EDISION CI Fernbedienung (). remote control for Tyran/2xxx/ CI receiver. starting from CHF. plus shipping charges. Latest and similar. EDISION CI Fernbedienung (). remote control for Tyran/2xxx/ CI receiver. starting from CHF. plus shipping charges. Write the first review. D. IRCOD. CLATRONIC. VT. IRC CLATRONIC EDISION. CI. IRCOD. EDISION. CI. IRC EDISION. CI.

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Wir empfehlen mit der manuellen Programmierung zu beginnen. Legen Sie die Batterien entsprechend der im Batteriefach angezeigten Markierung ein. Achten Sie besonders auf die Richtigkeit der Polung.

Bitte notieren Sie sich den verwendeten Code als Referenz. Dieser Vorgang kann mehrere Minuten dauern. Ein neuerlicher Start des Suchlaufs beginnt bei der zuletzt abgespeicherten Programmierung. Die Signal-LED blinkt erneut zweimal. Die Lernfunktion kann auch verwendet werden, falls bestimmte Tastenfunktionen der Original-Fernbedienung in der Datenbank nicht enthalten sind.

Einzelheiten dazu regelt das jeweilige Landesrecht. Das Symbol auf dem Produkt, der Gebrauchsanleitung oder der Verpackung weist auf diese Bestimmungen hin.

Read all instructions carefully and retain the instructions for reference at a later date. You can program your remote control using the operating instructions and the associated code and brand list, via the following methods: We recommend starting by using the manual programming method a. Insert the batteries in accordance with the markings on the battery compartment. Please take extra care to ensure correct polarity.

Dispose of the old batteries in accordance with local regulations. We recommend that you always use new batteries. Never combine old and new batteries because the performance of your remote control and the service life of the batteries will be negatively affected.

When programming, you must press a button within a period of 5 seconds, otherwise the remote control reverts back to its regular operating mode. Note A short double flash of the signal LED confirms the input, a long flash indicates cancellation. If you enter a code number incorrectly, press any key and wait for a long flash of the signal LED. You can then continue entering according to the instructions. One or more 4-digit codes are displayed for each brand.

The signal LED flashes twice to indicate that the code has been accepted.

Please make a note of the code used for reference. My programming codes to use: There is a 3-digit brand code for each brand.

The signal LED flashes twice in order to confirm that the search mode has been activated. This step may take several minutes. Note It could happen, that during the search process, the KN-URC80B finds several codes to which your TV set responds, but where all buttons do not function for each code. In this case, the search process should be re-started steps 3 to 9 until you obtain the best code.

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Re-starting the search process starts at the last saved programming. Automatic search feature Alternatively, or if either in case of manual programming or with automatic programming, the correct code for your equipment cannot be found, you may use the 16000 search feature.


In this case, the search process should be re-started steps 2 eidsion 7 until you obtain the best code. Code reader The code reader can be used to display the codes that you have found in the search process so that you can make a note of them: The Signal LED flashes twice again.


The Signal LED does not flash if the number is 0. The steps 3 to 6 can be carried out in any order and as many times as may be required. Learn feature Alternatively, or if either in case of manual programming or with automatic programming, the correct code for your equipment cannot be found, you may use the learn feature. The learn feature may also be used if certain button functions of the original remote control are not included in the database. Positioning the KN-URC80B and original remote control Range test In order to ensure that the remote control can receive the signal, both remote controls should be placed opposite one another with their transmission diodes facing each other.

The distance between both remote controls should not be greater than 5 cm. You may use the range test to determine the optimal position for learning the codes: The signal LED flashes twice again.

Now place the original remote control and press and hold any button on it. If the signal LED lights up in red, it means that the signal is too weak too far away or too strong too near. If the signal LED lights up in green, it indicates optimal signal quality optimal alignment for learning. Note The optimal alignment depends on the transmission strength of the signals by the original remote control and, hence, it may vary for each remote control.

This is why you need to carry out the range test with each remote control from which you would like to learn in order to determine the optimal alignment for it. Note If the buttons that have been learnt do not work properly with your equipment, or particularly if only every second button that you press works, please carry out Advanced Learning.

If you would like to operate these controls on the TV, please carry out the following steps. Note The numeric and level buttons cannot be disabled. Note If you would like to enable the buttons that you have disabled, please reset the remote control completely. Note Repeat the steps 1 to 3 if you wish to disable the code block once again. Electrical and electronic devices may not be disposed of with domestic waste.

Consumers are obliged by law to return electrical and electronic devices at the end of their service lives to the public collecting points set up for this purpose or point of sale. Details to this are defi ned by the national law of the respective country. This symbol on the product, the instruction manual or the package indicates that a bedienungxanleitung is subject to these regulations.

By recycling, reusing the materials or other forms of utilising old devices, you are making bedifnungsanleitung important contribution to protecting our environment. Please consult the dealer in the event of a guarantee claim. Nous recommandons la programmation manuelle pour commencer. Remarque Deux clignotements bedienungsaneitung de la LED de signalisation confirment la saisie, un clignotement long indique une interruption. Remarque Pour le chiffre 0, la LED de signalisation ne clignote pas.


Le voyant DEL clignote de nouveau deux fois. En cas de garantie, veuillez vous adresser directement au revendeur. Si prega di leggere attentamente tutte le istruzioni e di conservarle in modo da poterle consultare al momento opportuno.

Si consiglia di iniziare con la programmazione manuale. Smaltire le batterie scariche rispettando le normative locali vigenti. Avvertenza Il Suo telecomando KN-URC80B dispone di una memoria temporanea interna che mantiene la programmazione anche dopo la sostituzione delle batterie.

Si consiglia di utilizzare esclusivamente batterie nuove. Nel caso in cui si stato inserito un codice numerico errato, premere un tasto qualsiasi e attendere un lampeggio lungo del LED di segnalazione. Si prega di prendere nota del codice utilizzato come riferimento. Edislon codice Per poter annotare i codici trovati con la ricerca automatica, selezionarli mediante richiesta codice: Il LED di segnalazione lampeggia nuovamente per due volte.

Avvertenza Con la cifra 0 il LED di segnalazione non lampeggia. I passi da bedienungswnleitung a 6 possono essere eseguiti in qualunque sequenza e frequenza. La distanza tra i due telecomandi non deve essere maggiore di 5 cm.

Il LED indicatore lampeggia due volte ancora. Posizionare ora il telecomando originale e tenere premuto un tasto qualsiasi. Si dovrebbe quindi testare la distanza con qualsiasi telecomando che si desidera programmare al fine di trovare la distanza ottimale. Avvertenza Se i tasti programmati non funzionano correttamente o, in particolare, se solo un tasto su due funziona, bisogna eseguire la programmazione avanzata.

Se si desidera utilizzare queste funzioni del televisore, eseguire le seguenti operazioni. Avvertenza I tasti numerici e i tasti base non possono essere bloccati. Avvertenza Ripetere i passaggi da 1 a 3 se si desidera disattivare il codice di blocco nuovamente. I dispositivi elettrici ed elettronici non devono essere considerati rifiuti domestici. I consumatori sono obbligati dalla legge a restituire I dispositivi elettrici ed elettronici alla fine della loro vita utile ai punti di raccolta collerici preposti per questo scopo o nei punti vendita.

Dettagli di quanto riportato sono definiti dalle leggi nazionali di ogni stato. Si prega di contattare direttamente il rivenditore per la richiesta di garanzia. Coloque las pilas siguiendo las marcas del compartimento de las pilas.

Compruebe especialmente que la polaridad es correcta. Elimine las pilas gastadas conforme a las disposiciones locales. LE recomendamos que use exclusivamente pilas nuevas. Este proceso puede tardar varios minutos. Es posible llevar a cabo los pasos 3 hasta 6 en el orden y las veces que se desee.

Nota Si desea cancelar el bloqueo de las teclas, reinicie completamente el mando a distancia. Recomendamos-lhe que utilize apenas pilhas novas. Este processo pode demorar alguns minutos. O LED de aviso pisca de novo duas vezes. A luz verde do sinal LED indica uma qualidade de sinal ideal alinhamento ideal para gravar.