As The Dragon Lensman opens, the Boskonian conspiracy seems to have been vanquished with its defeat at the great Battle of Klovia, and the. All about The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Publication: The Dragon Lensman Publication Record # ; Author: David A . Kyle; Date: ; ISBN: [].

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So like the llensman says the danger was this would be some pastiche which felt This was a bit of a surprise – yes there seems to be a whole slew of sequels both authorised and not.

After the destruction of Onlo and the fall of Thrale and the “cleaning up” of Lyrane VIII, with the Boskonians no longer fomenting trouble in the First Galaxy, the Galactic Patrol was prepared to become a police force instead of a military machine. Nov 24, Timothy James rated it it was ok. They’re all worth reading, but you can skip the second without losing the overall plot of the trilogy.

Kyle takes the time to update the universe with some posts concepts, such as computers which works and women being allowed to do things which doesn’t.

Project Gutenberg 0 editions. The series was published in magazines before being collected and reworked into the better-known series of books. This review covers all three of the books the other two being Lensman from Rigel and Z Lensman.

The Dragon Lensman by David A. Kyle | LibraryThing

So I guess that means I have even more reason to read the next instalments Initially, Eternity Lensman comics consisted almost entirely of adaptations of the Lensman TV episodes. The best known of these is probably Stephen Goldin ‘s Circus of the Galaxy series, which has the two advan Originally published on my blog here in May The complete series in internal sequence with original publication dates is as follows. Gary Maffioli rated it really liked it Feb 08, This will result in the formation of billions of planets and the development of life upon some of them.


On one side were the Arisians, uplifting agents of wisdom who had taken it upon themselves to mentor the younger races and steer them towards the enlightenment they called Civilization. You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. Archived from the original on January 13, And as for authorised there is a whole spectrum of “authorised” books out there too.

It adds an additional short novel originally published with the Triplanetary name which is transitional to the novel First Lensman. The story is certainly imaginative, and depends on more than a passing familarity with Smith’s stories. The plot of the novel, set between Second Stage Lensmen and Children of the Lensis rather confusing.

Randy Smith rated it liked it Nov 08, Dan Staerk rated it liked it Oct 05, She didn’t wonder about the reality of ghosts — she wondered about how one went about killing a ghost when a ghost is already dead. The Lensmaj of the Lens, together with the mental power of unknown millions of Lensmen of the Galactic Patrol, constitute the Arisians’ intended means to destroy the Eddorians and make the universe safe for Civilization.

The Dragon Lensman

So yes we have an author who was not only friends with the late Doc Smith but also was familiar and a fan of his work. The Arisians detect the Eddorians’ invasion of our universe and realize that they are too evenly matched for either to destroy the other without being destroyed themselves.

Their opponents are discovered to be a widespread civilization based on dominance hierarchies and using organized crime merged with crony capitalism to assume control of new planets. Centuries pass, and eventually the final generations of the breeding program are born.

CD Audiobook 0 editions. This is despite their obvious failings, and is because they have a grandeur of vision and convey a sense that the writer is excited by his own story. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book.

Sep 04, Doug Farren rated it leensman was amazing. Thomas rated it really liked it Jul 22, One of the successful aspects of Smith’s writing was to balance cosmic ideas against a simple plot; the main Lensmen story is just a series of battles between good and evil, gradually increasing in scale.


Thomas R Martin rated it really liked it Apr 13, Jeff Wallace rated it it was amazing Nov 21, The Unit focuses the accumulated power onto one tiny point of the Eddorians’ shields. The Galactic Patrol, summoned to work together in this way for the first time, contains billions of beings who in total can generate immense mental force.

All titles are in draon, and orders placed through the publisher ship within 24 hours. She is a beautiful, curvaceous, red-haired nurse, who eventually becomes the first human female to receive her own Lens. IN this case friend and author David A Kyle was given permission to by ldnsman Smith estate to start this trilogy. Lalla Kallatra is interesting– but not as interesting as a gigantic evil-fighting dragon.

The underlying assumption for this series, based on theories of stellar evolution extant at the time lehsman the books’ writing, is that planets form only rarely, and therefore our First and Second Galaxies, with their many billions of planets, are unique.

Soon it becomes clear that Civilization will need every bit of that knowledge, and more besides, to face the enemies that are now revealing themselves.

They are the only beings of Civilization ever to see Arisia as it truly is and the only individuals developed over all the existence of billions of years able finally to penetrate the Eddorians’ defense screens. Two figures stood facing each other.

As always, Doc had worked it out in great detail, but never so lenwman as I know wrote it down