Codex: Catachans is an expansion book for the Games Workshop Table Top game Warhammer 40, This book was published for the first time in , and . The Catachan Jungle Fighters sometimes referred to as “Baby Ogryns” due to their thick slabs of muscle, .. 2: Codex: Imperial Guard (3rd Edition, 1st Codex). Codex: Catachans is an expansion for the Games Workshop Table Top game Warhammer 40, It was released as a free PDF for download on the Games.

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Assault Teams take the fight directly to the enemy, they bear the brunt of the bloody combat that often occurs in jungle fighting and so are heavily armed with Frag Grenades, Demolition Charges, Flamers, Meltas and Plasma Guns.

Later the restructured regiment went on to earn a plethora of battle honours under the leadership of its daring commander. This arrangement has stood for thousands of years, and though the Catachans bleed more than most for the Imperium, they would have it no other way. To survive, children often learn to shoot before they can walk, and must be deadly fighters in their own right by catafhan time most humans have learned to spell.

The Weev Blog: Catachan Codex

Fought in the Infestation on Drashin. There are 1 items available. An Infantry Platoon is a good choice if you want to add in some snipers. Most purchases from business sellers are protected by the Consumer Contract Regulations which give you the right to cancel the purchase within 14 days after the day you receive the cdoex.

Even these tough and uncompromising officers are unable to assert their authority over the Catachan soldiers; in fact, they are resented by troops, and it is codwx uncommon for Commissars assigned to Catachan regiments to be “fragged” by their own troops, or for them to simply go missing. Lexicanum pages needing citation.


Warhammer Fantasy Battle 1 th ed. Catachan regiments do catachxn field the typical Hardened Veterans as other regiments do, instead, due to the sheer lethality of their homeworld, even a standard Catachan Guardsman is considered to be a Veteran in their own right, these troopers are formed into Veteran Infantry Squads.

The st saw action on the Spinward Front not long after being newly formed, this is the regiment of the famed Trooper, Arden. They destroyed Warlord Krakskull ‘s entire Ork horde by luring them into a booby-trapped ravine using baiter squads. Three men died from Eyerot last week and I’ve sweated enough to fill a lake.

Catachan Jungle Fighters

Every animal species on cataachan planet is carnivorous, and every plant species is poisonous, even the slightest scratch can prove fatal as necrotic bacteria swarm in to putrefy it. The Veteran Squad, however, is probably compulsory for inclusion in a Catachan army.

Accepted, Eligibility for Vodex Credit is determined at checkout. Catachan is home to the single deadliest creature in the galaxy, and some of its wildlife has even been released on other worlds to dissuade invasion.

Although not historically a piece of Catachan wargear, it works well with the jungle-based fighting theme.

Community Forum Discord Server. Item description When making an order and when waiting for an order.

Please enter a valid postcode. The th fought in the Pandorax Campaign. They fought valiantly during the Dulma’lin Cleansingwhere Colonel Straken was seriously injured, and were subsequently redeployed to assist the Ckdex defence batallion.

This item will be sent through the Global Shipping Programme and includes international tracking. Gunnery Sergeant Harker is the last Catachan character in the list, and some of the abilities he brings to a Veteran Squad really work with their theme. Few of the other HQ choices fit with a Catachan theme. These squads consist of one veteran Sergeant and between four and nine “Catachan Devil” Guardsmen, some squads may include a veteran officer.


Whereas the tribe would elect a headman, the regiment would elect its own captains, sergeants and other ranking officers and entire regiments could be drawn from small geographical areas. The Jungle Fighter’s elite warriors are Catachan’s only resource; since the planet offers no source of sustenance and only death, the planet’s inhabitants are dependent on food catacuan supplies shipped from off-planet, in return for the Jungle Fighters’ service in the Imperial Guard.

Due to cwtachan hostile nature of their homeworld, many were already skilled in combat medicine before being catcahan, and well able to perform their duties on cahachan battlefield. Bedecked with vines, camo netting or splatters of concealing mud, Catachan tanks might look out of place in the parade ground, but are invaluable on the battlefield.

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A Catachan Rough Rider. Find out more about your rights as a buyer – opens in a new window or tab and exceptions – opens in a new window or tab.

In this campaign had risen the Colonel Paseskiwho was Lieutenant at that time but after the death of the commanding officers of 22nd and th Orbital Assault Group took command of both units during the evacuation of Joogunda Prime’s capital.

Includes at least one Thunderer siege tank [12].