nao zeve weke oonderhandele in ‘t Catshuis, mós de regering oontslaag numme. Mèt dit akkoord kós oetindelek esnog aon de begroetingseise weure. The Catshuis (English: House of Cats), initially known as Huis Sorgvliet (English: Sorgvliet House), is the official residence of the Prime Minister of the. VVD, CDA en PVV dicht bij akkoord in Catshuis. -1 berichten bijna- akoord prematuur. -1**. Ingelaste ministerraad maandagochtend/.

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Francisco Franco’s HAUNTING Tableau de Troupe with the ducks he did shoot in and the Governmental map by the Ministry of Justice of the approximate graves with victims of the Civil War and mind you Franco is rightfully the symbol of the mass violence perpetrated, but not the only perpetrator, atrocities and massacres have also been committed from the Republican side I will detail that debate on my blog As the direct link to the article in elephantjournal.

Murdering animals for pleasure is not a new hobby to Don Juan Carlos.

Het harnas van Rita Kok – NRC

The year old monarch has 50 years of experience almost his entire adult life hunting elephants, bears, wolves, leopards… you name it. According to The Guardian, he paid 7. And the rest of his hunting deeds could easily fill up a second or third memoir.

But the shocking video of their bloody trails is still spreading around catshuia internet, like a dark shadow of what man—with money, a gun and no compassion—can do to nature, animals and, ultimately, to akkoofd.

Though as noted by the ElephantJournal web site most of the Rann Safari web sites have been taken down, there is still an informative brochure on-line which shows the photograph of the King of Spain in its context. To amkoord the tone of such kind of royal and other fortunate holidays I cite here the introductory text:.


Party for Freedom – Wikipedia

Botswana has the largest elephant population of any country and offers excellent hunting opportunities for trophy bulls. Rann Safaris has consistently taken the largest elephants in Botswana since elephant hunting reopened.

Taking over trophy bulls with an average over These concessions previously not hunted with exportable elephant akoord have been auctioned this week.

Elephant to Jeff Rann of Rann Safaris. These elephants were taken from Hunting Concessions: The democratic majority that can be wrought for any proposal is minimal by now. Snorkelaar Rutte over Wilders: En ja, een goed embleem zinnepop kun je op meerdere wijzen lezen en begrijpen.

The eye of providence can be seen on one side of the seal of the United States in a vignette, on the other side is a picture of an eagle with in catxhuis claws a palm leaf and a bunch of arrows, above its head a group of stars within a nimbus of a great explosion.

The seal is also depicted on a one dollar bill.

Are we — akkord supposed creatures of God — to be trusted or not? The issuer of the bank notes? Trust that forms the basis of any form of community?

From friendship and love to commune and society? The derailment of one or just a few is used catshius impose one draconian measure after another, punishing those who had no part whatsoever in acts of deceit and violence. The success of digital social media exemplifies not only the success of the commercialism that keeps these systems running, but also expresses the level of trust people are willing to give and expect to receive from others.

There is a positive social impulse in it. Governmental digital surveillance plans — as proposed now in the United Kingdom and implemented already in many states that deny their citizens their basic civil rights — harm this social impulse, harm society as a whole.


War is not anymore necessary to create a battlefield.

Me Judice – Sylvester Eijffinger over het Catshuis-akkoord

The integration of networked information systems, with real time remote sensing surveillance, will bring war to any home in the world classified as a legitimate target. The virtual and the real will be seamless integrated. Constant intelligence datshuis landline and mobile phone, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, Chat and any other digital social media, is laid out on multi-dimensional grids, by automated algorithms, with only the parameters set by humans.

We are supposed to trust the formulation of these social control and security cashuis.

Het harnas van Rita Kok

We are supposed to trust the interpretation of potentially alarming data. And now, with the newly announced system of nuclear driven permanent drones patrolling the skies, we are meant to trust not only the proper — supposedly pinpoint — summary executions delivered by these devices, but also the constant well functioning of the nuclear cathsuis generators build into these unmanned aerial vehicles of death.

Waarom lees ik die krant altijd zo slordig aflevering 3 overgenomen uit de Volkskrant; klik krantenpagina voor grotere versie. On their way to the Catshuis: Email Subscription to the Limping Messenger Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog Join other followers search blog Search for: