(3) Basic manual operation of the receiver. copied or transferred by any means without the prior written consent of AOR Ltd. AOR and the AOR logo are. Aor AR Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Aor AR Manual, Operating Manual. View and Download AOR AR manual online. AR Receiver pdf manual download.

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Scan – Outline Introduction Entering A New Centre Frequency Gently lift the stopper from the rear edge to reveal the D-shaped metallic socket. Vfo Quick Memory Environment Changing Priority Channel Data Propagation VHF and UHF transmissions generally only propagate relatively short distances when compared to short wave signals. Text Search Section Mqnual search For fastest text search and greatest reliability, place the AR into memory read, scan or search mode ar82000 takes a long time while in VFO mode and may fail under certain circumstances.

Archive | Support | AOR U.S.A., INC. Authority On Radio Communications

Use the main dial or keys or keypad to select the bank you wish to program or over write. Optional Slot Cards Keypad And Knobs Section,Keypad and knobs Engaging Priority Channel Vfo Search Delay Environment Exit From Band Scope Deleting All Select Scan Channels SectionIf you wish to add more select scan channels once to move sor to the new end of the list and repeat the process.


Delete Memory Channel Protect To prevent accidental switch on and off, the power key is placed between two ridges and has to be held for more than one second for the press to be registered. Ar2800 All-mem Save And Load When you release the key, the AR will revert to the original frequency of The lamp will only extinguish when the AR is switched off.

AOR AR8200 Manual

The EM enables the whole 1, memory channels in 20 banks and 40 program search banks to be backed up to the EM Channel Protect Delete When powered from internal batteries with the lamp configured to AUTO, the lamp will automatically illuminate when keys are pressed and will stay illuminated for five seconds after the last key press.

Setting Frequency Span Width waveform Enlargement How To Clone Data How to clone data Ensure that the RS baud ar is set to the same speed for both radios and that the address is set to 00 on both units refer to section of this manual for information on the CONFIG menu settings.

Charging The Nicads Check to see if the problem has cleared. Got it, continue to print.

AOR AR MANUAL Pdf Download.

The load process will take over 20 seconds to complete. Rotary volume control 2. Global Write Protect When you release the key, the AR will revert to the original frequency and squelch will close if no signal is present. Page 4 14 Configuration menu This is particularly useful for customising how long the receiver will wait for a aaor before resuming VFO search. Charging The Nicads AR is switched off.


Receive Mode Selection Menu Section, as a short cut to ALL which is the default which will cause all receive modes to be scanned in the specified scan group. Copy to VFO When the search process is stopped on an active frequency, key to transfer the current receive frequency to the single VFO where it wor be monitored.

The CPU will then wait a further 2 seconds in case a reply is audible such as aircraft and air traffic communications and will then resume scanning the memory channels again. Delete Memory Channel Pass Exit From Band Scope Exit from band scope To exit the band scope Setting frequency span width waveform enlargement The frequency span width may be adjusted between the limits of 10 MHz default to kHz using keys. Page 12 AUTO-MODE where the receiver mode and tuning step are automatically selected by the AR microprocessor from the pre-programmed band plan data this is a short cut to save using the receive mode menu.

Vfo Scan Sampling Time