Hello, I need to despeckle a scan of a document consisting of black text and greyscale images. Basically I want to remove all isolated pixels, but without. Despeckle removes undesired noise—small dots or stray pixels—that may be introduced to the page during the scanning process. Images that have been. Hi folks – just came upon this board looking for some help, so here goes: I need to find a way to setup a batch process which will run the.

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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. I have a photo and I scanned it, but the scanned version introduced a lot of white spots on the image.

I think the problem is the type of paper of the photo, which is not smooth a bit rough. There’s something I can do? I tried a denoiser filter which didn’t make any difference. The picture itself it is ok. Viewed in a angle. If you have the negative, you will have better luck scanning it.

Using “Optimize Scanned PDF” to batch deskew/despeckle

The issue is as you are guessing with the non-glossy finish reflecting the bright light from the scanner. If you do not have the negatives, scanning the photo in different orientations may help as this will change the direction of the reflected light. Finally, you can also try the rotation approach to create two different scans and then overlay in photoshop and then try a darken blend mode. This works well, but takes a lot more effort. Noise reduction is more concerned on averaging to reduce image noise that appears evenly through an image.


Despeckling looks for small dots that don’t fit with their surrounding area and is the appropriate filter for this kind of problem. By far the easiest answer is to use photo editing SW. I used Adobe photoshop.

Took it right out. A trick i have done to get around this is if you can find very thin, and almost see through tissue paper and put it in front of the picture as you scan it, it will cause a haze or a overexposure on the type of tissue paper but it will remove any gloss and reflection from the scanner.

Removing random dots or speckles in scanned doc | Adobe Community

It appears that you have a glossy surface with a pebbled texture. Each small bump has an individual specular reflection, a highlight. Rescan the photo with a high-count mega-pixel camera straight-on with the illumination at an angle scannfd the photo to minimize the glare from the uneven glossy surface.

Remember that a camera is a portable scanner behind a lens without the light source. Purchase an aerosol can of dulling spray at an art supply store and dust the surface enough to remove the highlights. Let it dry completely.

Use the absolute minimum to do the job. This is one-way for your print. There are removable types that are made specifically for scanning film negatives and photographic materials; but, they are difficult to find, now. Normal removable dulling spray doesn’t dry completely and will take some care to remove completely. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, scahned acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to remove white spots from a scanned picture? When you scanned the photo, did you turn on the dust removal feature? Turn that on, cranked up to the maximum if necessary. Patrick Hurley 2, 7 I find the crack removal tool critical for all my old beach photos.

artifacts – How to remove white spots from a scanned picture? – Photography Stack Exchange

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