Rezolvă acest test-grilă conceput de A_BEST şi verifică-ţi cunoştinţele generale de limba engleză. Alege varianta corectă!. Acest curs prezinta Engleza Avansati. Mai jos poate fi vizualizat cuprinsul si un extras din document (aprox. 2 pagini). Arhiva contine 1 fisier doc de de. Caiet de exercitii limba engleza pentru avansati [PDF] A doua structură cuprinde exerciţii de gramatica limbii engleze, referitoare la verb, cel mai important şi.

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Test online limba engleza nivel intermediar / avansat – Pro Erudio School of English

We’ve proved that he was guilty but he Every old house like this has That’s my name on the cheque but it isn’t my I’m going to the theatre tomorrow. He came to the party I want to write to her but she They were all on the platform, waiting That’s It’s What’s There’s He stayed under water for a minute and then swam to the What was the name of the person who won first I didn’t realise that your house was Her work has been I can’t find my umbrella. I don’t believe in ghosts – or, at I’ve never seen one.

Very few people make this journey for the They keep the bird in a cage to There’s ice on the road so you He looked round to make sure that If he hadn’t eaten so much, he He has some very He has a egnleza with his clothes on! We’re short of petrol but They’re carrying out repairs to the First thing in the morning, I find myself rushing around like englza frantic woman, trying to get my children up out of bed, and off to school.

Test engleză

I’m usually still in my pyjamas when I drop the kids off, and I drive off quickly before anyone sees me. But, when I get home, I can slow down a little before I start the chores of the day, or run errands. I take my time over my morning coffee, stretch, pet the dogs, check my avwnsati and Facebook, have a bit more coffee, and then plan my day.


I was doing that this morning, when there was a knock at the door. A Federal Express delivery man handed me a package, a large box. I had to sign in order to receive it, and avasati he went engpeza his way. I assumed that the package was for my husband, who buys a lot of cycling and hunting equipment on-line. However, it was addressed to me! I was instantly awake, and opened the box quickly. The side avahsati the box said ‘Greenvale Scottish baby potatoes’. I knew that I hadn’t ordered any potatoes; why would I?

But the word Scottish gave me a clue as to what was inside, and who it was from. My father lives in Scotland, on the West coast.

And, yes, it was from him. Thankfully, the box wasn’t full of potatoes, but rather, it was brimming with Christmas presents. I was so surprised!

He and his wife had wrapped up all of the gifts in traditional wrapping paper, with colors of red, green, gold, and white. I took them out of the box, and tried to guess what they were. This is their last week of school, and they are beginning to anticipate the holidays. I noticed that one of the wrapping papers had one of my favorite English Christmas carols on it: The Holly and the Ivy.

The first two lines were visible under the bow. And the rising of the sun, and the running of the deer, the playing of the merry organ, sweet singing in the choir.

I must rush out and send off a package as soon as possible to Scotland. I hope it gets there on time! In the morning the woman is always positive and energetic always pessimistic and with no energy sometimes positive and energetic and other times the opposite 2.


The woman is usually still in her pyjamas when she drives the children to school reads her emails goes shopping 3. That day after she signed to receive the package the man thanked her the man knocked on the door the man left 4. The box contained cycling and hunting equipment baby potatoes Christmas gifts 5. The package was from her husband her father a friend from Scotland 6. When she saw the packages she opened them she put them away she tried to guess what was in each 7.

The woman knew the children were eengleza forward to going on holiday would like to find the presents under the Christmas tree liked playing 8. They will celebrate the winter holidays in a week in two weeks in three weeks 9. The woman likes The Holly and the Englesa because it is about children it recreates the atmosphere she likes at Christmas it is about her life The moving picture is by far the most popular art of our times.

That’s It’s What’s There’s.

My morning routine has ups and downs. The woman likes The Holly and the Ivy because. Write an essay to express your personal opinion on the following statement: