HandPunch Benefits: Eliminates buddy punching and time fraud. Eliminates the expense and hassles of badges and card-based systems. Reduces. Find great deals on eBay for Handpunch in Office Time Clock Machines. Shop with confidence. HandPunch is a Biometric Time Clock used in Time and Attendance / Workforce Management systems.

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Designed for mid to large size companies, the HandPunch is such a versatile biometric timeclock that it can fulfill even the most demanding business requirements.

You can even daisy-chain multiple units together using one main cable useful for companies wanting two or more clocks side by side to facilitate speed of punch entry. For example, if you pay your employees a different wage based upon the department they happen to be working in on that day, then they can enter their department code at the clock.

Handpunch 3000

This will make life much easier for the payroll administrator, because it cuts down on the amount of human intervention that was previously involved in accomplishing a task like this. Weighing approximately 6 pounds, the HandPunch is extremely durable as its outer shell is a hard plastic that is resistant to impact. With users as the standard capacity, it is also upgradeable to a maximum of 32, users; more than enough to accommodate even the largest enterprise.


Many companies elect to utilize nandpunch optional NIC card interface. Simply assign the reader an IP address and attach it to your existing computer network infrastructure.

HandPunch 3000

We can work with your in-house computer technician or outside consultant in deciding what address to use. Time theft can quickly add up and eat away at the bottom line.

Let us show you how easy we can make it for you to be up and running with this cost-saving technology. We are the experts in designing and deploying HandPunch biometric time clock systems. Give us a ring!

Get rid of those paper time cards! A Biometric handreader verifies an employee in less than a second.

HandPunch Biometric Hand Reader from Recognition Systems

No more long lines at clock and you will be saving some trees. As you know, we had been using an older version on a smaller scale and because of new requirements, we needed to expand it companywide.


Your experience and knowledge of hanndpunch system capabilities allowed for a much smoother transition. Even after the install, your continued attention and immediate response to our questions and needs has proven that having contracted with the HandPunch Guys was a wise choice. You delivered as promised!

It does all the gandpunch management work for us. Will Horan came in and in no time the system was installed. He was courteous, professional and was able to train us to use the system easily.

Every time I had a question, he was also quick to respond. I would recommend HandPunch Guys to anyone who is looking to save money.