This guide focuses on quests’ description. You will find here both quests connected with main plot and sidequests. There are 98 of them in total. If a mission can. “drakensang 3”. “drakensang download”. “drakensang lösung”. “drakensang online”. “drakensang patch”. “Drakensang Online Hack Tool”. “Drakensang Hack . Welcome to our Drakensang: The River of Time walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the.

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Das Schwarze Auge – Drakensang e. Feel free to use it,except one situation. If you obtain money from him,send some to a humanitarian foundation Children Care, Green Peace, fight against antipersonnel mines,etc.

If posted, mail me to keep track on him. Added Moorbridge Marshes area missions. There are a couple of missing things Neisbeck side on Drakennsang handful of ducats side quest, Praios side in Blood Mountain area, trainers in Blood Mountains, Tallon and Murolosh who will be included when I finish my spellweaver playthrough. Game Basics read carefully for better understanding of gameplay 7.

Attributes, talents and base values Bonuses and penalties Spells and limitations full mage, half mage, races As result, the elves choose to live close to the nature, leaving behind their cities, dwarfs become bitter enemies of dragons and humans rose to power.

Now, unseen forces are on the move – cultists, goblins, orcs, dragon kin,etc. Your destiny, the destiny of a Dragon Quest Champion, lie behind fighting, treachery and honor. Let the three other be from melee background to enhance the damage b. This is why damage is relatively low in a one-to-one fight, but get heavily wounded when outnumbered.

They are weak, but damage heavily with fire or lightning. So, move alot and avoid having more than two bad guys behind. To minimize the drakenssang, attack enemies one by one to get all damage possible from all team members.


Of course, mobs are difficult to fight, so move around, changing enemies. In Drakensang even humble rats can do a lot of damage. The only truly magical armor set is reserved for the hero. Gladys, Jost, Gwendala or Ancoron use some powerfull spells to increase strength or resistance to magic and potions can be made or pay it.

In here you draoensang always weaker than most big races. There are parts who need protection chest, belly, arms, legs, back with specific types of armor, greaves, boots, etc. The best armor is a a leather one or Armor of Fire because using spells like Lightness of Body and Ice Cold Warrior your AR rating is 2 or 3 times better in comparation to a mercenary or warrior loesing.

The close by effect is stopping the enemy in drakemsang battle and finishing him crakensang you dust all the other critters. If the four try fail to, is time to increase those stats.


Drakensang is based on the Pen and Paper rules, the most important ones mentioned below at game basics. The rest will be locked, so resolve every available quest before leaving. This way they will get the necessary points. Drakensant invitation from an old friend: Ardo of Boarstock sent an invitation to visit him in Ferdok. Create your character, use Expert Mode and play. On the bridge Sergeant Dakensang mention the city of Draksnsang being closed to those that do not have two important people to vouch for them.

Ask further question and he note the presence of Mage Rakorium at inn and some bandits in the wood see side quests. In the middle of market Salina, Queen of Mountebanks need help. Her heirloom was stolen by Dranor and she will vouch for you in return of her jewelry.

Enlist Rhulana dfakensang the inn, then speak with Runkel Bagthumper and the innkeeper to get a place on the map. On the way two apprentices, poesung Rufus and Nottel, mention their master being missing.

Move where the bandits are. Dust them, loot, go up, buff and enter. In a cutscene a dragonling order his men to kill Dranor and teleport away. Help him, enlist his aide, loexung the place and go back to Salina who will never get her heirloom, but you get the rewards. See The bear sidequest loesyng know where to find and help mage Rakorium. After that go to Nandor, receive the reward for killing the bandits and get the pass to Ferdok.

Ignore the sidequests untill you get Rhulana and Dranor to join. This way they get the EP. After you give Bredo Bento his oneberies in the sidequest, came back and pickpocket him a couple of times. The amount of Oneberry juics in the inventory drakesnang raise big time! In front of the house another guard inform you about Ardo murder and the next person to contact.

Speak with Guard Captain Barla Borkensmith to get more info and a deputy in order to investigate. Give it to him, put some questions and enlist his help. He is a great tank if you protect his back and cast some buffing spells. Fight 3 robbers, lead by Boris and enter The Serene Sow inn. The innkeeper Ibrom Soapstone? Exit, go left and notice that Yallik is following you. Keep going down and Gladys show up.

Enlist her help and start investigating the murders. Visit Ugdan Docks and the loessung where Ardo had been killed. Go to Eelko murder place. Ask who was his closest friend. Lodsung a cat called Mimi, fed every month with salmon from a nearby merchant.

Go to the fish merchant and receive some left over salmon. Feed the cat and follow. Eventually she stop near a wall and give you Eelko broche. Report to Barla in Praios Square. The guard Reuben direct you to a informant and give some code phrase. Get in front of Praios temple and speak with archivist Loisane who hints about a conspiration.


Visit Flat Footed Ferret inn or head to the murder place.

In the last stop break a barrel and get another piece of jewelry. Visit the inn where everyone ignore your questions. Both jewelry were made from the same material and Reuben place the archivist behind the Hesinde temple. On spot maid Lana scream about Jessica being kidnapped. Use the metal door on left. Take the draknesang of victims from her body and explore. Eventually you caught them. One fight, five run.

He is a dangerous dodger and target the mage, if any or the tank.

Loot his body and follow the rest. Kill rats, break 2 wooden walls and reach Kastan house.

Kastan run away and let you fight 2 cultist plus his henchmen Finn. Deal with the footsoldiers, go up and engage Finn. Use all you get. Once defeated, the head of Praios church Da Vanya show up and stop the fight. Exit and speak with Barla who get loedung team nefore count Growin.

Das Schwarze Auge – Drakensang (e)

Track down and punish him for Ardo. See Blood Mountain area main quest. Preparation for the Dragon quest: The caretaker delay a message from arch mage Rakorium asking to help Dorion of Kuslik prepare for the Dragon quest. Go to Hesinde temple and make the novice open loesunh door. Get the cellar key from draeknsang novice below and a new quest – finding a book called Magica Luminosus the book is on the last room below, on a shelf.

Drakensang: The River of Time Game Guide

The caves below had been infested with amoebas who can poison, knockdown and put fear in your mind. Use buffs and a pet to attract their damage, while the tanks use special attacks and the mage cast Thunderbold or Lighting find you!

The amoebas from level I and III have 70 vitality with low resilience. The wings are floating on two pedestals in level II and the body of the statue lie below, in a cave infested with emerald spiders, near the body to a red butcher who planted the infestation of amoebas. This is how the dragon quests start.

I suggest you explore the map before doing main or side quests. First drakenswng Gwendala, allowing her to get some EP needed in case you want to replace one of the companions. Third clean the islands and make Bottan Card quest easier to acomplish.