E-ink display of a BOOKEEN Cybook Opus ebook reading device. Focus is on the upper Side by side with the Cybook OPUS, there is no comparison, acshly. Opus morto: mandare in garanzia? 1; 1 Bookeen Opus urge aiuto, help, secour .. 3; 8. legacy-giomar51 [RISOLTO] non legge più i file epub. 3; 8. legacy-. Nyt on Bookeen Cybook Opus, ihan OK peruslaite ja halpa, kuvakin kntyy, turha vaan se asentoanturi. kntnappi olisi ollut parempi. Ostan viel jonkun paremman.

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For organization, there are a number of options for customizing the view of the main menu. Once done the text just changes rather than doing a virtual page turn, although it does leave a small amount of ghosting on the screen.

Please help improve this article to make it neutral in tone and meet Wikipedia’s oous standards. It remembers the last page you were on for each ebook, but there is no way to bookmark pages a future firmware upgrade may add this feature. My Cybook has got a new swimming-dress!

Officially 8, page turns — in real life I would say weeks of usage. I decided to do this review because I had been told that Bookeen have significantly improved the firmware. June Bookeen published a much improved firmware for Gen3 and Opus devices. Along the bottom there are three keys: A great list of eReaders with lots of specs and details: Naked eReader by ebouquin. You can also select from three different fonts; Courier New, Georgia and Verdana.


Page Turning and Start-up Time Start-up time is a little slower than with other eReaders; taking around 15 seconds. June Bookeen published a much improved firmware for Gen3 and Opus devices. Although I initially thought this was a cool feature, I must admit that after the first week of use I turned it off as it was getting quite annoying. Cybook size comparision with iPod Touch and Softbank sc phone by Yosomono. Image pris du site: Bookeen recently updated the firmware and added several color options for the Opus: One of the best E-Inks screens around; very bright with crisp and clear text.

Cons Sometimes having only the 5 inch screen leaves you wishing for more screen real estate. Oct 16, The Cybook Opus is the newest ebook reading device from the company that has pioneered the ebook reader market since To a host computer the Cybook functions as a typical USB mass storage device.

The 12 Kegge of font size give an amazing amount of control allowing the user to find that perfect size. Ecran Cybook by livre. Leggr you can make 8, page turns, in real-life terms you will have from two to three weeks of use between charges.

Bookeen Cybook Opus

It is not the best E-Ink screen available, as it supports only 4 shades of gray compared with the 8 or 16 shades on some other readers. Cybook Orizon by ebouquin. The casing has a very smooth, Pearl coloured finish and although made from plastic it by no means feels flimsy. Bookeen is French company dealing with e-books and consumer electronics. The Bookeen Opus came out in the Fall of Or Adobe Digital Editions support through firmware upgrade: The firmware is prone to the occasional freeze-up or crash.


Nonetheless, the Cybook Opus is a quality ebook reader with a loyal following.

Cybook Opus – Wikipedia

Running on bookeeen Boo Reader software there are two basic interface modes, list-all and folder mode, both of which are very straightforward to use. If you connect your reader to a USB port for 15 or so minutes each week, it may last even longer — certainly one of the most efficient readers around. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you’d rather your device support MOBI files you can go with Mobipocket and choose fromtitles on their website. Akateemisen Kirjakaupan verkkokaupassa sen hinta on euroa.

Bookeen Cybook Opus – StreetLib Connect – Forum

It has a Lithium Polymer Li-Polymer rechargeable and replaceable, unlike other devices battery, with a battery lifetime of 8, page flips.

I should probably try making a printable design template to allow for a bookeeb fit on the second attempt. In AugustBookeen launches its own e-book store called BookeenStore.

External Design Aesthetics and Features A cool ergonomic shape with nicely rounded edges and contours that blend into the lovely 5 inch screen. In the center is a 5-way navigational controller; to the left is the back button; and the menu button is on the right. Image formats black and white: It is produced by the French company Bookeen.

Once you know, you Newegg! Taking the Cybook for lunch.