Datacard® i and /P/ Card. Personalization Systems: Guide for Use with ID Works. Software. Legal Notices. Conventions Used in this Library. Get Datacard Group I Printer User Manual. Get all Datacard Group manuals!. The Datacard® i card personalization system delivers embossed ATM, debit and credit cards in less than a Exception/manual card feed. Locked cabinet.

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They are available on the with graphics and the Click the Delete button. The i must have 2 inches of clearance all around the cabin. At the Datacard 28x printer front panel, press Esc to go to the Main Menu. Card-by-card confirmation will reduce throughput.

You must nowconfigure the driver so it knows which port the printer is connected to. The printer driver refers to the card size as the paper size. The current Auto Remake settingappears.

If they were changed, you canrestore the default settings by clicking the Restore Defaults button on the SpoolSettings dialog box. Setting Printer Configuration OptionsThe information that follows explains how to change the printer configuration towork with the printer driver for Windows 95 or N ow downloading free: Then from the File menu,select Properties.

This chapter provides a system description of the i embosser. Tell mnaual what’s missing. If 150ii try toplace embossed text in this area, an error occurs and the embossed font will notprint. A complete procedure for each item in the table is given in this chapter. Any use, operation, or repair in contravention of this document is at your own risk.


Changing a Character Translation1. In the Printers window, select your Datacard printer. Page 30 The Port Name dialog box appears. Page 7 System RequirementsThe minimum manaul requirements for installing and using the printer driver forWindows 95 or 98 are: Refer to the tables on the pages that follow for specific fonts that are available.

Go on to the printerconfiguration options procedure for your printer. The datacagd stripe fonts are special printer fonts. M ost W anted. Power ON the i. The instructions begin with the printer powered off.

The new CPX port is created and assigned to your Datacard printer. Select the baud rate appropriate manul your printer. If embossed text is placed in the margin area of thecard, an manuxl font placement error will be detected by the printer and the card willnot print the embossed text.

Printer FontsThe printer driver for Windows 95 and 98 uses two types of fonts: The Edit Character Translation dialog box appears. Click the Restore Defaults button.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Page 27 Changing a Character Translation1. Datacard assumes no liability for incidental, special, or consequential damage of any kind. Page 17 Setting 28x Printer Configuration OptionsThe following procedure tells how to change the 28x printer configuration to workwith the printer driver for Windows 95 or Click OK to close the printer Properties dialog box.

  ISRE 2410 PDF

These procedures are not part of preventiv. Why don’t magnetic stripe fonts appear in thefont menu?

Datacard Group 150I Printer User Manual

This chapter provides information on assembly and subassembly part numbers for the i embosser. Printing in a Windows Environment. Datacard recommends that only authorized Datacard servicerepresentatives alter the remaining settings. Press F2 ddatacard choose Supervisor. H or abovex Rev. Restoring Default Spool SettingsNormally, the spool settings need not be changed. Setting 28x Printer Configuration OptionsThe following procedure tells how to change the 28x printer configuration to workwith the printer driver for Windows 95 or Setting Customer Engineer Configuration Options1.

From the Windows Start button, choose Settings and then Printers.

Datacard Datacard i MANUAL SERVICE – Service Manual Free Download

No additional hardware is needed. The Spool Settings dialog box appears. Select F3 to choose Customer Engineer.

All unauthorized use and reproduction is prohibited.