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All service persons are expected to have a good understanding of the contents of this Service Manual and all relevant Service Information bulletins and be able to identify and isolate faults in the machine. Stapler Sorter-D3 Up to 10 sets of copies may be automatically sorted. Further, copies may be automatically cqnon and then stapled in sequence.

Relation Between Scanner A. Pick-Up from the B. Performed by the User. Consumables Copy paper Keep wrapped to protect against humidity. If the machine is not functioning properly, the Service Call nl6320 will be displayed here.

Lights green when the machine is ready to copy. Lights red during copying.

Wipe the white surface on the underside of the copyboard cover with a cloth dampened with water or a mild canom agent. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Close the front door. Transfer Multifeeder Copy delivery 6. Image exposure Step 4: Developing positive plus AC Step 5: Transfer negative DC Step 6: Basic Sequence of Operations B.

Outline of Electric Circuitry Inputs to the DC Controller The main motor M2 is a stepping motor that uses the oscillation frequency of the crystal oscillator on the power supply assembly. The main motor M1 is a brushless motor.

Canon NP Manuals

Scanner motor See page The relative position of the mirrors is not changed to vary the reproduction ratio. For Direct copying, the speed of the mirror is the same as the peripheral speed of the drum.

This operation is executed also when the zoom mode is switched to the Direct mode. E is indicated if the scanner does not reach the home position within a specific time after it has started to move. If the document is too thick and, therefore, if only SW4 goes ON, the document size is identi- fied based on the current output level. Lens pulley Lens pulley fixing plate 4 turns Mark with scriber Mounting screws Cable mount Mark with scriber. Mirror cleaning tool Figure Lubricating Clean the scanner rail; then, apply lubri- cant evenly over it.

Variable pulse width oscillator goes OFF.

High-voltage transformer goes OFF. Variable pulse width oscillator goes ON. High-voltage transformer goes ON. To compensate for this, a copy density knob, which can be turned to raise the DC bias by exactly the increace in Vand thus to produce clear copies again. Also, the output of the AC high-voltage transformer is rectified and supplied to the static charge eliminator approx.


There is a torque limiter in the drive train between the main motor and the drum to stop the drum in response to a jam in the drum cleaner. Do not leave fingerprints on the scan- ning lamp. Dry wipe the scanning lamp if it is soiled.

When moving the No. Do not use solvent or dry wipe the drum; never use drum cleaning powder. Make sure that the corona wire is in the V-groove of the height adjusting roll. Do not loosen the screws excessively, or the blade may come off the positioning pin found at the center. Pick-Up from the A. The microprocessor identifies a jam in any of the following four cases. Also, the microproces- sor judges that there is a jam if one of the sensors detects paper when the power is switched ON.

Figure 4 Detach the control ring [4] from the pick- up roller shaft. This applies only when you are detaching the lower pick-up roller shaft.

Supplies for Canon NP-6320

Figure viewed from n6320 Figure viewed from above 2 Detach the rubber [3] from the pick-up roller; see Figure Be sure to replace the pad also whenever the multifeeder roller is replaced.

Figure 4 Remove the three screws [5], np63320 detach the terminal holder [6] found at the rear. Figure 6 Detach the feeder belt [9]. Figure 5- Adjusting Operation of the Fixing A. The thermal switch TS1 cannot be used after its contact has opened: However, LEDs on the control panel are cut-off.

Lower separation claw Figure Detaching the Fixing Assembly 1 Remove the screw [1], and fanon the np6302 ing assembly knob [2]. Figure 3 Disconnect the three connectors [6]. Figure 4 Remove the two screws [7], and slide out the fixing assembly. Figure 7 Remove the C-ring [1] at the rear, and de- tach the gear [2]. Dimension Measure after the upper and lower rollers have heated up.

Detaching the Clearing Brush Roller 1 Open the delivery assembly. Figure 4 Remove the spring, and detach the upper separation claw. If a scratch is noted on the upper np6302 roller, move the upper separation claw assembly about 4 mm toward the front. Figure 3 Remove the spring, and remove the lower separation claw. Use mp6320 when cleaning the glass; do not use solvent, or the white paint along the right edge of the glass may melt.


Figure 3 Detach the right door [3] as if to lift it out of the cut-offs [4]. Do not force the control panel, or the harness connected to it may snap off. Figure Note J and J are interchangeable. Copier 2 m min. Figure 10 cm min. Open up the side of the packing case com- pletely, and slide out the copier onto this side. Remove the two polystyrene cankn from the copier. Cushion blocks Disengage the feeder assembly, remove the knob, and remove the dummy drum.

Dummy drum Knob Keep the knob for use later. Attach the multifeeder tray to the copier. Multifeeder tray Push the cassette and remove the cushion material from the cassette upper and lower cassettes. Move the grip to clean the corona wire of the drum unit two to three times. Set the developing assembly in the np632, The front cover may be left open. Check that counter operations properly.

Check that the reading has increased by the number of copies made from the reading recorded in step 8. The operation causes the toner inside the the copyboard after the Copy Start key goes developing assembly to be stirred. Do not touch the drum; if its surface is soiled, wipe off the dirt using a flannel cloth coated with toner. Do not use paper, lint-free or otherwise, or use a dry cloth or solvent.

Canon NP6320 Manuals

LGL, Officio mm mm E. Side stop plate Size plate Csnon stop plate Size plate Figure 9 Fix the side stop plate in its original loca- tion. Korean, Argentine Letter, Gov- ernment Letter. Inside plate at the rear is correctly set on the fixing behind Claw the inside plate. Tape the front door and delivery assembly. Place a sheet of A3 or 11″ 17″ paper on the copyboard glass, and tape the copyboard cover. Figure 3 Set the control card main unit [1] and fix it to the control panel with four screws [2].

Figure 6 Route the cable [1] as shown in Figure 8- Figure 8 Attach the control panel sheet [1] to the control panel.

Figure 9 Attach the control panel to cajon main body. The above values are estimates and are subject to change based on future data.

Clean up around the copier. Record the final counter value. Fill in the service sheet and report to the person in charge. Using the Service Mode