Tebra is raising funds for Arianna Vance Comic by Tebra on Kickstarter! An original comic e-book centering on an adult teacher transformed. Fri, 11 Mar GMT — A Brownsville couple was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after they were caught in the act on. 10 PAGES BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS” MONDAY. FEBRUXRY W E A T H E R 1 Cloudy Skiet A Few Shower i 58 To 72 Degree* DIAL LI .

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An immature bird was taken in some thick woods near the head of Lake Clark July OdacoiU’uft hrinionus can us. Johnson, April 22, Polioptila cwrulea obxcura, Polioptila plumbca.

Restricted Gallery Art: “Brownsville – Page 17”

The above localities lie near the junction of Upper and Lower Sonoran zones, but this lizard inhabits at least a part of both zones. Another female, caught by James H. In all cases the trees marked in this manner were white spruce.

AiMr albifrom gambeli Hartl. Two specimens were seen at Cold Bay October 17 among some ducks killed on the bay by natives. The young are always born before the female comes out of her winter quarters.

From this elevated view- point one fully api reciates how closely the heavier growth of conifer- ous trees is confined to the banks of the streams.

Svotoiiia fl tri lana rubida. Trbra is brighter and clearer reddish on the back and paler on the sides than the preceding pelage.

Elsewhere is the more or less mottled dusky and creamy of the juvenal plumage. They mark the eastern limit of the known range of the species. Mean- while the young one, with feathers ruflied and head thrown slightly back, fluttered about, making frequent stops, while it kept up a plain- tive cry, accompanied by a fretful expression about all its movements which reminded me of a wilful child.

By a strange coincidence, the same native who, as a young man, accom- panied McKay on this trip, went with us from Lake Clark to Swan Lake, and related to us febra incidents of the trip made twenty years before.


ISfttt Some practical suggestions may be derived also from the natira species of plants, as in the case of Srhmaltzia meJ’iraHa, varioud; known as Rhiin mexicana and PUtacta mexieana, and related to the Phtafia rera of the Mediterranean region, from which tlie pi: From a study of these it appears that the slight cranial peculiarities supposed to char- acterize specimens from St. Between these localities there is no physical barrier and no appreciable difference in temperature or environment.

Of tlio Chisos Mountains: This proved to be such a desirable addition to our bill of fare that effort was made to secure others, and within the next few days two more were killed on small lakes near Swan Lake. Several immature birds were killed at the mouth of the Chulitna River August 4. Several local naturalists and collectors have added materially to the results of the work in Texas, and among these thanks are espe- cially due to Mr.

Cathcrpex mexicanitx QlbifronJt, Thryomanex beiricki cryptux.

The coast of Iliamna Bav, like nearlv all the southeast side of the Alaska Brownxville, is extremely mountainous. However, as I said above, I have a great number of pieces already finished. Straggling individuals of the Arctic fox are not infrequently found as far south as the north shore of the Alaska Peninsula, doubtless having followed the pack ice in winter.

InoU It also breeds at Cold Bay, where Maddren found it nesting in high rocky cliffs in the summer of It is restricted to a reasonably definite locality, and is not trbra in the ordinary sense of the term, but merely broensville diagnosed, as judged by recently brownsvlile standanls.

Although permanent snows had not yet brownsvlle, the birds were rapidly losing the dark sunmier plumage, so that as they rested on the browned vegetation, their white bodies were very wnspicuous, and could often Ixi seen and recognized though more than a mile away on the mountain side. A soft bed was made in the grass and moss under the thick shelving branches of a small spruce.

None were seen about Lake Clark until August 7, when they suddenly appeared in considerable numbers near the mouth of the Chulitna River, not in the open swamps, but in scattering twos and threes in the thick willow brush, evidently preparing for migration. Even at Brownsville they require artificial protection to insure their living through the winter.


At this season they do not fly until quite late in the evening, sometimes not until 11 o’clock and later. The first was seen soaring over the Xogbeling River July This, I believe, is the second specimen of this species known to have been taken in northern Alaska.

One specimen of this rare bfownsville, an adult female, was taken by A. It is inter- mediate in size between Z. One had 4 small mullets in its stonuuh, another some fiddler crabs.

Brownsville – Page 17, in Guy BCaps’s Tebra Original Artwork Comic Art Gallery Room

William Lloyd, Clark P. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Michael and Holy Cross Mission, for which there are some temperature rec- ords, oocapy nearly the same relative positions, one Ijeing on the treeless coast and the other just within the timber limits.

Lynx, Canada, 89, Lynx canadensis, The glass snake is represented by two specimens from Texas, one collected by Lloyd near Santa Rosa, Cameron County, and the other by H.

Brownsville – Comics by comiXology

For home and shelter the animals depend largely on bur- ‘ rows, which apparently they dig for themselves. Uixtnuia jmmiUi, ‘urjtin us rarolin iana.

Pilot Snake; Mountain Black Snake. Several were seen flying at a distance over the marshes about the mouth of the Chulitna River August 4 to 9, and a flock of 7 was seen on Neekahweena Lake, about halfway up the Chulitna River, August