Android widget for remote controlling an Ecoteck Francesca wood pellet stove – atbrask/EcoteckRemoteControl. I purchased an Ecoteck Francesca stove back in November of and have been greatly disappointed in it’s performance. Well, let me clarify. Pellet stove. Ecoteck Francesca, ECOTECK, Ecospain Mediterranea ingenieria del confort S.L.

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Posted By swdowlingOct 3, at 1: I purchased an Ecoteck Francesca stove back in November of and have been greatly disappointed in it’s performance. Well, let me clarify that statement. I’m afraid of the damn thing.

I cannot run the unit for more than one hopper full of pellets before I have to shut it down and clean out the firepot. Any longer than that and frzncesca clinkers start to build up in feancesca bottom of the firepot and soon I have burning pellets flowing over the top and backing up into the feed chute.

I’ve come home on several occasions to find it in this state and now I don’t trust it. I thought perhaps it was the pellets I franceesca buying, so I’ve bought several different brands. Last season I ran Cubex pellets exclusively because they were the least problem. I’ve never bought any softwood pellets and I honestly don’t think it’s the fuel, but the stove itself that’s the problem.

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I’ve tried changing the various settings and cannot eliminate the problem regardless of the adjustments I make. I feel like I’ve been rooked. I spent over four grand getting this thing home and installed and now all I want to do is get rid of it.

Currently, it’s completely removed from my home and soon going onto craigslist. Well first off welcome to the forum. What is it you want help with? Burn pot buildup isn’t exactly a new situation for the folks here to have seen and also fixed. Stop hovering to collapse Do you want help or are you just going to sell it? Lots of great pellet stove guru’s here that most likely would help you with your situation, if you give them a chance.


Doesn’t matter how much you have fiddled with the settings you may be going about it wrong. It is easy to do. Sonds like there may have been a bad part right from the get go. Did you have a dealer come try to fix your problem? I ffrancesca think there is any helping with this thing. Just wanted to post in case someone else was considering buying one of these things. They should be aware that they don’t run for long without cleaning.

If I’d known that I had to clean it out every bag or risk burning the house down, I’d have spent frqncesca money on a more reliant stove. Shoulda done more homework, but Ffancesca was sold on the “high tech” aspect of this stove francsca thought I was going down the right route.

I am curious as to whether others are experiencing the same issue. Slightly off topic, but I thought you were talking about Mike Francessa. I don’t like him very much. If the problem started right from the get go? Frsncesca say you need to discribe your vent configuration to us snap some pict francedca

Could be excessive EVL which is no fault to the stove itself. When the stove was installed did the installer check the draft on it? Also, can you describe how tight your house is or isn’t and tell feancesca what other air moving devices are in use in the house? Other things that can cause problems from the git go are blocked air intake packaging materialdamper control disconnected from the damper shipping, handling, not connected at the factorywarped door shipping, handlingdepending upon how the stove is put together loose bolts where the ash pan holding assembly joins the fire box rfancesca, handlingearly demise of the combustion blower blower manufacturerpartially blocked vent only for a little while if it is combustibleimproper vent configuration both size and evl, warped hopper door shipping, handlingimproper positioning of the burn pot difficult on some stoves but not allbad burn pot gaskets, bad door gaskets, insufficient oxygen in the intake air due to depletion by other devices in the house Ecoheck can understand your unhappiness but fancesca truely does sound like something was totally out of whack.


I don’t believe you have to hook everything back up in order to run it. You can put it through its paces outside if you still have pellets, or maybe take it back to your dealer and have ecoteco straighten it out since its no longer hooked up.

I, myself wouldn’t be giving up on something I spent 4 large on.

The Trouble With Francesca

In fairness to the world franncesca pellet stoves you can’t compare a non working pellt stove to not saving you money. If the stove was operating properly that would be another matter. Give the dealer, and these guys a chance to get you up and running correctly before you take a bath. Have you looked in the exhaust track, where you hook the stove up to to make sure there was no shipping papers or other things in the exhaust track?

I’m not trying to be a wise ass by asking you this as any tech would start with the basics of making sure air can get in and out.

Lack of air can be an easy fix. Smokey stated many reasons. A stove that costs that much, does not cost that much for no reason. That is a Top of the line model stove. I believe you had problems, but I also believe that it can be fixed. Did franceaca have an Outside air Kit? Was your flame lazy and sooty? Or ecotefk and lively? Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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