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A falth example was the Wentworth Letter. The document also contained thirteen statements outlining Latter-day Saint beliefs, which have come to be known as the Articles of Faith.

When ten years old, my parents removed to Palmyra, New York, where we resided about four years, and from thence we removed to the town of Jamrs. My father was a farmer and taught me the art of husbandry. When about fourteen years of age, I began to reflect upon the importance of being prepared for a future state, and upon inquiring [about] the plan of salvation, I found that there was a great clash in religious sentiment; if I went to one society they referred me to one plan, and another to another; each one pointing to his own particular creed as the summum bonum of perfection.

Considering that all could not be right, and that God could not be the author of so much confusion, I determined to investigate the subject more fully, believing that if God had a Church it would not be split up into factions, and that if He taught one society to worship one way, and administer in one set of ordinances, He would not teach another, principles which were diametrically opposed. They told me that all religious denominations were believing in incorrect doctrines, and that none of them was acknowledged of God as His Church and kingdom: This messenger proclaimed himself to be an angel of God, sent to bring the joyful tidings that the covenant which God made artiicles ancient Israel was at hand to be fulfilled, that the preparatory work for the second coming of the Messiah was speedily to commence; that the time was at hand for the Gospel in all its fullness to be preached in power, unto all nations that a people might be prepared for the Millennial reign.

I was informed that I was chosen to be an instrument in the hands of God to bring about some of His purposes in this glorious dispensation. The angel appeared to me three times the same night and unfolded the same things. After having received many visits from the angels of God unfolding the majesty and glory of the events that should transpire in the last days, on the morning of the 22nd of September, A.

They were filled with engravings, in Egyptian characters, and bound together in a volume as the leaves of a book, with three rings running through the whole. The volume was something near six inches in thickness, a part of which was sealed. The characters on the unsealed part were small, and beautifully engraved. The whole book exhibited many marks of antiquity in its construction, and much skill in the art of engraving. Through the medium jajes the Urim and Thummim I translated the record by srticles gift and power of God.

We are informed by these records that America in ancient times has been inhabited by two distinct races of people. The first were called Jaredites, and came directly from the Tower of Babel. Faoth second race came directly from the city of Jerusalem, about six hundred years before Christ.

The articles of faith

They were principally Israelites, of the descendants of Joseph. The Jaredites were destroyed about the time that the Israelites came from Jerusalem, who succeeded them in the inheritance of the country.

The principal nation of the second race fell in battle towards the close of the fourth century. The remnant are the Indians that now inhabit this country. For a more particular account I would refer to the Book of Mormon, which can be purchased at Nauvoo, or from any of our Traveling Elders.

Several times I was shot at, and very narrowly escaped, and every device was made use of to get the plates away from me; but the power and blessing of God attended me, and several began to believe my testimony.

Some few were called and ordained by the Spirit of revelation and prophecy, and began to preach as the Spirit gave them utterance, and though weak, yet were they strengthened by the power of God, and many were brought to repentance, were immersed in the water, and were filled with the Holy Ghost by articlee laying on of hands. They saw visions and prophesied, devils were cast out, and the sick healed by the laying on of hands. From that time the work rolled forth with astonishing rapidity, and churches were soon formed in the states of New York, Pennsylvania[,] Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri; in the last named state a considerable settlement was formed in Jackson county: This took place in the month of November, and they had no other covering but the canopy talmagd heaven, in this inclement season of the year; this proceeding was winked at by the articlrs, and although we had warantee deeds for our land, and had violated no law, we could obtain no redress.


The result was, that a great many of them being deprived of the comforts of life, and the necessary attendances, died; many children were left orphans, wives, widows and husbands, widowers; our farms were taken possession of by the mob, many thousands of cattle, sheep, horses and hogs were taken, and articlees household goods, store goods, and printing press and type were broken, taken, or otherwise destroyed.

But in the summer of these threatenings began to assume a more serious form, from threats, public meetings were called, resolutions were passed, vengeance and destruction were threatened, and affairs again assumed a fearful attitude, Jackson county was a sufficient precedent, and as the authorities in that county did not interfere they boasted that they would not in this; which on application to the authorities we found to be too true, and after much privation and loss of property, we were again driven from our homes.

Many sickened and died in consequence of the cold and hardships they had to endure; many wives were left widows, and children, orphans, and destitute. It would take more time than is allotted me here to describe the injustice, the wrongs, the murders the bloodshed, the theft, misery and woe that have been caused by the barbarous, inhuman, and lawless proceedings of the state of Missouri.

We number from six to eight thousand here, besides vast numbers in the county around, and in almost every county of the state.

We have a city charter granted us, and charter for a Legion, the troops of which now number 1, We have also a charter for a University, for an Agricultural atlmage Manufacturing Society, have our own laws and administrators, and possess all the privileges that other free and enlightened citizens enjoy. Proud of the cause which they have espoused, and conscious of our innocence, and of the truth of their system, amidst calumny and reproach, have the Elders of this Church gone forth, and planted the Gospel in almost every state in the Union; it has penetrated our cities, it has spread over our villages, and has caused thousands of our intelligent, noble, and patriotic citizens to obey its divine mandates, and be governed by its sacred truths.

Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage

It has also spread into England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, where, in the yeara few of our missionaries were sent, and over five thousand joined the Standard of Truth; there are numbers now joining in every land. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good jmaes, or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

The Articles of Faith can help members of the Church explain and defend many gospel principles. Tom Perry, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said:. We would be better prepared to share the gospel fxith others. Oaksa member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said:. However, we jaems that these three members of the Godhead are three separate and distinct beings.

We also testify that God the Father is not just a spirit but is a glorified person with a tangible body, as is his resurrected Son, Jesus Christ.

They believe that God is a spirit and that the Godhead is only one God.

This articlew Emperor Constantine to convene the first churchwide council in A. The action of this council of Nicaea remains the most important single event after the death of the Fwith in formulating the modern Christian concept of deity. You are all well acquainted with Him, for there is not a soul of you but what has lived in His house and dwelt with Him year after year; and yet you are seeking to become acquainted with Him, when the fact is, you have merely forgotten what you did know.

Maxwell, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, testified:. Yet, movingly, He calls us His friends.


Kimball, then a member of the Quorum tamlage the Twelve Apostles, taught:. Every worthy soul is entitled to a revelation, and it comes through the Holy Ghost. He is a reminder and will bring to our remembrance the things which we have learned and which we need in the time thereof. He is an inspirer and will put words in our mouths, enlighten our understandings and direct our thoughts. He is a testifier and will bear record to us of the divinity of the Father and the Son and of Their missions and of the program which they have given us.

He ta,mage a teacher and will increase our knowledge. Faust, then a artciles of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, explained:. However, the posterity of Adam and Eve were innocent of the original sin because they had no part in it. It was therefore unfair for all of humanity to suffer eternally for the transgressions of our first parents, Adam and Eve.

It became necessary to settle this injustice; hence the need for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus in His talmqge as the Savior and Redeemer. Haight, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, testified:. Men must have faith in him, repent of their sins, be baptized in his name, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, and remain steadfast to gain life eternal.

Fairh, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, explained: Through the grace of Jesus Christ, immortality comes to all men, just or unjust, righteous or wicked. The Prophet Joseph Smith said: Men may preach and practice everything except those things which God commands us to do, and will be damned names last.

The Articles of Faith by James E. Talmage

Christiansen, who was an Assistant to the Talmaage of the Twelve Apostles, said:. The Prophet Joseph Smith taught: President Joseph Fielding Smith wrote: Talmage, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, warned: Smith, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said: Baptism without divine authority fairh not valid.

Scott, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, taught: When repentance is full and one has been cleansed, there comes a new vision of life and its glorious possibilities. How marvelous the promise of the Lord: Talmxge need of more words to prove the worth of this divinely appointed ordinance? What gift could be offered the human race greater than a sure means of obtaining forgiveness for transgression?

McConkie, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, said: Hinckley, then a counselor in the First Presidency, taught: But that nomination must be sustained—that is, accepted and confirmed—by the membership of the Church. It is without egotism or vanity or ambition. It cannot be handed to you as a certificate.

It cannot be delivered to you as a message or sent to you in a letter. It comes only by proper ordination. An authorized holder of the priesthood has to be there. The power of directing these labors constitutes the keys of the Priesthood. In their fulness, the keys are held by only one person at a time, the prophet and president of the Church.

Surely the apostasy was now complete. The Church today is fith on a foundation of prophets and Apostles, with Jesus Christ as its chief cornerstone. It is therefore not a reformation, a revision, a reorganization, or a mere sect. Oliver Cowdery served as clerk in that meeting and wrote this in the minutes:. What importance is there attached to the calling of the Twelve Apostles, different from the other callings or officers of the Church?

They are to hold the keys of this ministry, to unlock the door of the Kingdom of heaven unto all nations, and to preach the Gospel to every creature. Any man so claiming would be a dignified man with a dignified message; no table-jumping, no whisperings from the dead, no clairvoyance, but an intelligent statement of jajes.

Any man claiming to taalmage a faih of God would declare his message without any fear, taalmage without making any weak concessions to public opinion. If he were speaking for God he could not make concessions although what he taught would be new and contrary to the accepted teachings of the day. A prophet bears witness to what he has seen and heard and seldom tries to make a case by argument. His articled and not himself is important.