There he appears to honor the dying Rachel, where he tells her the story written in “The Ellimist Chronicles.” He also tells her that she was a random choice to. The Ellimist Chronicles has ratings and 72 reviews. Mitch said: Ah, the nostalgia. I’m not complaining about the state of YA book publishing now ve. Nothing in it sounded familiar at all, and I wonder if I somehow missed this Chronicles completely. Either that, or it’s fallen into that haze from the end of the series.

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I mean,I’d chronicls their ability to put down the pair before they fell their asses into blackholes, but post-mastery of time and space, anything short of the truly omnipotent just can’t measure up. The Ellimistalso known as Toominor more elli,ist Azure Level, Seven Spar, Extension Two, Down-Messenger, Forty-onewas a Ketran male who, through a series of extraordinary circumstances, became an almost omnipotent, god-like being.

Just because the Ellimist and Crayak know only each other and no others of their level, does not mean that there was not someone before them, or concurrent with them.

Julie’s review of The Ellimist Chronicles

Were all six of us just game pieces? Ellimist did not fare well and lost far more often than he won.

Yeah, that’s another good one. Tobias joined me a few minutes later.

The Ellimist Chronicles

A being with the ability to alter space and time. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat May 27, Matthew Sargent rated it really liked it Shelves: Incandescent September 15, at So right away you have the incredibly important themes for both teens and adults of what it is to succeed, how much of community should be sacrificed to progress, whether a people have a right to defend themselves if they feel threatened, how far is too far in self-defense, what it is to be cut off from one’s peole, the incredible horror of watching everyone you love die They did only what they had always done.


This was published after 47 The Resistance which is also when I chose to read this, though Goodreads places it after 53, and some fans argue for reading it before the series or after the series It absorbs the minds of creatures it’s killed, but even though it kills what’s left of the Ketrans, it keeps Toomin alive to play games with him.

Not trying to win, trying to win with kindness. Okay, well, time’s up, Toomin. Inside the fabric of space and time. He traveled the galaxy, terraforming uninhabitable planets so they could sustain life, seeding new races on empty worlds, and evolving doomed species to the point they could survive.

It spoke of the loss of my people. I forgot Jake said that! By living on the planet as an Andalite, the Ellimist learned that the key of survival was to create as many offspring as possible; although so many die, with repeated efforts life could multiply faster than Crayak could wipe them out.

Their game, their rules. Retrieved from ” http: But not The Ellimist Chronicles – no, the Ellimist is all the more rich, all the more nuanced, all the more impressive once we learn what he went through to become who we know him to be. In that final moment, the human wanted to know: I keep intending to continue my other books, and I’ll even read a few pages at a time The Ketran race was virtually extinguished by the Capasins, who had seen transmissions of violent virtual Ketran games that had been broadcast into space and mistook them for a violent species that meddled with other ones.


Crayak is Morgoth, which is a decidedly very rational outlook on Satan. From then onwards, they played a deadly game with planets and the lives of their inhabitants.

You know, they weren’t actually picky with choosing a new home, it was just they evolved for very specific environments. And yet, I would intrude with exquisite sensitivity and the purest motivations. That’s chronickes, Father, I’ve rewritten the rules. Losing motivation to continue fighting Crayak, the Ellimist temporarily retreated to the Andalite home planet, possibly beginning his worship as an Andalite god.

I play the game of genocide. And finally, he didn’t save them from being trapped as wolves.

That’s right, Father, I’ve rewritten the rules. And it’s so important to have these ‘normal’ characters represented.

In the epilogue, it is hinted the Animorph the Ellimist told the entire story to was none other than Rachel, who was killed in battle in the final book of the series.