Q. How long has Dryvit EIFS been used on building exteriors? Dryvit’s Warranty Services Department in writing of the new ownership. The Outsulation LCMD Systems from Dryvit has been engineered Warranty . Dryvit Systems, Inc. shall provide a written moisture drainage and limited. Premium Service & Attention to Detail EIFS / Dryvit Repair & Installation Expert Leak Detection & Repair Framing & Substrate Repair.

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A variety of warranties are available, depending on the system installed and per the manufacturer’s requirements. Samples of the warranties are available on request from the EIFS manufacturer.

warranties | Fullerton Building Systems – warranty Dryvit Warranty comes failure

Unlike wood, stucco and other siding materials, EIFS rarely need painting. As a result, the systems tend to maintain their original appearance over time. Periodic maintenance should include thorough checking of the flashing and sealing to ensure that the building envelope remains watertight.


Damaged or missing flashing should be repaired or replaced immediately; likewise, cracked or deteriorated sealants should immediately be repaired, or removed and replaced.

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EIFS manufacturers provide procedures for cleaning specific systems. Periodically, EIFS finishes may need to be cleaned to remove dirt, algae usually green stains on the surface of the finishor mildew dryvt black stains that look like dirt that can accumulate on the surface.

Basically, mild cleaning detergents, and earranty water pressure cool water, and a soft bristle brush. For situations where you might wish to change the color of the building, or paint the building for some other reason, EIFS manufacturers produce several quality paint products acrylic or elastomeric to recoat and enhance the existing coating.

Dryvit Shape Warranty

Before recoating, appropriate repairs should be made and the surface should be cleaned to remove any surface contamination. EIFS manufacturers provide a “distributor locator” on their website to locate the distributor nearest you.

The distributor can assist you in locating appropriate qualified contractors. If properly maintained, the cladding will last the life of the building.


In addition, EIMA is working with some other companies that do not currently offer insurance for EIFS projects, on expanding their coverage to be more inclusive for these projects. A listing of these companies can be found at http: Learn dyrvit there is warrahty know about obtaining EIFS insurance.

Take a look through the comprehensive list of EIFS benefits. See the design flexibility and aesthetics of EIFS in action. What types of warranties are available with EIFS?

FAQ: Maintenance and Warranties

What type of maintenance is required for EIFS? How can you clean the finish coat?

Whom do I contact if I need repairs? How long should EIFS last?

Do insurance companies cover EIFS projects? Manufacturing Member Associate Member.