Dark rituals drag London mage Alex Verus into the center of a conspiracy in this thrilling novel from the national bestselling author of Marked. Since. Cursed. Things are going well for Alex Verus. He’s on moderately good terms with the Council, Luna’s settling in as his apprentice, and nobody has tried to kill . For those of you who don’t have it yet, or who have a friend who might be interested, Cursed is currently on sale! It’s being promoted by.

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When you create an account with us, you’ll be able to save your favourite books, make a wishlist of cudsed titles, receive newsletters about books you’ll love, get recommendations tailored to you and order our books directly. Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! Things are going well for Alex Verus.

Cursed by Benedict Jacka book review

He’s on moderately good terms with the Council, his apprentice is settling in and his shop in Camden is gaining quite a reputation. But when a mysterious woman bursts into the Arcana Emporium one night with an assassin on her tail, Alex is thrown into a plot to revive a long-forbidden ritual. His old enemies are after the secret, as well as a Council mage named Belthas and a mercenary named Garrick, and at least one of them is trying to get Alex killed – if he only knew which.

Benedict Jacka became a writer almost by accident, when at 19 he sat in his school library and began writing in the back of an exercise book. Since then he has worked for the civil service, studied philosophy at Cambridge and been a bouncer, but has always found cused time to keep writing.

It is easily the best fantasy-heist book I have read in years! When rumours surface that a young heir might have survived, Ard is hired to infiltrate The Realm – an ancient and shadowy organisation – to learn what he can. But jacma turns out he’s got competition from an old bendict.

One who’s set to prove she’s better jaka the self-proclaimed ‘Ruse Artist Extraordinaire”If Ard can’t find the heir then his world may again cutsed ruin. Stopping the complete and utter collapse of civilisation is quickly becoming Ard’s specialty.

The explosive second book in an action-packed epic fantasy series set in a world with dragon-fuelled magic. Highly recommended’ The Eloquent Page’The plot and world of this book are one of a kind. Cursdd this new instalment in the No.

And a coyote shapeshifter. And the mate of the Alpha of the Columbia Basin werewolf pack. Even so, none of that would have gotten me into trouble if, a few months ago, I hadn’t stood upon a bridge and taken responsibility for the safety of the citizens who lived in our territory.


It seemed like the thing to do at the time. It should have only involved hunting down killer goblins, zombie goats and an occasional troll.

Instead, our home was viewed as neutral ground, a place where humans would feel safe to come and treat with the fae. The reality is that nothing and no one is safe. As generals and politicians face off with the Gray Lords of the fae, a storm is coming and her name is Death. But we are pack, and we have given our word.

We will die to keep it. I love hanging out with the amazing characters in this series! Briggs hits another one out of the park! When a dead body is found in the Thames, caught in the chains of HMS Belfast, it begins a search for a missing woman and confirms a sense that in London a person can become invisible once outside their community – and that jaccka they even have a community. A policeman,a documentary film maker and an Irish nurse named Chrissie all respond to ucrsed death of the unknown woman in their own ways.

London is a place of random meetings, shifting relationships – and some, like Chrissie intersect with many. The filmmaker and the cursee meanwhile have safe homes with wives – or do curswd An immigrant family speaks their own language only privately; they have managed to integrate – or have they?

The wonderful Linda Grant weaves a tale around ideas of home; how London can be a place of exile or expulsion, how home can curwed a physical place or an idea. How all our lives intersect and how coincidence or the randomness of birth place can decide how we live and with whom. Devin Eveson is a Soulkeeper, travelling through remote villages as a preacher and healer. But when a dragon awakens – the size of a mountain and leaving great chasms in its wake – the veil is torn, flooding the land with ancient magic and forgotten races.

Now Devin must set aside his words of peace and accept his new role: But not all the creatures that have re-awakened mean humanity harm. And benedkct Devin slowly befriends people of these new races, his discomfort in his role grows. But Soulkeepers must slay without mercy. And even sympathisers risk their wrath. For more from David Dalglish, check out: Her father comes from the ruling classes of the empire, but her mother’s cured were outcasts, Amrithi nomads who worshipped the spirits of the sands.

Caught one night performing these forbidden rites, Mehr is brought to the attention of the Emperor’s most feared mystics, who try to force her into their service by way of an arranged marriage. If she fails in their bidding, the gods themselves may awaken and seek vengeance From British debut author Tasha Suri, Empire of Sand is a lush and beautiful tale set in a magical world inspired by medieval India.

An arresting and magical history told benwdict the eyes of an indomitable heroine. I cannot bnedict for more’ Jeannette Ng ‘Astounding. Follow her on twitter at tashadrinkstea for updates. Alex Verus is cuursed down dangerous magical items unleashed into the world by Dark Mages – however, when the Light Council decide they need his help in negotiating with the perpetrators, Alex must use all his cunning and magic to strike a deal.


The ninth novel in the urban fantasy series which began with Fated – the Alex Verus novels are magic-filled fan favourites, perfect for readers of Jim Butcher and Ben Aaronovitch.

Highly benedoct The Eloquent Page’I cannot recommend this book highly enough. When a mysterious priest hires him for the most daring ruse yet, Ardor knows he’ll need more than quick wit and sleight of hand. Assembling a dream team of forgers, disguisers, schemers and thieves, he sets out to steal from the most powerful king the realm has ever known.

But it soon becomes clear there’s more at stake than fame and glory – Ard and his team jaca just be the last hope for human civilisation. Our Books See all Books. Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman.

Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. The Dry by Jane Harper. Welcome to Night Vale: Age is Just a Number by Charles Eugster. In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant. Micro-Resilience by Bonnie St. John and Allen P. Winter’s Snow by Carrie Hope Fletcher. Cursev Beats Perfect by Rebecca Denton. Our Authors See all Authors.

Cursed On Sale

Information for Authors Press Booksellers and Distributors. Log In Members Login. Keep me logged in on this computer. We need to use cookies to do this. Not a Member Yet? Create An Account Why Join? View high res cover image. Time remaining — day s — hour s — minute s — second s. Second book in a compelling new urban fantasy series set in Camden, featuring Alex Verus. He can see the future, but knowing who to trust is something else. Harry Dresden would like Alex Verus tremendously – and be a little nervous around him.

I just added Benedict Jacka to my must-read list — Jim Butcher. Jacka writes a deft thrill-ride of an urban fantasy – a stay-up-all-night read. Alex Verus is a very smart man surviving in a very dangerous world — Patricia Briggs.

London’s hidden wizardly community spell-blast each other entertainingly in this urban fantasy romp. Fated is highly enjoyable — Sun. Hachette Audio Magebane Stephen Aryan. Orbit Storm Cursed Patricia Briggs. Fleet Nina X Ewan Morrison.

Cursed by Benedict Jacka

Hachette Audio Soulkeeper David Dalglish. Orbit Empire of Sand Tasha Suri. Orbit Marked Benedict Jacka. Little, Brown Calypso David Sedaris. Orbit Autonomous Annalee Newitz. Orbit Soul of the World David Mealing.