May 13, Sixteen-year-old Evangeline Logan is a serial kisser. She kisses jocks, nerds, even strangers in line at Starbucks, hoping that one of them will. Does the perfect kiss exist? This smart and funny modern romance from the author of Flipped explores the pleasures and perils of love. Perfect for fans. May 5, Confessions of a Serial Kisser. Wendelin Van Draanen, Author. Knopf $ ( p) ISBN

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Many readers will find Evangeline annoying. Van Draanen is also the author of two short chapter-book series. Girls do not deserve that.

She finds herself captivated by the story, and decides concessions make getting her own “crimson kiss” her goal that year in school.

Dec 22, Pages Young Adult Buy. Trivia About Confessions of a After a make-over, she selects her target, the hottie in the homeroom.

The further this quest goes on, the less respect we have for her and the less respect she has for herself. I would recommand this book to any girls who like funny and emotional stories based on teen girls. I got all the way through this book before I realized it was by Wendelin van Draanen. Evangeline gets a bad reputation confessios her kissing activities. This book is really good, to be honest.

Aug 24, Luke Reynolds marked it as dnfs Shelves: And forget getting a boy anywhere NEAR this book. And worst of all: But it’s not turning out the way she expected it as rumors about her started spreading. I mean who would want to have a kiss with pretty much everyone boy you meet. Eventually, Evangeline finds herself and is able to mend fences. Maybe she does have a problem. Family and developing as a person outside of relationships is emphasized in the ending.


For the first page. And every time I think about it, I remember this book and blame Evangeline for putting this idea in my head. No trivia or quizzes yet.

The real reason that I loved it, though is that it is so much deeper than that. The number of escapades that she went through took up the entire book. Also by Wendelin Van Draanen.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser

She even takes it with her to school. However, there are times in the book when Evangeline is listening to music, and she throws out the name of the band, the album, and all of the songs.

One of my least favorite books of all-time. In conclusion, who wants to read a cheesy book about a stupid high school drama queen who only wants to have the perfect kiss?

What’s a serial kisser to do now? From a normal, basket-case, academic conscious teenage life, it was flipped by a combination of Romance novel and a Self-help book that made her life a bit exciting, embarrassing, messy and complete Evangeline begins reading about the love story and the perfect kiss between Delilah and Grayson in the pages.

Evangeline starts out by planning her kissing rendezvous, but eventually resorts to just taking what she wants without thinking of the consequences. Evangeline Logan is a character that I admire.

This chicklit title can’t decide whether it wants to be an outrageous comedy like the Louise Rennison “Georgia Nicholson” series, or be a more serious story about divorce, communication and relationships.

Book: Confessions of a Serial Kisser

So far, the chapters are irritatingly short. Confessions of a Serial Kisser could have had a good story going for serual, but in the end I was just pretty annoyed with the main character and there was too much going on that I was just relieved that it was over when it was over.

I had an expectation of what the book would be like but then, reality hit me. One of them was called A Crimson Kiss. With Robbie for example, she’s irritated with the fact that he won’t stop bothering her about the kiss. Also, the fact that Evangeline seems to be a self-taught master hair stylist confessiions also a little unbelievable, and that she has to “babe herself up” to get guys is also a disappointing.


Moral of the story Along the way, she learns that a true crimson kiss comes only from the lips of someone you love.

Confessions of a Serial Kisser by Wendelin Van Draanen | : Books

A lot of teens kissing it was the premise of the book after allbut no sexual situations. I liked the premise–or should I say premises. Thus confsssions her career as a serial kisser. Because there were a whole lot of unexpected, non-romantic, not-so-drool-worthy of – THIS While I sort of expected THIS Yes I know this was supposed to be a fun book, but even then it doesn’t justify to it’s ultra ‘cheerfulness’ to kissing random people at starbucks or grabbing a guy to get rid of another.

All because of a romance novel? I actually kind of cared about Delilah, the woman serrial the story was about. I’m definitely not the kind of srial who would do what she did, but let’s be honest now: And that’s why I like this book.

But before Van Draanen, Wendelin. Reference to probably inappropriate romance novels, which is what makes the character decide to hunt for a perfect kiss. I’m on the fence with Confessions of A Serial Kisser.