Fereydoon Batmanghelidj ( or – November 15, ) was an Iranian writer. He is best known for his book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, and his He promoted his Water Cure, which was not based on any scientific evidence.”. Water Cures: Drugs Kill: How Water Cured Incurable Diseases [Fereydoon Batmanghelidj M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Using Water to Cure: The Untold STory [Sam Biser, F. Batmanghelidj] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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A NaturalNews Special Report. About This Interview You’ve been reading from an exclusive interview with Dr. Their Common Cause and Actual Cure. Learn more about Dr. Physicians rarely promote the curative properties of H 2 O, but Dr.

I was one of the last people to interview the late Dr. Batmanghelidj, and I listened in awe as he shared his research and stories about “The Healing Power of Water. Which common ailments and “diseases” are actually caused by dehydration. Why many doctors use water-regulating antihistamines to alleviate pain.

Batmanghelidj unintentionally discovered water’s healing properties.

Why most people are chronically dehydrated and suffer from symptoms of dehydration that are labeled “diseases”. Which ingredients in soft drinks deplete the body’s water reserves. Why thirst is not a reliable indicator of dehydration. Why the body produces cholesterol and how water keeps it in balance.

Batmanghelidj believes the public is being mislead about AIDS. How dehydration impairs batmanghflidj functioning. Why some organizations want to withhold alternative health information from the public.

How lack of water causes depression. Why popular beverages are no substitute for water. How dehydration causes the vascular system to constrict, leading to hypertension. How to recognize signs that your body is starting to dehydrate. Why restaurants push you to drink disease-promoting soft drinks. Why and how water effectively treats pain and inflammation.

Discovery of the water cure. Thank you very much for inviting me to be on the air with you and giving me the opportunity of sharing my thoughts on the future of medicine in this country. I think there are many, many people who have read your books. Batmanggelidj are intrigued by the idea that water can be a therapy, a healing substance for the human body.

What is it about water?

How did you first become aware of these healing properties of water? I had the honor and the privilege of being selected as one of the house doctors, and I had the extreme honor of being one of the last students of Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin.

I mention his name so that you know I was immersed in medical school and research. And some years later, I had to give two glasses of water to a person who was doubled up in abdominal pain from his disease, because I had no other medication to give him at that moment.

And he was in excruciating pain, and water performed miraculous relief for him. And he started beaming from ear to ear, very happy, asked me what happens if the pain comes back? Then I decided to instruct him to drink two glasses of water every three hours. Which he did, and that was the end of his ulcer pains for the rest of the duration that he was with me. And from that episode then, what happened next? And so I had the occasion to test water as a medication in subsequently over 3, similar cases.

And water proved every time to be an effective medication. And water picks them up every time. So when I came to America inI went to the University of Pennsylvania, where I was invited to continue my research, and did research in the pain-relieving properties of water.

I asked myself, why does the pharmaceutical industry insist on using antihistamines for this kind of pain medication? So I started researching the role of histamine in the body, and the answer was there – histamine is a neurotransmitter in charge of water regulation and the drought management programs of the body. When it manifests pain, in fact, it is indicating dehydration. So, the body does manifest dehydration in the form of pain. Now, depending on where dehydration is settled, you feel pain there.

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Very simple, and I presented this concept at the international conference as the guest lecturer of a conference on cancer, explaining that the human body manifests dehydration by producing pain, and pain is a sign of water shortage in the body, and water shortage is actually the background to most of the health problems in our society. Antidepressant drugs are antihistamines, pain medication are antihistamines, other medications are directly and indirectly antihistamines.

So, that is when my work was published, the scientific secretariat of the 3 rd Interscience Board Conference of Inflammation invited me to make this presentation on histamine at their conference inin Monte Carlo. And I did that, and so it became a regular understanding that histamine is a water regulator in the body. Of course, I have published extensively for the scientific community, but no one is picking up.

The Water Cure: Another Example of Self Deception and the “Lone Genius”

In fact, the NIH, the Office of Alternative Medicinehad its first conference when the office was created, and I was asked to make my presentation, but when watfr proceedings of the conference came out, my presentation was censored after the proceedings.

Sunlight is available at no charge, water is available at nearly no charge – would you agree that their thinking is if people can cure their diseases, and achieve a high state of health on their own with these free substances, then that diminishes their profits and their importance?

Can you give out the web address to that organization, by the way? My website is http: Or you can go wated the information side of my website, http: I want to applaud what I call your scientific batmanghepidj. I think this is the kind of curiosity that batmagnhelidj been lost in so much of western medicine, where a true scientist observes nature and observes the interaction between humans and nature, and remains curious and open and to all possibilities, and then forms conclusions after rigorous testing, and I think so much of modern science has drawn erroneous conclusions without really remaining open-minded Yes, one of the worst ones is AIDS.

Because everyone assumes that AIDS is actually a viral disease, which is a fraudulent statement by those people who presented it, because the human body is bbatmanghelidj product of many, many years of having fought various viral diseases, and has survived.

Fereydoon Batmanghelidj – Wikipedia

Smallpox, polio, measles, and all the other viruses that can kill very easily, and the body has an ability to mount a defense system against these hot viruses, viruses that actually very quickly can kill. But having survived those, how is it possible that the slow virus would kill us in the name of AIDS? I have researched this topic extensively, and I have shown in fact that AIDS is a metabolic problem, when the body begins to cannibalize its own tissue because of certain missing elements in the raw materials that it receives through food or beverages, and the body of a person who gets AIDS, actually, is short of quite a number of building block amino acids.

So how can we expect a body that depends on the other amino acids to survive? Once again we see AIDS is a huge industry for the pharmaceutical industry. Well, of course it is, and the whole entire existence of the pharmaceutical industry is based on presentation of false science, and advertising this false science and drumming it into the minds of gullible people who have no curiosity to find out why that is so.

Another false science is the question of cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the most essential elements in the survival of the human body. When the body begins to make more cholesterol, it has a reason to do that. It is certainly not to block the arteries of the heart, because we measure the level of cholesterol in the body in the blood we take out of the veins of batmanghelidi body, and nowhere in the history of medicine is there recorded one single case of cholesterol ever having blocked the veins of the body.


So, it is not the stickiness of the cholesterol that is the problem, which the drug industry is drumming it into the minds of people – cholesterol is sticky, reduce it otherwise you will have blockage of your arteries, which is all nonsense.

Cholesterol is actually saving the lives of people, because cholesterol is a bandage, a waterproof bandage that the body has designed. When the batmanghdlidj becomes concentrated and acidic, and is being rushed through constricted arteries or capillaries, in dehydration, then abrasions and tears are produced in the arterial system, naturally, in the capillaries of the heart first.

Cholesterol is actually an interim lifesaver, giving the body time to recover from its problems. We never understood this. We are knee-jerk doctors. And the pharmaceutical batmangelidj know that treating cholesterol is a huge industry Now there is a report that actually these statinscholesterol-lowering drugs produce amnesia. He was a flight surgeon, he is a researcher at NASA. He had the problem himself. I just wanted to comment on the number of side effects that have been recorded as side effects from using statin drugs.

Some people have extreme muscular pain, that amnesia you mentioned seems to be very common, and yet a study just came out, I saw it this morning, talking about how blueberries have phytonutrients that are shown to lower so-called fatty cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, more powerfully than statin drugs. Its normal rate of production is batmmanghelidj course is to create membranes for the cell membranes and brain cells and nerve insulation and of course the hormones of the body, vitamin D for the body.

So these are the essential components that cholesterol makes in the body. We should never interfere with cholesterol without knowing why the body has starting raising its level. No substitute for water Mike: I have a question for you on water – a lot of people think that they are hydrating themselves when they consume soft drinks or milk or Gatorade or all these other liquid beverages… Dr. Gatorade is possibly okay, but Gatorade has sugar in it, and it’s not particularly good for people who might even get hypoglycemic, or might induce insulin secretion, and that insulin secretion will produce more hunger and they overeat.

But as a temporary sport drink, it’s okay when you’re in the middle of a wated game to drink a Gatorade. It immediately gives you a bit of the minerals that you probably will have lost sweating. But nothing substitutes for water – not a thing. No drink – no coffee, no tea, no alcoholic beverages. Not even fruit juices. Each one of them has its own agenda. Your batmanghelidk is used to a fluid that has no agenda, because the body depends on the freedom of that fluid, water, because there are two kinds of water in the body.

There is already occupied and engaged water, which is no good for new function. The body needs new water, or free water, to perform new functions. Now, when you give them sugar containing beverages, or caffeine containing beverages, both sugar and caffeine have their own chemical agenda in the body.

They defeat the purpose of the need for water.