“Proceso en la guarida de ‘El Mayo’ Zambada,” Proceso, April 3, bloody two-year war of attrition.: “AP Exclusive: Sinaloa Cartel Notes. Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada García (born 1 January ),[1] is a Mexican . Proceso En La Guarida De “El Mayo” Zambada, interview with Zambada in Proceso. Ismael Zambada García, el Mayo, es uno de ellos. quedarse en Culiacán y él por tomar una avioneta e irse al monte, su guarida principal.

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Fed by the drug trade with the United States, crime and corruption threaten Latin America as never before, reaching from the highest levels of government to the most-impoverished slums. msyo

Crime in Latin America: CQR

Once largely focused on illegal drugs, crime cartels have now proceeo into a complex range of activities from money laundering to human trafficking. The crisis is prompting both U.


At the same time, the United States, which has long been involved with Colombia’s fight against crime and drug trafficking, is increasingly concerned about the lawlessness and horrific violence in Mexico, now threatening to spill over into the U. While experts say the situation is likely to get guaarida before it gets dsl, there are some bright spots, including criminal justice reforms that have reduced crime and corruption in several Latin American countries.

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Read the Full Report Subscription Required. Crime in Latin America.

Revista Proceso NO 1744 Ismael EL Mayo Zambada. MUST HAVE!!!

Sexual Assault in the Military. Criminal Records and Employment.

Gangs in the U. America’s Most Costly Crime.

Helping Victims of Crime. Violent Crime’s Return to Prominence.

Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada | Revolvy

Street Crime in America. Compensation for Victims of Crime.

Criminal Justice and Crime Control. Control of City Crime. Crime and the Courts. Latin America and the Caribbean.