A Short History of Decay () is E. M. Cioran’s nihilistic and witty collection of aphoristic essays concerning the nature of civilization in mid. A Short History of Decay may refer to: A Short History of Decay, translation of Précis de décomposition by Emil Cioran · A Short History of Decay (film), A Short History of Decay. E. M. Cioran. Little, Brown and Co. () Philosophy . On the Heights of Despair.E. M. Cioran – – University of Chicago Press.

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How best to describe Emil Cioran? I have of late been reading a number of alarming reports on the state of modern society: Rather than attempt to discuss the whole of his work, I will approach ciofan as he presents himself, piecemeal.

If life occupies the first place in our hierarchy ciroan lies, love comes immediately afterward, lie within the lie. Expression of our hybrid position, love is surrounded by an apparatus of beatitudes and torments thanks to which we find in someone a substitute for ourselves.


By what hoax do two eyes turn us away from our solitude?

A Short History of Decay – E. M. Cioran – Google Books

Is there any failure more humiliating for the mind? Love lulls knowledge; wakened, knowledge kills love. Unreality cannot triumph indefinitely, even disguised in the appearances of the most exalting lie. Would a furnace of guts afford what the whole universe could not give us? Its shudders rival music, complete with the tears of solitude and of ecstasy: I ask you to consider the following passage:. vecay

His sneers have devastated life before he has exhausted its juice. He is a crossroads Ecclesiast who finds in the universal meaninglessness an excuse for his defeats.

Eager to find everything unimportant, he succeeds easily, the evidence preponderant on his side. In the battle of arguments, he is always the winner, as he is always the loser in action: Has a more apt description ddcay Hamlet ever been written?

E.M. Cioran’s A Short History Of Decay

Does this not apply to everyone in danger of thinking themselves out of existence? It is a mistake to think of Cioran as a philosopher.

His function — his appeal, if he has one — is as a chronicler of decay, someone who charts with unflinching honesty the contours of ckoran was once called despair, before it was neutered with that all-encompassing diagnosis, depression. And somehow, by giving it size and shape and weight, he makes it appear almost manageable.


If that, too, is an illusion, sshort is one I cannot live without. I am a lover of poetry and prose, an aspiring writer and literary critic, and a secular humanist with a strong belief in the ideals of the Enlightenment. I make no claims to special wisdom or insight; I offer merely the benefit, if benefit there be, of my reflections.

I ask you to consider the following passage: About Me I am a lover of poetry and prose, an aspiring writer and literary critic, and a secular humanist with a strong belief in the ideals of the Enlightenment. Browse by Author A.