Synonyms, Barbus tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona tetrazona, Capoeta tetrazona, Puntius tetrazona. Family, Cyprinidae. Origin, Borneo, Indonesia. Genus Puntigrus Species: Puntigrus tetrazona Capoeta tetrazona Bleeker, — orig. combination. Barbus tetrazona (Bleeker, ). Synonyms and Other Names: Sumatra barb, partbelt barb, Barbodes tetrazona, Barbus tetrazona, Capoeta tetrazona, C. sumatranus, Puntius tetrazona.

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The green tiger barb, often called the moss green tiger barb, can vary considerably in how green it looks; to some people it looks nearly black. The females are larger with a rounder belly and a mainly black dorsal fin, while the males have a bright, red nose with a distinct red fapoeta above the black on their dorsal fins.

Capoeta Tetrazona Stock Photos & Capoeta Tetrazona Stock Images – Alamy

Gold and albino tiger barbs are examples of commercially produced fish based on recessive xanthic yellow and albino genes. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Male; ‘black capoets ornamental strain. Sexual Dimorphism Adult males tend to be smaller, slimmer, and possess a more intense colour pattern than females. If SF were to change the name, what would it be changed to? One of the best tankmates for the tiger barb provided there is considerable space is the clown loachwhich will school with the caoeta barbs and act as they do, and the tigers act as the loaches do.


They live in Indonesia, Borneo, tropical climates and prefer water with a 6.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Barbs that have caoeta selectively bred to emphasize bright color combinations have grown in popularity and production over the last 20 years. Adult male; ‘moss’ or ‘green’ ornamental strain. Tiger barbs have been reported to be found in clear or turbid shallow waters of moderately flowing streams.

Tiger Barb

This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. From Wikipedia, the free capoeeta. Cyprinidae Distribution Probably endemic to central and southern Sumatra, with records from Borneo corresponding to congeners.

Puntigrus tetrazona

Feral populations derived from aquarium stock also exist in a number of other territories including Singapore, Australia, the United States, Colombia, and Suriname. The genus Puntius was previously viewed as a polyphyletic catch-all containing over species, but this situation capotea been largely resolved since the turn of the century.

The correct name is Barbus anchisporus. In either situation the adults should be removed post-spawning. These barbs are omnivorous, and will consume processed foods such as flakes and crisps, as well as live foods.

Tiger barbs seem more susceptible than other species to cottonmouth columnarisa bacterial infection.

Puntigrus tetrazona – Tiger Barb (Puntius tetrazona, Systomus tetrazona) — Seriously Fish

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Adult female; commercial strain. Tiger barbs may sometimes be confused with Systomus anchisporuswhich are similar in appearance.


They are relatively greedy with their food consumption and can become aggressive during feeding time. Their discovery in swamp lakes subject to great changes in water level suggests a wide tolerance to water quality fluctuations.

The tiger barb, an active shoaling fish, is usually kept in groups of six or more. Tiger barbs have been documented to spawn as many as eggs per female Scheurmann ; Axelrod It is a gregarious species forming loose hierarchies, with rival males continually battling with each other for female attention and hierarchical position within the group.

Albino barbs are a light yellow with four barely visible stripes. The tiger barb or Sumatra barb Puntigrus tetrazona[1] is a species of tropical cyprinid fish.

They should be fed on an infusoria-grade food for the first few days until large enough to accept microworm, Artemia nauplii, caoeta suchlike.

Adult female; commercial strain, with typically deformed body shape. The egg-layers tend to spawn several hundred eggs in the early morning in clumps of plants.