The latest Hulbert Financial Digest column from MarketWatch. Case in point: Mark Hulbert, whose Hulbert Financial Digest was closed a few months ago after spending most of his waking hours for 36 years. Newsletters, Issue Date of. Most Recent Profile Roll mouse over date for possible link to issue. The Addison Report, Jan ‘ Aden Forecast, Sep ‘ All Star.

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For each newsletter we calculate the average return of all its individual portfolios that are, or have been, tracked.

Returns for all periods longer than one year are annualized. Higher numbers reflect greater volatility and risk.

We use the Sharpe Ratio to calculate risk-adjusted performance. Hulbert Ratings LLC calculates newsletter performance pursuant to contract with the newsletters being followed.


All rights and obligations related to such calculations are governed solely by the terms of those diggest. Investment Newsletter Performance calculations are solely for the benefit of the newsletters being followed.

Honor Roll – From Mark Hulbert and Hulbert Financial Digest

Aggressive Growth Mutual Fund Portfolio 3. Quarterly invest Equal-Weight in 20 Divid Grwth stks Aggressive Sector Funds Aggressive Stock Funds 0.

Core Stock Funds 5. Total Return Funds 1.

Mark Hulbert

Rowe Price Aggressive Rowe Price Moderate Rowe Price Conservative Returns for all periods longer than one year are annualized Risk: They are based on information and research believed to be reliable, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Follow me on Twitter. Blue Chip Investor, The. Wagmore Advisory Letter, The.