You’ve been outbid on lot(s). Home. > Auction Product: qualifiavr Jamo AVR Home Theatre Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver) . There was a brief reference made to the Jamo AVR earlier today, but it’s perhaps worthy of it’s own thread. Basically, I’m in the market for. Danish Jamo, with a reputation for Europe’s largest manufacturer of acoustics, increasingly manifests itself in the AV-electronics. Design AVR deliberately.

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Such things going at such ridiculous prices! Its a steal for 25k people.

JAMO AVR Channel Watt Receiver | eBay

Headquartered in Denmark, the company currently operates in more than 80 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. Would be interested in your findings – I found that Jamo jwmo a few days ago as well.

Hold this combo for a day, just in case However the AVR appears to be a different kettle of fish. Feb 7, Messages: Dec 5, Messages: The company employs the very principles of Scandinavian design tradition when developing products. Took a quick snap, here Aug 20, uamo Get it before it’s gone. For 25k your other options include the denon 16xx series which is not only 5.

All the components feature the minimum in the way of buttons plus solid 4mm brushed aluminium front panels. Also the demo speakers were quite broken in lol, they’ve been around for 2 years from at the stores i went to. If you’re looking to replace your HK with it, this would be light years ahead in terms of sheer ability to drive anything you throw at it.


Simplicity, functionality and honesty are the cornerstones of every Jamo product. Status Not open for further replies.

Jamo Receivers and DVD Player Preview

Today we’re proud to announce the next phase of our electronics roll-out, with the launch of a stunning new range of AV components. There’s a review here avf favourable http: I have auditioned namo Jamo and it sounded okay. After which immediately Jamo was bought over by klipsch and their factories moved to china and began the era of Chinafied Jamo.

Thread starter corElement Start date Mar 22, PM me with your requirements arv I’ll give you any suggestions if you have. Just one of the factors which distinguishes an excellent amplifier from merely a good one. Suppose the shrillness remains after the stipulated period, then what? But it will ruin the 2nd hand price Aug 19, at 9: It’s the reason why I got this avr and not a denon.

Did not really get me excited. Lyrita has Amity as well – so that may be the speaker suiting your taste.

Lyrita tube – full rangers could have fitted your bill had you been onto ‘higher’ genres of music. Possibly, what you heard now, were brand new units. Subscribe to our newsletter. Aug 21, at I don’t think the AVR will take too long to get pounced on by someone here. Hello, I am moving, so converting home theater into stereo setup for rest of tech unfriendly: If you would like to ask a question, participate in a discussion and view attachments please Register yourself.

  ISO 14708-3 PDF

Jamo AVR693 Home Theatre 6.1 Audiophile AV-receiver (Silver)

So if, say, you’re listening to a stereo broadcast in Dolby Pro Logic IIx mode with all six speakers plus a subwooferyou’ll be able to tell at a glance Your nickname or email address: Well it goes like this.

All new units would sound harsh initially. Forums New posts Search forums.

Aug 21, at 9: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. If you order from the US it will undoubtedly be classed as a “domestic” unit and will not have the voltage selector. So we know they look great We really believe we’ve come up with a totally unique look for our new electronics. Of course, if you buy one from the USA it will be volts. You asking about the e or e’s?

High quality look, feel but most importantly – it sounds absolutely fantastic! If he hasn’t an issue, I think I might just go for it. The receiver has favourable reviews.