Bloody Love Spats By Valentina Heart – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Tom is a vampire with powerful roots; Marik is an Alpha werewolf. Their attraction may not be enough to overcome centuries of prejudice. Among Wolves: Book TwoA Spin-off of Sebastian’s WolvesTomislav Vugrin doesn’t think himself much of a vampire—not that others are.

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BLOODY LOVE SPATS by Valentina Heart – Joyfully Reviewed

Nov 25, 0 comments. Amazon All Romance Length: Disliked and taunted, Tomi spends his days reading, watching TV, or getting into trouble. But nothing prepares him for what happens when he finds a lost cellphone during a walk in the woods. The cellphone happens to have an incriminating picture of Stone taken when they were much younger and Stone wants the picture erased.

But first he must find the phone. Then he smells something wonderful and traces the aroma to a young vampire in possession of the lost phone. The instant lust tells Stone that the vampire is his mate, something unheard of between two species separated by culture and law. What follows the mating of Tomi and Stone is nothing anyone could have expected. Will the mate bond and love be enough to hold Stone and Tomi together or will the centuries of prejudice and laws bring destruction down upon them and the East Pack?

Now Stone Marik is Alpha of the East Pack and has been busy trying to rebuild the pack and its wolves. But the years of pain and torture have left a pack cowed and broken and Stone is unsure of his ability to rebuild not only the structures that house them, but make the pack into a cohesive lvoe unit they have the promise to be.


Instead of dwelling solely on the wolf shifters and the pack structures, she adds the politics and relationships of a vampire coven to the wolf shifter universe she has been building to turn it into a combustive mixture of primal animal needs versus an ancient vampire culture so rigidly structured that all they have left to amuse themselves with are internal gamesmanship and alliances born of self interest.

Unlike the older, experienced Sebastian who is just part of the pack, here the reader is given two completely different yet younger characters hearrt connect with. Alpha Stone, with his Beta brother Tait, are younger wolves than Sebastian.

We meet individual pack members as well as the adorable young pup, Naji, who he has adopted as his son.

Review: Bloody Love Spats by Valentina Heart

I loved Stone and thought he and the East Valentinaa could have used their own book, so huge are the issues they are dealing with at the moment, nothing less than an yb restructuring of the pack, from the buildings they live in to the manner in which the pack will live and deal with each other. Then we have Tomi. He is a young vampire, by vampire years and by personality. Tomi has been cosseted by his sister, the Vampire Queen.

She has kept him protected inside the castle, insulated by proximity, but not isolated enough that he is not aware that the rest of the coven not only actively dislikes him, but considers him a freak of nature because of the other powers he possesses but cannot control. He is adorable, quixotic, and a character anyone can relate to, especially if you are familiar with teenagers at their most exasperating.

BLOODY LOVE SPATS by Valentina Heart

How could you not love him? A separation that Stone and Tomi have just destroyed by their mating and continued existence. Even the title gives the reader a hint that something quite different is to follow.


The format also might take some getting used to. I really enjoyed this story and the characters of Stone and Tomi. Certain characters from the original book blood an appearance or two and new characters are created as a bridge to the next story and the battle of the species.

I am sure it will be just as unexpected as the two books she has lov us already. Your email address will not be published.

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Review: Bloody Love Spats by Valentina Heart | Joyfully Jay

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