Obtain product support for Panasonic DMP-BD30K Blu-ray Disc™ Player with SD Card Slot, Final Standard Profile, Precise Digital Audio & Video and. Please keep this manual for future reference. en la página DMP- 1 ページ 2007年10月5日 金曜日 午前10時44分. Operating instructions blu-ray disc player, Dmp-bd30, Dear customer • Read online or download PDF • Panasonic DMP-BD30 User Manual.

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Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to update the firmware and now the component output is only putting out i. So I have three questions. Can I downgrade the firmware? Can I somehow get the component output to display p with the current firmware?

Yes I am sure. When I change the component video resolution, my display does not change it still says it is at i. I dmp-bd300 panasonic removed this feature due to the whole “analog sunset rule” that went into effect.

I just wish there was some way to go back on firmware. Your post got me thinking as to why it would not be working, and I just realized, I recently manusl an HDMI cable for sound. Apparently, if you have an HDMI cable plugged in, it limits the output of everything else to i.

Thanks for the information as it helped me figure out what to do next. Hi everyone, I have one of these, donated by my mother as it has been sitting in her garage.

The top half of the remote from the circular botton upwards doesnt work. Is this a broken remote or am I missing something?

Panasonic DMP-BD30 Manuals

I cant press on oe play and the numbers dont work but I can use the menu and naviagation buttons. AVS Forum articles Contests. Are you reading the manual for your player? The link to the manual is below if you do not have one. I guess the settings changed when I mqnual it for a while Rich thanks so much for the help and also the other people who gave me suggestions Let there be Sound.


You can download the firmware yourself and burn to a disc. Please use the report post button to alert staff to problematic posts. Never quote or respond to them yourself. Worked since day one and never had a problem with it and still going strong.

Mine’s in my daughter’s room. Dmp-be30 works like a charm. Still going strong and just updated to 3. Longshot with such an old player, but here goes: A few recent release Blu-rays haven’t played: Oblivion and Lady from Shanghaiwhile numerous others all play fine. Those two discs play fine on my other Panasonic Blu-ray player, different model.

Panasonic DMP-BD30 Operating Instructions Manual

I’ve let it run for up to 10 minutes, just to be sure it wasn’t a strangely long load time. Did the latest firmware update, 3. I did also try cleaning the discs. Any other troubleshooting I can do? Don’t know but my Oblivion played perfectly!


My trusty BD30 isn’t loading discs like it used to. Usually requires several efforts to get something to load. In the mean time I picked myself up a BDT but I wonder if the latest firmware would help this or maybe it’s just actually starting to go.

Well, I just had my first problem. Mahual played The Wolverine and it played straight through but during the closing credits it started pixilating and the picture breaking up.


Panasonic DMP-BD30 Manuals

I checked the disc, but it looked okay. I hope it’s not the start of problems. Hi guys, is there anyone here with a working firmware update disc?

I am willing to pay via paypal for the cost of mailing it to me here in Ireland. Is there any possibility the firmware update process reset something in the player? Maybe double check the “component video resolution” in your player setup if you haven’t done that already. This sets the video output resolution when using the component video terminal. The manual is here, in case dmp-db30 did not get one manuwl your player. This player is running the latest available firmware version 2.

I went into setup to make sure component video was set for maximum resolution. In this player, that appears to be i. And my HDTV shows i coming to it even in the initial menu setup mode. I played a bit of a blu-ray video – it played at i. I put in a manal DVD and the video resolution dropped to p. All this matches the specifications in the manual that came with the player.

I’m assuming you installed and are running firmware 3. I cannot imagine why Panasonic would disable i output over component in the BD30, but not the BD55 with maual releases on the very same day.

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