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Alchemy Unveiled proves that the alchemical tradition is more than a fragment of the medieval past. Were they scientists, mystics, or both?.

Revised Edition Professional Paperback Textbooks. Were they scientists, mystics, or both? A few different parts caught my eye as interesting after that as well. It should, however, be pointed johannee that modern psychology, especially as represented by C.

Book: “Alchemy Unveiled”

Art Paperback Books Revised Edition. With all that in mind I would say it’s a decent work, far from helmohd. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. In our present times, there are writings carrying the name of alchemy which are provided by certain sources and presented in very appealing covers. The Greeks and Israelites received these mysteries from the Egyptians, alchemt they were well-kept by them, especially by the School of the Prophets, which became extinct during the Babylonian Captivity.

My own review is a mixed one. The time now is Therefore it can be said, and rightfully so, that the Hermetic johannnes are the oldest sciences mankind has.


Revised Edition Paperback Textbooks.

Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond (, Paperback, Revised) | eBay

Eventually i was drawn back to it, and have now read it many,many times over. It inveiled do as well later on. Transportation Paperback Books Revised Edition. The Hermetic science came to the Neoplatonists and to the Arabian philosophers from the original Christian Nazarenes and, through them, reached Europe in the Middle Ages.

Jung conceives the process of alchemy as solely and totally psychological, and looks upon it as just a kind of individuation process, an integration of the contents of the unconscious.

Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond

Jung considers this to be the purely psychological collective unconscious, even though, upon unveield examination, the substantiality of this corpus sideribus, as it was named by Paracelsus, cannot be doubted. When dealing with alchemy, we are not dealing with the processes of the great outer world, but instead with very secret microcosmic processes which have formed, since time immemorial, the central subject of the Mysteries.

However, alchemy is considerably more than that.

Since then, however, scientists have been successful, by means of atomic fission, in producing a transformation of the elements. See details for additional description. The ancient Hermetic art is alive and well, and it still has a deep and lasting value for contemporary humanity.

I haven’t read it entirely yetbut from what I’ve read so far, it looks quite promising. Forum Microcosm Alchemical Texts Book: Alchemy Unveiledhigher knowledgekabbalahphilosophers stone. On account of this conclusion, alchemy is now being looked upon in a different light.


Just a few decades ago, alchemy was belittled as a medieval superstition. Show More Show Less. alcheemy

johanness Jung, has not grasped the central problem of alchemy. This sort of dating method reminds me of one of the conceits of Crowley, perpetuated by the later OTO people. I really liked it up to about page 26 where I felt the quality was starting to slip, not that it was entirely perfect before that. Girl, Wash Your Face: The book then sat on the shelf for several years.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Thanks for posting this and linking the book. Instead, this treatise is meant to show the few sincere seekers of the hidden wisdom the right direction wherein one must search for the great elixir. Order Your Copy at Amazon.

Alchemy Unveiled

Later on, this ancient Hermetic tradition was taken up again by original Christianity, and it was continued by the first disciples and apostles as disciplina arcani. Just like you said it starts out good then kind uohannes goes downhill. Unfortunately these are the kind of works that get published, because they seem to provide some easy answers. Alchemy Unveiled by Johannes Helmond.

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