PALABRAS CLAVE: La distracción osteogénica, formación ósea; Odontología. reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies. la regeneración ósea guiada (ROG) (6) y distracción ósea (7) que permiten la primera distracción en el hueso membranoso mandibular (19). El nombre de. English: Mandibular micrognathia and unilateral mandibular hypoplasia are a typical feature of certain facial deformity syndromes, though can also appear as.

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Mandibular lengthening by gradual distraction. Evaluation of distraction implants for prosthetic treatment after vertical alveolar ridge distraction: However, the available information on this subject is still scarce. El siguiente estudio es el Zou y cols.

Distracción mandibular y articulación temporomandibular

With the technology and the materials used for the construction and manufacture of odontologics equipments and instruments advanced, more delicate distractor were done. Conjunctive papillae began to appear, the epithelial thickness increased, and the cells recovered a normal architecture, although the inflammatory infiltrate and low thickness of the horny layer persisted.

The DO technique presents wide possibilities of use in some areas of Dentistry, as Surgery, Orthodontics, Facial Orthopedic and also in the Oral Rehabilitation where one of the major problems is the alveolar bone loss, majdibular support for protheses, implantations and adjacent soft tissues.

Bone and cartilage formation in an experimental model of distraction osteogenesis. Mandibluar de Gracia,Barcelona, Barcelona, ES, maxilo elsevier. One of the important applications occurs in the extensive oral rehabilitations cases where unsatisfactory prosthetic reconstructions are frequent because of the advanced alveolar rim loss and the difficulties in recovering it with enxertia.


A singular aspect of the distraction technique is the fact of regeneration be followed by a simultaneous expansion of soft tissues, including vases, nerves, muscles, skin, mucosa, fascia, ligaments, cartilage and periosteum.

El primer trabajo concretamente es el owea McCormick. The use indications have grown for the most diverse types of bones deformities. One of the advantages of using such devices is that the need for a second surgical intervention to remove them is eliminated. Distraction osteogenesis is a technique for induction of new bone formation between two segments of a bone that presents wide possibilities of use in Dentistry.

According to recent studies, reabsorption toothless alveolar rims or mandibular and maxilar atrophies caused by a syndrome can also be corrected successfully with this technique Jazrawi et al. In clinical alveolar distraction studies, some authors attempted to approach this frequency by applying more than 1 distraction procedure per day, distributing the daily amount of distraction between 2 sessions of 0.

Distracción ósea mandibular con aparatos reabsorbibles (reporte de tres casos).

Ilizarov showed that the fibrous matrix in the prolongated area is capable to differentiate osex itself in lamellar bone tissue. In the continuous DO an intramembranous bone regeneration occurs, while in the not continuous distraction process the regeneration follows a standard of chondroid ossification.

En el estudio de Muhonen y cols. Vega LG, Bilbao A. Multidimensional intraoral distraction osteogenesis of the mandible 4 years of clinical experience.

With a continuous and lesser intensity force application the bone regeneration occurs in a faster speed and presents a lesser consolidation period Kessler et al. These last ones, although to be more steady and malleable, mandibulr it difficult for the patients for being discomforted.


They extend the ascending branch of 4 children through an extra-buccal device having between 18 and 24mm of growth. Evaluation of inferior alveolar nerve function during distraction osteogenesis in the dog. Clin Orthop Relat Res ; A distraction mechanism was formed because the continuous and appropriate force was applied by a device McCarthy et al.

El antecedente a los estudios experimentales en este campo fue el publicado por Ellis. Changes in the temporomandibular joint after mandibular lengthening with different rates of distraction.


Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop ; Osteoblastic activity of the rabbit temporomandibular joint during distraction osteogenesis assessed by fluoride positron emission tomography. Remote disttraccion to EBSCO’s databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. Alveolar distraction osteogenesis for dental implant osa In fact, mandibular elongation distractors have been designed for this purpose using hydraulic or spring wire mechanisms.

The influence of stability of fixation and soft tissue preservation. Los pacientes con deformidades craneofaciales requieren generalmente multiples y, a veces, complejos procedimientos quirurgicos para reconstruir tejidos blandos y duros alterados.