The Library of America’s “Story of the Week” this week ( org/) is Ring Lardner’s famous “Haircut,” a kind of dramatic. Haircut has ratings and 21 reviews. Lemar said: If you’ve ever stuck up a conversation in a small town diner with a seemingly innocuous local telling. Nine years later, Lardner would feature the same character, “mindless chatter and all,” in his most well-known and anthologized story, “Haircut.”.

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They used to be plenty fun in here Saturdays. Only he’d of said bean instead of head.

If you get a chance, I’d like to hear your take on it. He hangs around the barbershop frequently, and as the barber’s recollections unfold—this eulogy that will condemn—it becomes clear that Kendall is both an alcoholic and unemployed. It was a Saturday and the shop was full and Jim got up out of that chair and says, “Gentlemen, I got an important announcement to make.

Haircut (short story)

Chances is that Joe Barnes told his wife and she told somebody else’s wife and they told their husband. He let fire and Jim sunk back in the boat, dead. Joe went to Jim the next day and told him what would happen if he ever done it again. Hardcover32 pages. I offer the following thoughts about the story to suggest, as I have often done over the years, that short stories should be read carefully and often, not ladrner and only once.

Doc done all he could to improve Paul’s mind and he told me once that he really thought the boy was getting better, that they was times when he was as bright and sensible as anybody else.


I liked it o Dubliners Centenial One larrner years ago, the great collection of stories Dubliners by James Joyce appeared. I don’t suppose she had any idea how her face changed when him and her was together; of course she couldn’t of, or she’d of kept away from him.

Well, it was a couple days later when Jim was here in the shop again, and so was the cuckoo.

One of Lardner’s superb abilities is to build stories by adding characters so that an entire group contributes to his American portraits at the end. The morning of the hunt, Doc Stair turns up nervously at the barber shop. I guess he run pretty wild durin’ the time he was on the road for them Carterville people, and besides that, he’d had a couple little affairs of the heart right here in town.

Throughout the second and third decades of the twentieth century, Ring Lardner was one of the most distinguished writers, as well as one of the most popular. Dec 31, Sevgi rated it liked it Shelves: Free download available at Story of the Week – Library of America. If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted. Well, last year, our coroner died, died of the flu. Still I didn’t see how I could say no.

Haircut by Ring Lardner

And Paul took in as much of it as he could understand and he run to Doc with the story. The last sentence was the most amusing part but I can’t say I really liked the entire work.

Jess rated it liked it Dec 18, Paul wouldn’t have much to do with anybody only his own mother and Doc Stair and a girl here in town named Julie Gregg. Hod would generally always stand or walk up and down or some Saturdays, of course, he’d be settin’ in this chair part of the time, gettin’ a lardnr. I have submitted a proposal to a publisher and am waiting for a reply.


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If you are interested in my comments on that collection, see my posts in April when the book was featured in Dublin’s “One City, One Book. Well, he didn’t have no intentions of bein’ there or lafdner tickets or nothin’. I don’t know how the news of this little lardned leaked out. He said Paul had told him about the joke Jim had played on Julie.

It ain’t no job that larsner would fight for and what a man makes out of it in a year would just about buy seeds for lardnee garden.

My Dad read this to my sister and me, this one and The Monkey’s Paw made sure we would seek therapy as adults. I tell you this incident just to show you how he could disguise his voice and make you believe it was somebody else talkie’. Dec 07, Ritu rated it liked it Shelves: Dave rated it really liked it Jun 21, Henry Award Stories 1 O. They chased her all the way home, hollerin’, “Is that you, Ralph?