Science teachers present evolution as if it were a proven fact. This book, with its thorough index, makes it easy to find answers to those outrageous claims. The Evolution Handbook. (Vance Ferrell – pages). The Evolution Handbook Larger Image. Almost 1, pages of pure scientific truth about evolution!. The consent of CRC Press LLC does not extend to copying for general refer to frequently as my Handbook of Medi Academic Writing: A Handbook for.

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Almost 1, pages ebolution pure scientific truth about evolution! Thousands of scientific facts, disproving every basic area of evolutionary theory. A fascinating book that is easy to read. Full of facts most people are not aware of.

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Written so key points quickly jump out at you. Browse through this book and you will soon know more about a far wider range of scientific facts than many scientists are taught. Topically arranged, easy-to-read print size, and a full-size index-so you can quickly find what you are looking for. Written for all ages, but outstanding for students.


Evolution Handbook

Includes study questions and research helps. Because of the way it is arranged and typeset, this book is excellent for sixth grade through college level.

Hundreds of statements by prominent scientists who disprove evolutionary theory. They know evolution is a hoax.

You should learn the facts also. You will refer to it for years to come, as you convince others of the truth. You will learn things most do not know!


Give copies of this book to your loved ones. Give it to students in school. Let then start learning the truth.

They urgently need it! Excellent for schools, study groups, sermons, and lectures. Easy-to-read explanation of scientific facts Most complete refutation of evolution available in a single book.

Carefully written in simple language for 7th grade, on up through high school and college. Your browser has javascript turned off.

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What Really Happens at Death. The Occult Invasion into America.