Introduzione. GreenFoot è uno strumento software progettato per permettere ai principianti di fare esperienza con laprogrammazione orientata. The Greenfoot Programmers’ Manual is licensed under a. Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial UK: England & Wales License. Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. Opening the Code editor for a class displays all of the programming instructions for the class. Programming instructions are organized into methods in the class.

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This approach can be useful when there will be many variations of the image, and they can be drawn simply.

Note that as the method returns the last key pressed down since the last time it was called, if the method has not been called for prgorammer while then the key returned might not have been pressed recently — if no other key has been pressed since.

You can create an programer by following the link from the gallery homepage or clicking the Create account link at the bottom of the export dialog in Greenfoot.

The Greenfoot class provides methods to control the execution of the scenario, and the World class provides methods to control how the scenario looks, as well as to react to the scenario stopping or starting. Sound file names are case-sensitive i. Suonare Playing a sound in Greenfoot is extremely simple.

Do something when the scenario has stopped. You will notice that you have rocks, but the wombats still run through them. Sometimes, when you have worlds with large grid sizes, you want to make the grid visible. You need a version that is named JDK. This information typically tells you the purpose of the scenario, how to run it, what you can do programmef it, and maybe some suggestions how you could modify it yourself.


The image will not be able to be seen by the user prograkmer low numbers; with a patterned background it can get difficult to see anything with a transparency up to about The order of objects of the same class cannot be specified.

Greenfoot | Discuss | Programmer Manual

This way, the image of each individual ant object can dynamically change. The old world is discarded and with it all the objects that were in it — you can only have one world at a time.

In theory, you could have multiple world subclasses in a single Greenfoot scenario. You can select any of the methods shown here to ask the wombat to do something. Your new world class will have a skeleton that is valid and compiles. If you have your own images that you like to use for your class, you have two options:. The slider next to the Act and Run buttons sets the speed.

Programmer Manual

Create a new world. Note that this is the title above the world’s display, not the class pdogrammer in the right hand panel. This method is called every time you click the Act button.

Then click anywhere in the world.

The Installer for all other systems is an executable jar file. Nella galleria, clicca sul nome dello scenario per andare alla sua pagina. We will use the variation that reads an image from a file. First, you have to make or find a suitable background image. To enhance your learning experience and encourage you to think more broadly about programming, I recommend that you become involved in the Greenfoot Gallerywhich is a community of programmers worldwide that use the Greenfoot IDE to create and share programs that use animation, sound, etc.


Other colours available include white, gray, red, green, blue, yellow and orange. Make sure you have a wombat in the world, and the scenario is not running. New Kinect with Greenfoot. Going Further There are many more things you can do with Greenfoot, such as: The effect of this code fragment is to move the actor one cell to the right. There are essentially two kinds of worlds: Input da tastiera There are two ways that the keyboard can be used in Greenfoot scenarios: Each object can change its image as often as it likes.

This will create a new class as a subclass of Actor. We will refer to this scenario repeatedly in prohrammer section. Unlike with rectangles, the co-ordinates given will not be on the line which is drawn: Note that the length of time that the scenario will be delayed for will vary a great deal, based on the speed of execution.


Once our actor gets to the end of the world it keeps trying to move outside it, but Greenfoot will not let it. If several objects exist at the location, it is undefined which one will be returned. There are two additional options which you can select for your scenario.

Every class has an associated image that serves as the default image for mannual objects of that class.