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DeLonghi TCH 7590-8590 Instructions For Use Manual

After downloading the file, save it in safe place for example in “My documents” or “Desktop” folder. Pdf file can be able to view any time also delongih “offline state” without internet connection. We hope, that this document of instructions for use will help you. PDF Click to preview. If this file was helpful. Do not use the same socket for more than one appliance. Fit the base of the appliance to the body by inserting the pins in their housings see figure 1. Turn the appliance upside down and fix the base to the body of the appliance with the screws provided see figure 2.

Pass the power cable through the opening in the base see figure 3. Make sure the appliance is off before plugging into the mains. The appliance thc7590er a beep. The light H also comes on and remains lit while power to the appliance is on. The appliance is in stand-by mode and “- -” is displayed.

Press the button A to turn the appliance on. It will start heating with the current settings. HeatingFanFreeze protection. The appliance operates at minimum power, reducing noise levels and energy consumption to a minimum. The appliance operates at maximum power to heat the room rapidly.

The appliance determines the power automatically according to room conditions. If you want the appliance to distribute the air flow over a wider area, press the swing button C.

The appliance will swing from right to left. To stop the appliance in the desired position, simply press button C again. To turn the appliance off, press button A and place the switch L on the back in the 0 position.

With the appliance in stand-by, press the timer button F. The symbol is displayed together with the hours left before the appliance comes on. The “- -” stand-by and symbols are displayed.

When the programmed time has elapsed, the appliance will come on with the previous settings. The symbol is displayed together with the hours left before the appliance goes off. The current settings and symbol are displayed. At the end of the set time tch7590wr appliance switches off automatically.


To go back to operating without the timer, press the timer button F twice. The timer symbol disappears from the display. The remote control must be used with care. See the section “Operation and use” for a description. If the remote control unit is replaced or disposed of, the dlonghi must be removed and disposed of in accordance with current legislation as they are harmful to the environment.

DeLonghi TCHER | Owner Manual

Remove the dust filter which retains impurities in the air drawn in from the room, blow on it lightly then replace in the appliance. If the problem persists, call the service centre. If the appliance goes off unexpectedly: The appliance may have gone off because the temperature set has been reached or the time set on the timer has elapsed. Never obstruct tch75900er intake and outlet grilles danger of overheating.

The appliance is not intended for use deloghi persons including children with reduced physical, sensory mnaual mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or tvh7590er concerning use of delongih appliance by a mnual responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. However if they manuwl be edlonghi, follow the instructions accompanying the extension lead and never exceed the power limit marked on the extension.

The heater is fitted with a safety device which switches it off in the event of accidental overheating e. To reset, unplug the appliance from the mains socket for a few minutes, remove the cause of overheating then plug in dleonghi. A tip over safety device turns the appliance off if it falls over or is positioned inappropriately in such a way as to jeopardise safety.

To avoid overheating, never under any circumstances cover the appliance during operation as this would lead to a dangerous rise in temperature.

At delohghi end of its working life, the product must not be disposed of as urban waste. It must be taken to a special local authority differentiated waste collection centre or to a dealer providing this service. Disposing of a household appliance separately avoids possible negative consequences for the environment and health deriving from inappropriate disposal and enables the constituent materials to be recovered to obtain significant savings in energy and resources.

As a reminder of the need to dispose of household appliances separately, the product is marked with a crossedout wheeled dustbin. ChauffageVentilationHors gel. Niveau de puissance MIN. Niveau de puissance MAX: Niveau de puissance AUTO: Pour diffuser le flux d’air sur une zone plus vaste, appuyez sur la touche oscillation C.

Surveillez les enfants pour vous assurer qu’ils ne jouent pas avec delongji. Auf dem Display erscheint das Symbol und die zur Einschaltung fehlenden Stunden. Auf dem Display erscheint erneut ,- – und das Symbol. Auf dem Display erscheint das Symbol und die zur Ausschaltung fehlenden Stunden.

Auf dem Display erscheint erneut die laufenden Einstellungen und das Symbol. Auf dem Display wird das Symbol Timer ausgeblendet. Sollte das Problem nicht behoben werden, wenden Sie sich bitte an den Technischen Kundendienst. Non utilizzare la stessa presa per altri apparecchi. Applicare la base dell’apparecchio al corpo, inserendo gli appositi piolini nelle sedi previste vedi figura 1.


Capovolgere l’apparecchio e fissare la base al corpo dell’apparecchio con le viti in dotazione vedi figura 2. Far passare il cavo di alimentazione attraverso il gancio e l’apertura prevista sulla base vedi figura 3. Verificare che l’apparecchio sia spento prima di inserire la spina nella presa di corrente. L’apparecchio si dispone in stand-by ed il display visualizza “– “.

RiscaldamentoVentilazioneAntigelo. Livello di potenza MIN: Livello di potenza MAX: Livello di potenza AUTO: L’apparecchio determina automaticamente la potenza di funzionamento in base alle condizioni ambientali. Per spegnere l’apparecchio premere il pulsante A e posizionare su 0 l’interruttore L situato sulla delomghi posteriore dell’apparecchio. Ad apparecchio in stand-by premere il pulsante timer F. Il display visualizza il simbolo e le ore che mancano all’accensione.

Il display torna a visualizzare “– ” di stand-by ed il simbolo. Ad apparecchio acceso premere il pulsante timer F.

DeLonghi TCHER Manual

Il display visualizza il simbolo e le ore che mancano allo spegnimento. Il display manuzl a visualizzare le impostazioni correnti ed il simbolo. Se si desidera ritornare ad un funzionamento senza il timer, premere due volte il pulsante timer F. Il simbolo timer scompare dal display. Per le loro descrizioni fare riferimento alla sezione “Funzionamento ed uso”.

Sia in caso di sostituzione che di smaltimento del telecomando, le batterie devono essere rimosse ed eliminate secondo le leggi vigenti in quanto dannose per l’ambiente. Se il problema persiste contattare il Centro Assistenza.

Se l’apparecchio si spegne manuall Sorvegliare i delognhi, assicurandosi che non giochino con l’apparecchio. Qualora il loro uso si rendesse necessario, seguire attentamente le istruzioni accluse alla prolunga, facendo attenzione a non superare il limite di potenza marcato sulla prolunga.

Un dispositivo di sicurezza interrompe il funzionamento del delongih in caso di surriscaldamento accidentale es. Un dispositivo di sicurezza antiribaltamento interrompe il funzionamento qualora l’apparecchio sia rovesciato o comunque posizionato in modo inappropriato tanto da comprometterne la sicurezza.

Alla fine della sua vita utile il prodotto non deve esser smaltito insieme ai rifiuti urbani. Lo smaltimento abusivo del prodotto da parte dell’utente comporta l’applicazione delle sanzioni amministrative previste dalla normativa vigente.

Gebruik hetzelfde stopcontact niet voor andere apparaten. Breng het voetstuk op het apparaat aan, door de pennen in de zittingen aan te brengen zie figuur 1. Draai het apparaat om en bevestig het voetstuk aan het apparaat met de bijgevoegde schroeven zie figuur 2.