ISO 15930-1 PDF

Graphic technology — Prepress digital data exchange — Use of PDF — Part 1: Complete exchange using CMYK data (PDF/X-1 and PDF/X-1a). Buy. Follow. ISO Graphic technology – Prepress digital data exchange – Use of PDF – Part 1: Complete exchange using CMYK data (PDF/X PDF Studio provides PDF/X-1a – ISO preflight and compliance verification. Once verification is complete the results can be reviewed, appended .

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Documents created as PDF 1.

Accessibility and PDF Standards – TeX Users Group

Parameters may be set in the configuration file to control the amount of information supplied by the module. In earlier versions of JHOVE, these were set by the -p option of the command line, and added information rather than reducing it. The parameters may be specified as a string of letters, or as separate one-letter parameters, e. By default, document annotations, font information, and outlines are all displayed; they may be suppressed to reduce the size of the JHOVE output.


By default, a maximum of fonts will be reported.

PDF-hul Module

If there are more io, an informational message will report the total number and state that some have been omitted. This parameter will be available with the release of Jhove 1. The PDF-HUL module does not check certain aspects of a PDF file, primarily because thoroughly checking these would require access to proprietary compression and encryption algorithms.

The following are not checked:. In the event that these two values do not match, the Version key is taken as the authoritative value.

The module is invoked by the: Must be followed by a number, e. In general, a file is well-formed if it has a header: The file is well-formed. The document structure conforms to the specification. io

Exact chapter in ISO (PDF/X-1a) | Adobe Community

This includes when present outlines, pages, the page label tree, attributes, resources, role maps, name trees. Version information in the document catalog dictionary, if present, is properly formed. Dates are properly formed. File specifications are properly formed. Any annotations are properly 51930-1.


XMP data, if present, are well-formed. The following are not checked: The data within content streams, and therefore the use of operators and the glyph descriptions of embedded fonts. Some PDF files are effectively null-encrypted; i.

JHOVE treats these as encrypted files.