Headcrash [Bruce Bethke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Junior Engineer for Monolithic Diversified Enterprises, Jack Burroughs finds. Headcrash by Bruce Bethke – book cover, description, publication history. Far more interestingly, his first autonomous novel, Headcrash (), is a Near Future Satire, precisely targeted on “neuromantic” illusions of.

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Bethke unintentionally named the entire cyberpunk subgenre of science fictionin his story Cyberpunk. Dick Award-winning novel, Headcrashor lately, as the editor and publisher of Stupefying Stories magazine. It was a 90’s vr data heist. The Fugitive Pair and its predecessor, The Fugitive Heir, are great entrants to the field of science fiction for young adults, while still being accessible to the older crowd.

Apr 09, Catherine Schaff-Stump rated it it was ok Shelves: The three star rating may be a tad generous, but I did smile at a couple parts and appreciated the repetitive humor.

I’m never going to get those hours of my life back! Feb 01, Al rated it really liked it. Not that nothing bad happens, but in general good triumphs over evil and the hero gets the girl.

The fact that some characters make repeated appearances across the stories is very welcome because they are so well drawn that they stay with you. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Authors : Bethke, Bruce : SFE : Science Fiction Encyclopedia

I sure hope Vogel will write another book about Captain Nancy! This was a stupid book and I can’t believe I wasted parts of two otherwise good days on it. A lot of people are giving this bad reviews but I think this was a funny, light read. I tried to read Neuromancer by William Gibson, back in ’96 or so and got absolutely nothing out of it. It lives in every line of her stories alongside Magic.


The following issues are burce available on Amazon. The story moves along at a cracking pace and you care about the characters. Fairly fast paced and exciting. An army of zombies. They’re total wankers and losers who indulge in Messianic fantasies about someday getting even with the world through almost-magical computer skills, but whose actual use of the Net amounts to dialing up the scatophilia forum and downloading a few disgusting pictures.

This article is about the cypherpunk novel.

Headcrash by Bruce Bethke – Risingshadow

Books by Bruce Bethke. However, in his off hours — which he now has a lot of — he resides in cyberspace, in a virtual reality world. However, in his off hours — which he now has a lot of — he resides in cyberspace, in a I’m so pissed off I read this book. The Counterfeit Captain – Audio Book. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

From the creators of Stupefying Stories comes an exciting new anthology series: In his copious spare time he runs Rampant Loon Press, just for the sheer love of genre fiction and the short story form.

An irrelevant take on the Cyber Punk novel. That was really hard to believe.

I don’t regret reading it though it certainly isn’t at the top of the list of books I would recommend. I recommend you read The Counterfeit Captain to fill in background. Everyone thinks I should let it go, and get on with my life. As a member of one of the wealthiest families in the Terran Federation, this should be easy. And the climax is truly fitting After all, if there is no place in the universe for you, you have to make your own.


One that will stop at nothing to destroy—. Originally published in Amazing Stories, November Everyone thinks I should just shut up, and accept jeadcrash vast inheritance coming my way. Even when I did manage to put it down, I found myself thinking and even dreaming! Now that vr is coming back in a big way this book is worth a read. Short science fiction story. Bruce is particularly fond of Serenity Found and Star Wars On Trialas his contributions to those books heaxcrash to generate royalty income, which is something none of his major-publishing-house book deals ever did.

I enjoyed the book.

And that’s the end. But those people betuke know about my three wildcards—my rebuilt spaceship, my best friend who doubles as my bodyguard, and the psychic powers I’ve kept secret my entire life.

Headcrash 2.0

He hwadcrash to hang out in a virtual bar called Heaven, where he has created a cool version of himself, unlike his mega-nerd reality. Random recomendation overheard on the train. Enjoying moderate sales and mixed reviews often centering around whether the reviewer saw it as satire or a failed attempt at sincere comedythe book headvrash on to capture a few awards, most notably the Philip K. There are days when Bruce is able to speak about his experiences as a novelist dealing with major American publishing houses without swearing like a longshoreman.

Unwillingly drawn out of her annual drunken stuporCaptain Nancy Martin, retired, finds herself involuntarily reactivated. Open Preview See a Problem?