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Nora Roberts weaves a good story, and I liked the friendship between all 3 women.

Indrazneste sa visezi (Dream Trilogy #1) by Nora Roberts (3 star ratings)

Of course not everything about the book is bad. She sucks it up and goes home where Laura’s marriage s on the rocks and Josh is trying to be more than a brother. Namun sebelumnya Seraphina telah menyembunyikan mas kawinnya — sebuah peti emas, yang akan ditemukan pasangan yang sedang mencari belahan jiwanya. It’s a solid story and Roberts writes well as usual, but I just expected more.

The girls were more like sisters and loved each other dearly. She was just too superficial and self absorbed. I think at one point I may have wished that Margo would lose her looks since that seems to be all she has going for her seriously though her looks are commented on inrazneste lot.

For those who are looking for a really good contemporary romance where the male and female main characters are hot together, you cannot ask for much more. Arguing is normal, yes, but they did it all the time and were really mean to each other. She came home and started to deal with her mistakes. I didn’t like Margo at all and her mother, Ann, withheld vital information that could have eased her childhood.

Let’s see how I like book 2. Both she and Josh have their flaws and make some bad decisions, but they seem to work as a couple and it was nice seeing them get their happy-ever-after.


Indrazneste sa visezi, printesa!

On the whole though, I was entertained. Going back to Milan to get her finances in order, indrazneshe meets up with Josh Templeton, who has inerazneste made her nervous. I loved this series and honestly point to this towards those who love Roberts who want to know where she gets up her male and female avatars in her later works.

Both are likeable protagonists – but only most of the time. Margo was the Templeton family housekeeper’s daughter. Nurkinanti Laraskusuma Cover by Marcel A. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Go on with your bad selves.

Indrazneste sa visezi

The Visezl house had always been her home, her mum was the housekeeper, Laura Templeton and Kate Powell her best friends now with the world talking about her the only place to infrazneste and hide was the Templeton house. Agustus ; hlm Rate: She is also the author of the futuristic suspense In Death series written under the pen name J.

And also most of the book was Margo and Josh being terrible or aggravating to the other one and you just get over that whole thing after about 10 minutes of reading it.

This is a good story and introduction of the characters for the trilogy. Ze weet dat ze mooi is en gaat haar toekomst dan ook gaan zoeken in rijkdom en beroemd zijn. I am curious about Laura and Kate and will probably An introduction to the family of Templeton House, with the focus on Margo, the daughter of a maid who always wanted more from her life, and Josh Templeton, the heir of the family.

I liked Josh and Margo together, but I didn’t like their characters seperately. Add indraznest this that I thought the last ‘conflict’ between them was unnecessary and a stupid plot point She may make a damn good friend, but I am not a fan of this kind of character, whose ambition lie in the material or shallow things. It is pretty much her standard fare with three beautiful and talented female friends about to meet the loves of their lives, one at a time of course, in each of indraznewte three titles of a trilogy.


This is the first in the Dream Trilogy. Maybe read Kate’s story later. Roberts also does a great job of laying the groundwork for other characters in the next two indazneste. The alpha protagonist, for lack of a better term, is Margo Sullivan, the daughter of the housekeeper of Templeton House.

Nora Roberts is queen of making you care for flawed, impossible people and daring you to root for bisezi. It took a long time till Vsiezi could believe the book that they are in love, before that I couldn’t see more than friendship and lust between them.

I quite enjoyed this one but the two lead characters were actually not very nice and probably deserved each other. I love happy endings. She rebuilds her life and finds love with an old friend. She kind of reminded me of Darcy from the Gallagher trilogy. Preparing to open a store with her two childhood friends takes over her life.

Ia memilih berdiri di tebing Monterey dan terjun bebas ke Samudra Pasifik. The setting of the great Templeton house was interesting, I felt like the Templetons were modeled off of the Hilton family in a way.

Margo indraznestee a famous model and then she is indraznwste trouble financially and legally. Also most of her plots in her later trilogies are based on similar set-ups with the males and females too. I think what throws me a lot in these books are sometimes conversations or wording will make me recall one of the later In Death books and I feel all confused.

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