View and Download Asus G50V-A1 assembly manual online. Disassembly Guide. G50V-A1 Laptop pdf manual download. 1. Introducing the Notebook PC. About This User’s Manual. You are reading the Notebook PC User’s Manual. This User’s Manual provides. information on the. Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Asus G50V.

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 1. Table of Contents Cont.

Asus G50Vt – Core 2 Duo 2.66 GHz Manuals

Follow all precautions and instructions. Except as described in this manual, refer all servicing to qualified personnel. Do not use damaged power cords, accessories, or other peripherals. Do not use strong solvents such as thinners, benzene, or other chemicals on or near the surface. Read the later pages for detailed infor- mation on using your Notebook PC. Install the battery pack 3.

Never lift the Notebook PC by the display panel! Knowing the Parts Basic sides of the Notebook PC Photos and icons in this manual are used for artistic purposes only and do not show what is actually used in the product itself.

The keyboard differs for each territory. Camera on selected models The built-in camera allows picture taking or video recording. Can be used with video confer- encing and other interactive applications. Array Microphone on selected models The built-in array microphone is more clear and echo-free compared with traditional single micro- phones and can be used for video conferencing, voice narrations, audio recordings, and multimedia applications.

Knowing the Parts Instant Mabual touch sensitive Instant keys allow you to launch frequently used applications with one touch of a button. Details are described in section 3. Keyboard The keyboard provides full-sized keys with comfortable travel depth at which the keys can be depressed and palm rest for both hands. Bottom Side Refer to the illustration below to identify the components on this side of the Notebook PC. The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model.

The battery pack size varies depending on model. The bottom of the Notebook PC can get very hot. Be careful when han- dling the Notebook PC while it is in operation or g05v been in operation.

Knowing the Parts Battery Lock – Spring Manusl spring battery lock is used to keep the battery pack secured. When the battery pack is inserted, it will automatically lock. To remove the battery pack, this spring lock must be held in the unlocked position.

Hard Disk Drive Compartment The hard disk drive is secured in a compartment.

Visit an authorized service center or retailer for information on hard disk drive upgrades for your Notebook PC. Only purchase hard disk drives from authorized retailers of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. The secondary hard disk drive is optional. Display Monitor Output The pin D-sub monitor port supports a standard VGA-compatible device such as a moni- tor or projector to allow viewing on a larger external display.


See the market- ing specifications for details on each model.

These security products usually include a metal cable and lock that prevent the Notebook PC to be removed from a fixed object. Power sup- plied through this jack supplies power to the Notebook PC and charges the internal battery pack.

To prevent damage to the Notebook PC and battery pack, always use the supplied power adapter. The battery pack consists of a set of battery cells housed together. A fully charged pack will provide several hours of battery life, which can be further extended by using power management features through the BIOS setup. Addi- tional battery packs are optional and can be purchased separately through a Notebook PC retailer.

If necessary, you may adjust the brightness by using the hot keys. Checking Battery Power The battery system implements the Smart Battery standard under the Windows environment, which allows the battery to accurately report the amount of charge left in the battery. A fully-charged battery pack provides the Notebook PC a few hours of working power. But the actual figure varies depending on how you use the power saving features, your general work habits, the CPU, system memory size, and the size of the display panel.

ACPI power management settings are made through the operating system. The colored commands can only be accessed by first pressing and holding the function key while pressing a key with a colored command.

The Hot Key locations on the function keys may vary depending on model but the functions should remain the same.


Colored Hot Keys cont. Allows you to use a larger portion of the keyboard for cell navigation. Refer to Direct Console 2. Switches and Status Indicators cont.

Getting Started Switches and Status Indicators cont. Drive Activity Indicator Indicates that the Notebook PC is accessing one mqnual more storage device s such as the hard disk.

The light flashes proportional to the access time. You can use the provided Direct Console 2. Refer to section 4 for details. Getting Started Multimedia Control Keys on selected models The multimedia control keys allows for convenient controlling of mnual multimedia application. The fol- lowing defines the meaning of each multimedia control key on the Notebook PC.

Some control key functions may defer depending on Notebook PC model. Use the [Fn] key in combination with the arrow keys for CD control functions.

The touchpad is pressure sensitive and contains no moving parts; therefore, mechanical failures can be avoided. A device driver is still required for working with some application software. The selected item will change color. The following 2 examples produce the same results. Clicking Press the left pointer button and release.

If not properly cared for, it can be easily damaged.

Take note of the following precautions. Gaming Optical Mouse on selected models The gaming optical g50vv is a standard mouse with some added software features for easier controls when playing games. Press button to increase dpi of tracking sensitivity. Roll wheel up to scroll up; In-play sensitivity switching The mouse has out-of-box access to three levels of tracking sensitivity – dpi, dpi, and dpi.


Use the SetPoint software that comes with the mouse 1 and its Ad- vanced Game Settings feature 2 to configure up to five personalized sensitivity levels between dpi and dpi. Gaming Optical Mouse on selected models Cont.

This Notebook PC has the following storage devices: Optical Drive Inserting an optical disc 1. Removing an optical disc Eject the tray and gently pry the edge of the disc upwards at an angle to remove the disc from the hub. Manjal the Optical Drive Optical discs and equipment must be handled with care because of the precise mechanics involved. Keep in mind the important safety instructions from your CD suppliers. Flash Memory Card Reader Normally a memory card reader must be purchased separately in order to use memory cards from devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, mobile phones, and PDAs.

This Notebook PC has a single built-in memory card reader that can use many flash memory cards as shown in the example below. Using the Notebook PC Hard Disk Drive Hard disk drives have higher capacities and operate at much faster speeds than floppy disk drives and optical drives.

The Notebook PC comes with a replace- able hard disk drive. Mannual hard drives support S. Self Monitoring and Reporting Technology to detect hard disk errors or failures before they happen. Removing the Secondary HDD: Memory RAM Additional memory will increase application performance by decreasing hard disk access. Visit an authorized service center or retailer for information on memory upgrades for your Notebook PC.

Only purchase expansion modules from authorized retailers of this Notebook PC to ensure maximum compatibility and reliability. Using the Notebook PC Connections The built-in modem and network cannot be installed later as an upgrade.

Implementing the IEEE TV and radio features require built-in modules only on selected models. The Notebook PC must be used indoors when using the antenna. The Media Center on-screen menus are designed for remote control interaction, providing users with a convenient and engaging way to access digital media from across the room.

Double- click the Direct Console 2. Advance Click Advance, and then click the gear button to do the advanced configurations. Click or clear the check boxes in the Real-time aaus and Fixed message areas to change the displayed messages. To add a special notice, click the Note check box and type the mes- sage in the box.

About this user’s manual, Notes for this manual | Asus G50VT User Manual | Page 6 / 99

Optional Connections These items, if desired, may be purchased from third-parties. Attaching an external USB mouse will allow Windows navigation to be more comfortable. Appendix Bluetooth Mouse Setup optional This process can be used to add most Bluetooth devices in Windows operating system.

Bluetooth Mouse Setup optional cont. Repeat steps if necessary.