Agile opossums (Gracilinanus agilis) are found in central South America. This species has been reported in eastern Peru, central Brazil, eastern Bolivia. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Gracilinanus agilis. agile gracile mouse opossum. Familia: Didelphidae Subfamilia: Didelphinae Tribus: Thylamyini Genus: Gracilinanus Species: Gracilinanus agilis.

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Johns Hopkins University Press.

ADW: Gracilinanus agilis: SPECIMENS

The package adehabitat for the R software: Kalinowski’s mouse aggilis H. The Animal Diversity Web is an educational resource written largely by and for college students.

Physiological and Biochemical Zoology Comparison of methods for calculating areas of animal activity. Gray aiglis opossum T. Volume 32 Issue 4 Janpp.

Gracilinanus agilis

Patterns of Food Consumption and Intrapopulation Variation. Volume 7 Issue 3 Janpp. Exact and asymptotic weighted logrank tests for interval censored data: Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: The effects of reproductive and climatic season on movements in the black-eared opossum Didelphis aurita Wied-Neuwied, Volume 6 Issue 1 Janpp.

Gracilinanus agilis Burmeister Volume 8 Issue 1 Janpp. Phylogeography and systematic notes on two species of gracile mouse opossums, genus Gracilinanus Marsupialia: Vertebrate home-range size and energetic requirements.


Agile opossums are arboreal and have been trapped on tree branches and vines 1.

Considering that food availability was an important predictor for female HR size, we hypothesize that the territorial behavior in females is related to food resource. Research techniques in animal ecology, controversies and consequences.

Volume 67 Issue 1 Janpp. It contains the following species: Volume 63 Issue 2 Janpp. Views Read Edit View history. In other words, Central and South America. Use of space by marsupial Micoureus demerarae in small Atlantic Forest fragments in south-eastern Brazil.

An introduction to behavioural ecology, 2nd ed. Agricola’s gracile opossum C. University of Chicago Press. Females lack a true pouch, and the teats remain hidden when the female is not lactating. Didelphidae in central-western Brazil. Volume 37 Issue 2 Janpp. Agile opossums are predated upon by white-tailed hawks. While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control.

Agile gracile opossum

Didelphidae inhabiting the Brazilian cerrado. Ecological and allometric determinants of home-range size for mountain lions Puma concolor. Use of space by the marsupials Gracilinanus microtarsus Gardner and Creighton, and Marmosops incanus Lund, in an Atlantic Forest of southeastern Brazil.


Volume 75 Issue 2 Janpp. This species reproduces seasonally; females are receptive during the end of the cool dry season, from August to September.

Much more research has been conducted on their close relative, Brazilian gracile opossums. Gracilinanu Caluromys Bare-tailed woolly opossum C. In addition to their thinner ocular ring, agile opossums can be distinguished by their smaller ears and tails.

Gracilinanus agilis | REPRODUÇÃO PROIBIDA – ® Todos os direi… | Flickr

Although females also have a short lifespan, they survive to a second year more frequently gracilibanus males. Diet composition of Gracilinanus agilis Didelphimorphia, Didelphidae in dry woodland areas of Cerrado in central Brazil.

Chacoan pygmy opossum C. It is not known whether these species share all reproductive traits, however, given that they share a similar range and both are solitary, nocturnal and arboreal, it is not unlikely that these species share reproductive traits as well.

MarsupialsXenarthransShrewsand BatsVol. Journal of Raptor Research Volume 74 Issue 1 Jan gracilunanus, pp. The tails of mouse opossums are naked. Cinderella fat-tailed mouse opossum T.