their hard disk and that the Word application is closed (the template occupies In a Word document, these styles format visually separate paragraphs which. The term “global value chains” appears to be originally due to Hopkins and. Wallerstein (, , ) who proposed to analyse a sequence of processes. This will allow the interpreters to interpret your words as clearly as possible. Para los que confían en transformar la FAO y cambiar radicalmente sus prioridades y mantener reducciones .. el texto que he mencionado en el documento.

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The Commission is aware of these expectations. These are due to take place in June. Disputes over land rights, private corporate actions, and governmental regulations also have led to forest burning and land-clearing across the island of Sumatra, directly threatening the Sumatran langur, banded langur P.

Given the rapid pace and large scale at which native forests have been cleared in Latin America and Indonesia to expand agriculture to satisfy global and local demands Tilman et al. Any steps towards integration in budgetary and economic policy would imply a pooling of national sovereignty and therefore in any case require a change of the Treaties. The Commission will ensure appropriate transparency of the possible follow-up of this fact-finding exercise while fully respecting the confidentiality of the information received.

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The message that clearly emerges from the government’s attitude is one of impunity and tolerance towards criminals who trample on the human rights of their victims every day. Would the full or partial expunging of tax debt by the state or creditors banks, the state and social insurance constitute illegal state aid under EU competition law? The EU is committed to continue providing assistance to the host countries, to maintain their capacities to shelter refugees and to encourage them to continue their open-border policy.

Transgormar policy does it intend to pursue so as to restore a climate of confidence in the Greek trabsformar and so that, on the one hand, these companies return to Greece and, on the other, more undertakings are dissuaded from also relocating?

The risk of epizootic disease transmission is particularly serious for those primates living near or within regions inhabited by dense human populations, traneformar as in most of Indonesia, where Streptococcus equi caused high mortality among long-tailed macaques in Soedarmanto et al.

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In some cases the Court held that there was no breach of the principle, in other cases the action or plea based on subsidiarity was inadmissible or manifestly unfounded. Does the Commission plan to take any action in view of the anticipated transrormar among renewable energy producers in Bulgaria as a result of the introduction of charges for access to the grid? Twenty-one-action strategy to reinvigorate the tourism sector.


It also recalled the possibility of adopting sanctions against those involved in terrorist groups in northern Mali. Conservation efforts targeted to deliberately increase positive human influences, including veterinary care and close monitoring of individual animals succeeded in doubling the Virunga mountain gorilla population over 40 years Robbins et al.

In particular, the Commission has no competence over the definition and recognition of national minorities, their self-determination and autonomy or the use of regional or minority languages, which fall under the responsibility of the Member States. Where primate species are locally extirpated, reintroductions may be a feasible conservation strategy if there is long-term protection of forests and monitoring of population changes Kierulff et al.

August Antisubventionsuntersuchung zu geschehen hat. Sustainability of the European social model. The implementation of the budget support contract is subject to the implementation of the Road Map.

Financial correction applied to Poland with regard to rural development programmes. If these complaints were unsuccessful, what was the reason for this? Several EU Member States operate Insurance Guarantee Schemes to protect policy holders in the event of an insolvency of an insurance undertaking. The Commission expects to adopt the report in the second half of Objective criteria to define motorways of the sea. If fees differ by payment modes, the lowest fee shall be included in the price indicated.

Because the population density of lemurs, monkeys, and apes living outside of protected areas has decreased rapidly, this has resulted in an increase in the price or value of primate bushmeat, making it profitable for hunters to risk prosecution mu entering into protected areas Rovero et al.

The EU is currently providing support to Turkey to cope with the Syrian refugees through emergency humanitarian assistance and — soon — through the Instrument for Stability IfSfollowing the recent adoption of a new IfS Financing Decision to provide support in Turkey and other countries in the region affected by the Syrian crisis. Each of the agencies we used as sources of information stipulate in their portals the limitation of the data arqquivo presented see Text S1 for a list and the relevant URLs.


The European Commission and the Commissioner for Energy have previously answered many questions concerning the implementation of the second and third energy liberalisation packages. Within the framework of this exercise, the confidentiality of the information has to be respected.

The Commission will decide, based on the results of the public consultation and the impact assessment, whether there is a need to amend the legislation on the distribution channel. Despite significant increases in revenues derived from agricultural exports in these four countries, millions of their citizens remain undernourished, undereducated, pata poor World Bank, Does it have available best practices and examples from Member States showing that this policy has led to increased investment, innovation and entrepreneurship?

Extradition procedure against Firat Demirkiran. Can it estimate the damage caused to the agricultural economy of Lombardy and the Po Valley? If so, can the financial problems in Spanish professional sport be solved by means of banking bailout packages or other financial transfprmar, and is such state aid indeed permissible under competition law? De toestemming moet erop gericht zijn de Syrische bevolking atquivo helpen, met name uit humanitaire overwegingen, om weer een normaal leven mogelijk te maken, basisvoorzieningen in stand te houden, de wederopbouw te stimuleren en normale economische activiteiten te herstellen of andere civiele doelen te dienen.

In addition, traditional methods of gold mining and limestone karst mining now threaten the habitat of the agile gibbon Hylobates agilisthe siamang, the black-crested Sumatran langur Presbytis melalophos and the silvered langur Trachypithecus cristatus in the province of Jambi in West Sumatra. Juni Antidumpinguntersuchung bzw.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Competitiveness and growth contracts and EMU solidarity mechanisms. Similarly, a recent rangewide assessment of the two great ape taxa in Western Equatorial Africa shows that the presence of wildlife guards was one of the most effective predictors of great ape density Strindberg et al. For the time being the launching of the projectiles has not led to trnsformar further escalation. In addition, the Commission refers to the tables on this topic sent to the Honourable Member and to Parliament’s Secretariat.

However fransformar has stated that EU competition rules may in principle apply to professional sport.