunque todo lo que hace que la noche oscurezca lo usan los de arriba para mantenerla oscura, y a nosotr s dividid s — en una palabra: Much s se encuentran enferm s. De igual manera, much s compas se encuentran enferm s.

They continue to receive expressions of solidarity from different parts of the world. Rosario asserts that such treatment is common for the indigenous in Chiapas courts.

Collectives and organizations which demand the freedom of the Zapatista and Other Campaign prisoners, as well as an end to the attacks against the autonomous communities, confirmed that they will protest in the coming days in Mexican embassies and consulates in Tokyo, London, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Berlin, Montreal and New York. On Monday, at 7: English translation by the Chiapas Support Committee for the: International Zapatista Translation Service, a collaboration of the: La guerra contrainsurgente busca impedirlo.

Human rightsMovement for Justice in el BarrioPolitical prisonersRepressionZapatista — dorsetchiapassolidarity But at the same time, they are: Click here to see the poster: Clic aqui para ver el cartel: Political prisoners — dorsetchiapassolidarity The chronic neglect with which the state and federal authorities have treated his case, as well as showing how the rights of prisoners are protected, may mean that the suffering that has severely damaged his sight could cost him his life.

In there, they diagnosed me with glaucoma, where they gave me hospitalization for six months and was given a treatment for life. After protests and pressure in Mexico and other countries, he returned to the State Centre for Social Re-insertion of the Sentenced Number 5, in this city, where his health is rapidly deteriorating. This is why I denounce the abuses and human rights violations, the doctors who attended to me have played with my life; I suffered negligence and delay at their unskilled hands.

This episode of his judicial Calvary coincides with the liberation of another self-confessed paramilitary from among those that participated in the Acteal Massacre.

FraybaHuman rightsPolitical prisoners — dorsetchiapassolidarity 9: To our Zapatista sisters and crimenn If you would like to join our efforts and accept our proposal, please let us know as soon as possible by sending an e-mail to: During these days of action, compas, let us unite, honor, remember, and support all the Zapatista communities and in particular, the following ones, as they are presently under siege: