For many people, though, the sweetest spot in Epson’s new range will likely be the TW/TWW duo. Both of these models continue to. EH-TW, Epson EH-TW, V11H, Home Theatre Projector Full HD, p Resolution contrast ratio Lumens Light Output Epson EH-TW reviews, pros and cons. 7 reviewers have scored this 85/

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Epson has been at the top of its game recently, producing excellent quality projectors at decent prices, most notably the EH-TW Even before we calibrate its picture the TWW throws out a clear, bright and vivid image.

And after some fine-tuning with a THX Optimizer disc it looks absolutely stunning. Colours are vivid, with great depth and subtlety — the Epson skilfully displays the varying shades of orange, yellow and gold of the sunset reflecting on epsson ocean.

And with a rated contrast of 40, The Epson is fantastic at relaying textures. With water looks slick and tangible, skin appears coarse and weather-beaten, and fur is crisp and realistic.


Epson EH-TW Reviews and Ratings – TechSpot

The picture is still dynamic and lively even with the slightly darkened tones that are part and parcel of the tech. Motion is admirably smooth too, with only a hint of instability in fast-moving scenes or with more dramatic 3D sequences.

The Epson delivers more than just a fantastic picture.

The idea is to keep the transmitter box with all your source kit while the projector is free to be placed elsewhere. The picture goes to the projector and the sound goes into your surround speakers.

There is one caveat to this wireless set up, though. While setting up the connection to your home network is painless, you need to make sure that are no obstructions in the line-of-sight path between the transmitter and the projector.

Anything in the way will disrupt the streaming feed — if only for a second or two.

Connections are hidden under a panel at the back. Two HDMI inputs are available alongside PC and component inputs, and the wireless receiver is built in — hence the need for a direct line of sight.


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The chassis itself is impeccably finished and sturdily built. Also included with the EH-TWW are a backlit remote hw6100 with easily navigable buttons, and one pair of active 3D glasses. The wireless capabilities are a bonus, and we also like how easy it is to set up all aspects of this projector.

See all projector Best Buys. Against Wireless stream has the potential to get interrupted. Image Native Aspect Ratio Warranty Limited Warranty 2 Year.