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Twilit Grotto — Esoteric Archives.

It is also full of Christian references which are absent in Mathers’ edition and other slomonis of the Clavicula. Regarding the third early English translation, Sloane MSalthough it has many parallels with the two English manuscripts represented in the present text, it does not seem to be directly related. Rather, it appears to be an independent translation, probably from the Italian or Latin.

It is not included in the present edition. I clavicua taken the liberty of moving saolmonis table of contents for book 2 to the beginning of this transcript for convenience. Scott, London,p. The Table of the fyrst Booke. The table of the first book. What oracions and prayers ought to be sayde before you worke. Of the confessyon before you worke. Of pentaclesand howe they ought to be made. Of the way howe to worke. What orations and prayers ought to be said before you work. Of the confession before you work.

Of your conjuration, with a malediction thereunto belonging. Of pentaclesand how they ought clavicua be made. Of the way how to work. Experiments For thinges that bee stolne. For to bee invysible.

For love howe they ought to be p r pared. Of experimentes of fav r and frend shipp. Ffor to fayne A thinge to be true, w ch indeade is false. Of extraordynary experimentes, and howe they ar p r pared. Experiments For things that be stolen. For to be invisible. For love, how they ought to be prepared.

For to make a woman dream of thee. Of experiments of favor and friendship. Of experiments for hatred and malice. For to fain a thinge to be true, which indeed is false.

Of extraordinary experiments, and how they are prepared. A table of chapters which are contained in this second book. In what hower experymentes ought to be wroughte. Howe the coniurer must behaue hym selfe. Howe his fellowes must behaue them. Of fastynge and watche.

The Key of Knowledge (Clavicula Salomonis)

Of Bathes and howe they muste be made. The blyssynge of the salte. Of apparrell, and all therto belongynge. Of the knyfe belongynge claviula the Arte. Of water and ysope, how they ar made. Of fyer and lyghte. Of penn, and ynke. Of the blodd of A batt.

Of a nedle wherw th thou must worke. Of odours, and sweate perfumes. Of cloth, wherin you must lay vpp yo r instruments. Of the worke of Images. Of the howers to worke yn. Of the colors of the Planetts. In what hour experiments ought to be wrought.

How the conjurer must behave himself. How his fellows must behave them. Of fasting and watch. Of baths and how they must be made. The blessing of the salt. Of the knife belonging to the art. How the circle must be made, and how you must enter into it. Of water and hyssop, how they are made. Of fire and lights. Of pen and ink. Of the blood of a bat. How you must work with wax. Of a needle wherewith thou must work.

Of odors, and sweet perfumes. Of cloth, wherein you must lay up your instruments. Of the work of images. Of the hours to work in. Of the colors of the planets. Lord Jesus Christ, the loving son of God, which xlavicula illuminate the hearts of all men in the world, lighten the darkness of my heart, and kindle the fire of thy most holy love in me. Give me true faith, perfect charity, and virtue, whereby I may learn to fear and love thee and keep thy commandments in all things; that manuscripg the last day shall come, the angel of god may peaceably take me, and deliver me from the power of the devil, that I may enjoy everlasting rest amidst the company of the holy saints, and sit on thy right.


Grant this, thou son of the living God for thy holy name’s sake. A Confession to be sayde before thou worke. I confess to thee, Lord God, the Manuscrjpt of Heaven and Earth, and to the good and most benign Jesus Christ together with the Holy Ghost, before thy holy angels, and before the true majesty of thy cross, that I was conceived in sin, and from my baptism continued therein.

I confess furthermore that I have sinned in pride, in anger, in glottony, and in whatsoever man’s frailty may sin, I have sinned.

Therefore I pray you all the saints, in whose sight all these things I have confessed, that you witness with me in the day of judgment, against the devil, and so I being clean and confessed of all my sins, let me appear before thee O Most High righteous, and lcavicula thy grace to me by thine ineffable clemency, that I may see and know all the spirits which I would have, and accomplish my will and desire.

Lord God almighty father which didst make all things, which knowest all things, for nothing is hid nor impossible to thee, give me grace to know and understand the virtue of all prenities? Grant me also that the secret of the secrets of all the spirits may be opened before me, gently obeying me, and my commandments, through the most holy Adonaywhose kingdom endureth forever. When these ar done lett the coniurer aryse, and putt bothe his hands layde after the fassion of A cross, vppon the pentacle, and let one of his companions allwaies holde te book openn, before hym; and lett hym loke into the Ayer, into the 4.

When these are done, salpmonis the conjurer arise, and put both his hands laid after the fashion of a cross, upon the pentacle, and let one of his companions always hold the book open before him; and let him look into the air, into the four parts of the world: Lord my god, be thou to me A tower of defence mqnuscript the face of all euyll spyrytts; Lord my God, be thou to me a tower of defense against the face of all evil spirits.

Afterwards lett hym turne hym selfe, first to the East, next into the Southe, then into the Weaste, and North, and in euery parte saye; Afterwards, let him turn himself first to the East, next into the South, then into the West, and North, and in every part sallmonis Beholde the signes and names of that conquerer, by whome you arr dayly feared, and feare, obey me therfore by thes most secretts of all other.

Behold the signs and names of that conquerer, by whom you are daily feared, and fear, obey me therefore by these most secrets of all other. Straight way after lett hym beginn to coniure, those spyritts, as that Arte doth commaunde, w ch then he hath in hande, w ch done they wyll appeare quickly, yf not then call them as followeth [6v] and knowe that yf they weare bound in yron, they wyll come, or sende Claicula messynger.

Straight way after, let him begin to conjure those spirits, as that art doth command, which then he hath in hand, which done they will appear quickly.

Studies on Magic: Complete list of Leipzig University magical manuscripts (links)

If not, then call them as followeth and know that if they were bound in iron they wyll come, or send a messenger. I Coniure you sutch Spyritts naming themby the father, the sonn, and the holy ghoste, and by hym w ch shall comme to iudge the worlde both the quicke and deade, by fyer; and by the natyvyte and Baptisme by the deathe and rysinge agayne of Christe, by the comminge of the holy ghoste o r comforter, by holy Marythe mother of o r lord Jhesus Christe, by hyr vyrgynnitye, by the 7 giftes of the holy ghoste, by y e natiuyty of S t John Baptiste; I conjure you such Spirits naming themby the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and by him which shall come to judge the world, both the quick and dead, by fire; and by the nativity and baptism, by the death and rising again of Christ, by the coming of the Holy Ghost our comforter, by holy Marythe mother of our Lord Jesus Christ, by her virginity, by the seven gifts of the Holy Ghost, by the nativity of Saint John the Baptist.


I coniure you by the 20 Seniors, by the 9 orders and degrees of Angells, Archangells, Thrones, dominacions, principates, potestates, cherubyn and Seraphynby all the vertues of the heauens, by the 4 beastes of god hauinge eies both behynd and before, And by the 12 Apostles; I conjure you by the twenty Seniors, by the nine orders and degrees of angels, archangels, thrones, dominations, principates, potestates, cherubin, and seraphin, by all the virtues of the heavens, by the four beasts of God having eyes both behind and before, and by the twelve Apostles.

I coniure you also by all Martyrs S t Stephenn, and all the reste, by all confessors, as S t Siluester, and all the reste, By all holy hermytes, Abbotts, Mounkes, and by all the holy prophetts, by all holy vyrgines and wyddowes, and by all Sayntes whose solempnyty is celebrated before the seight of Christe, thorough out all the worlde, by whose desentes and praiers, the dyuine maiesty, be our aydes, and helpe in all o r workes, and by all thinges w ch agree together in kynde; I conjure you also by all martyrs, Saint Stephen and all the rest, by all confessors, as Saint Silvester and all the rest, by all holy hermits, abbots, monks, and by all the holy prophets, by all holy virgins and widows, and by all saints whose solemnity is celebrated before the sight of Christ throughout all the world; by whose desents and prayers the divine majesty, be our aids and help in all our works, and by all thinges which agree together in kind.

I coniure you by god, that was borne of the vyrgynn Mary, w ch suffered of the Jewes, w ch was hanged on the crosse; w ch was deade, and buryed, w ch shall come agayne to iudge both the quicke and the deade, by fyer: I conjure you by God, that was born of the virgin Mary, which suffered of the Jews, which was hanged on the cross; which was dead and buried, which shall come again to judge both the quick and the dead, by fire. And by y e holy ghost the comforter, w ch dyd proceade from the father and y e sonne, yn likenes of A doue when Christe was baptized in the flodde of Jorden, and came vppon hym and his Apostles, the gospell of god w th diuers tongs, and by the 3.

Osanna in the hygheste. And by the and 44 company of martyrs, w ch speakynge to the worlde, suffered most greuous Martyrdome. And by the Holy Ghost the Comforter, which did proceed from the Father and the Son, in likeness of a dove when Christ was baptized in the flood of Jordan, and came upon him and his Apostles, the Gospel of God with divers tongues, and by the three God-heads, and the unity to be worshipped, and by the company of those saints which cease neither day nor night, but still cry with a loud voice, saying: Hosannah in the highest.

And by the and 44 company of martyrs, which speaking to the world, suffered most grevious martyrdom.