What, the maps don’t mark the goodie caves anymore? aveyond-darkthrop-prophecy-walkthrough-cheats-strategy-guide/. Aveyond Darkthrop Prophecy Strategy Guide .. Walkthrough. Mel discovers that someone has scrawled “Darkthrop Prophecy” on the wall outside her room.

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The Darkthrop Prophecy walkthrough on Gamezebo. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide to how to complete Aveyond: This is the fourth and final chapter in the Orbs of Magic series. Unfortunately, her peace and quiet is only short lived. Mel is still the only living Darkthrop descendant, and as such she is the only one who can activate the Orbs of Magic.

Gyendal the vampire is therefore sent by his mysterious master walktjrough find her so they can finalize their fiendish plans…. General gameplay for The Darkthrop Prophecy is identical to the previous Orbs of Magic chapters, so for general information on fighting, buying and selling etc.

When you start a new game you will get the option to continue on from a saved game from The Lost Orb or to start a completely new game.

Bad news for those of you who spent time leveling up and gathering wealth at the end of The Lost Orb, as five years of living the simple life in Harakauna made Mel lose all her fighting skills, and she has realized she has no need for money and propheecy goods. So, regardless of how you start your game, Mel will start at level 5 and with no money or equipment. She will retain her chicken dance spell, though! There are a few small differences between this game and the previous one.

As you are constantly sailing from one island to another, there are no more Magical Mirror Express stations — you will have to get everywhere on your own! For most of your party members you can buy weapons in weapon shops in the villages, except for Edward. Edward will be able to buy a special sword, Shard, in an items tje in Veldarah.

Throughout the game you will find special sword stations where you can buy upgrades for Shard. At some sword stations you will have to choose between two different upgrades, usually one that increases your attack and a defensive upgrade, but each sword station can only be used once. Therefore, choose wisely, according to your preferred style of playing. Stella has come a long way since we first met her and has now become one of the more useful party members.

Not only does she have a vast array of healing and protective spells, her melee attack now also is pretty good. Stella fights with a series of staffs that help her unlock her magical powers. She will learn a new skill the first time she levels up while using a new staff. Finally, as with the previous chapters, there are attraction points scattered throughout the game.

You can explore Harakauna if you like and say hello to some old friends, but there is nothing really interesting to do. Therefore, leave the village and go to Blueleaf Forest. Blueleaf Forest is exactly the same as it was in The Lost Orb. Some monsters drop bread, though, so maybe gather some of those. Just get the rusty dagger from the chest by the entrance and make your way all the way around to the area west of the Great Tree.


Do get the money bags and open chests. Mel and Edward arrive in Veldarah. Report to Professor Yavara behind the desk and find your room — room in the northwest.

;rophecy your uniform from the chest. Put on your uniform and report back to Professor Yavara. Next, you need to select two classes in the hall of magic. Exit the dormitory where you came in and take the northeast door from the courtyard. I found Healing Magic darkthroop useful throughout the game, but there is little difference between Storm Magic and Dark Magic. Next, you need to go read the house rules in the dining hall.

Exit through the west exit and go to the back of the dining hall to read the rules on the wall. Report back to Professor Yavara walkthtough more and then go to your room and get into bed. The next morning, go back to the Hall of Magic and sit down at the empty desk in the main classroom. Follow the professor and watch the scene. The next day, once again report to Professor Yavara.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough – Gamezebo

You need to go to the inn and help the innkeeper with a wisp infestation. The inn is near the entrance of town. There is still nothing else to do, so just go straight there.

Talk to the innkeeper and go upstairs. Kill the first two wisps with magic, then go back to your dorm to heal prrophecy. Then go back to attack the hive. This is quite a difficult fight at this stage of the game. The hive will spawn 6 wisps. I played it twice — once with Dark Magic and once with Storm Magic. With Dark Magic I wiped out the wisps before attacking wa,kthrough hive, but with Storm Magic Propphecy wiped out the hive first, before all wisps had spawned.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough & Cheats

Make sure you heal up with bread when necessary. I strongly recommend using the money the innkeeper gives you to sleep at the inn to heal up, and use the rest to buy more cheese or bread in the shop north of the inn. Then go back to the academy, where all hell has broken loose.

Help Edward fight two monsters in the courtyard. After the fight, return to your room and watch the scene. Then go back to the courtyard and talk to the professors.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

After talking to Edward, go back to your room and read the letter on the floor. Sleep and then make your way to the city gates. Talk to the guard. Then go into Almirk Jungle and follow the path straight west. Exit to the world map and go into the cabin. Watch the scenes unfold. You need a boat to get to Sedona! You can now finally do other quests in Veldarah! In the east part of town wwlkthrough a woman, Wyona, who will employ you to find 5 baskets of laundry around the city.


Collect them all and return them to Wyona for a 10G reward. Remember to explore the whole city, including the city walls. There is also a house at the end of a narrow path in the northeast that has a laundry basket. In the house in the northeast is a woman, Aveuond, whose daughter Jenna is out playing. You can find Jenna in walkthrougn west.

Get an apple from the bag near the playing children and give it to Jenna. Return to Dana and get an invitation to a birthday party. You will need to bring a present. Give the kitten to Jenna and talk to Xarkthrop again. She will tell you to get a cupcake from the table attraction point 1. There are 7 bugs in the forest in total.

Go to the forest and fight and kill them all.

Return for your G reward. But before you go off on your adventures, fight some bugs in the forest and buy the items from avyeond shops in the main square. In particular, get Shard, the sword, for 48G. If you buy the mandrake, save it till later.

Buy as much armor as you can. Exit Almirk Jungle on the south side and go to the hut to the west. Go into the hut and read the note on the bed.

Go outside and dig 3 paces east of the southernmost palm you should have the shovel from the items shop in Veldarah. Take the key and go in the back door of the shed. Push the vases around until you can reach the desk — basically, take the east route through the room. Read the note on the desk and leave the room.

When you have the ship, go back to the world map, get on your boat and sail due west. walkghrough

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

Land your boat and enter the forest. Follow the path north and prlphecy go west at the signpost to get to Sedona. There are notices about a jewel thief in Sedona. Turns out, they still have some marital issues… While they get themselves sorted out, you need to go run an errand for the king.

So you need to go and find her one. Give the fan to Lillian and she will leave the house so you can open darkthhrop chest. It contains a quill. In the house south of the inn you find Gregor, a writer who broke his quill.