First Gardnerian Order[edit]. The first Gardnerian Wicca Order was the Wiccan Order, founded .. all in the early s, were (1) the snippets of BOS material in Gardner’s published books, (2) the contents of Gardner’s manuscript book,Ye Bok . Hello! I’ve come to ask you guys a question about a specific passage in the Gardnerian book of shadows, being: > [1] Having chosen a place. While being made a Gardnerian doesn’t expose you to any specific what is found in our BoS and a bunch of other lore both written and oral.

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The Gardnerian Book Of Shadows. What is the Gardnerian Book of Shadows? Some people act as if this were the Ultimate and Secret Revelations of the Gods, the possession of which will bring power and enlightenment and god-like power. The Gardnerian Book of Shadows BoS is simply a guidebook, no different from any guidebook you buy before you visit another country.

It has a few suggestions, some thoughts and shows a Path that works for some people. Look at it like this.

Gardnerian Book of Shadows Index

A Guidebook to Paris will tell you what the currency rates were when the writer was there they are different todayit tells which cathedrals and museums the writer enjoyed seeing but they never seem to mention the Martial Arts studios that accept guests and few mention where I can rent a kayak to gardneian the Serine or the canals and they mention places the writer liked to eat.

But the important thing is that they are out-of-date and specific to the writer and never complete. They are specific to the Tradition of the writer and they are written for a specific situation that may be different from your own. So why do so many people think ours is so valuable? The vast majority of the Traditions out there are derived from Gardnerianism by way of disgruntled Initiates or obs way of reading and rewriting our BoS.

So there is something there of value.

Something that inspires the soul to heights of spirituality. Something that is worthy of following. Unfortunatly, the structure of Gardnerian Wicca especially in America is such that it actively discourages exactly the kind of people we want. Some Gardnerians have a monumental EGO that drives them to exclude anyone who might not worship them as gods.


Talk:Gardnerian Wicca

These have created and support a system that is exclusionary and makes us the laughing stock of the Pagan community. Especially when they make blanket statements that anyone can prove are false.

Both are wrong but I see no realistic way to change it. So we have to deal with the situation as it is. Ok, so how can Gardnerians still claim that the Gardnerian BoS has never been published when anyone with access to the internet or a book store can buy a copy?

The truth is that the entire Gardnerian Book of Shadows has never been published. Some gardneroan have obviously been published Gardner, Valiente, Sanders and others have done so but not the entire thing. It will someday but so far it has not. How can I make this statement without proof?

garrdnerian The only complete proof is to publish it myself to prove that what is out there is incomplete and inaccurate which would counter this paper. So I will offer only an idea. Collect the facts and make up your own mind. Sheba was an Ozark Witch who had contacts with some Gardnerians in England. She combined her Ozark Tradition with Gardnerian Wicca then while speaking at one of the Gnosti-Cons the original public pagan festival in Minneapolis-St Paul, she claimed to have had a vision where The Goddess told her to publish the Book of Shadows.

Gardnerian – Witches Of The Craft®

The pages are single sides unlike most books that are double-sided and the first impression one receives is that she duplicated the same material to increase her word count. There have been many comments about the mistakes and inaccuracies in her work which she later defended in Witch.

Helena is an unknown person. The original was written into a ledger book as these were the only blank books found in England at the time. The first thing one notices is that Gardner had terrible handwriting. Entire chapters are almost illegible due to the speed of his writing and the small size of his handwriting. Other things of note are that Gardner describes a Theban Alphabet that is different from the one used by the Long Island Line.

There are also dozens and dozens of pages that simply do not exist in any of the commonly used Gardnerian Texts. Here we see the three works stacked for size, and for thickness. As you can see, the number of pages between what is claimed to be the Gardnerian Book of Shadows and what Gardner actually wrote is considerable. Obviously, something was left out. And just as obviously, not everything was published.


This alone shows that the Gardnerian Book of Shadows has never been published and what has been published is at best, a small fraction of the entire work. Of course, a closer examination of the published copies shows so many major mistakes that I cannot list them all. One sometimes wonders if Sheba or Helena needed an extra chapter to up their word-count and so invented a rite because they had a name but no body.

What we see here is my copy of the Gardnerian Book of Shadows.

So, from this info alone, sparse as it is, you can see that the Gardnerian Book of Shadows has never been published and that those books that claim to be such are poorly edited and incorrect versions of some of the rituals that have been published by various authors over the years. Now I will make one caviet to the above statement. Someday it will because: Some Gardnerian will get so pissed off with the Eclectic crap being published that he will publish the BoS just to get accurate info out there.

Some Gardnerian will get really pissed off with his High Priest or High Priestess because of their egos and publish it in revenge. Someone will burgler the house of a Gardnerian and grab the book thinking it was valuable then sell it at a swap meet.

This book will be purchased by someone and published as a curiosity. Some Gardnerian will convert to xianity and publish the book under pressure from his new church. Some Gardnerian will publish the Book under a fake name to get someone else in trouble.

Fill in your own reason here. We as Gardnerians are no more ethical or intelligent than the rest of the pagan community.

All I am trying to do here is to counter one simple claim by non-Gardnerians with what limited evidence I am willing to present. I wish you all Good research.