I have just finished watching Julie and Julia and I have decided that next weekend I am going to make BOEUF BOURGUIGNON for my husband, older brother. Julia Child’s famous recipe for beef and red wine stew with pearl onions and sauteed mushrooms. Give it a try on a winter’s weekend. But I had come this far on my Boeuf Bourguignon, so I continued my assembly — I was using Julia Child’s recipe here — which required cooking the mushrooms.

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This is one recipe where you want to take your time cooking it, drinking a glass of wine or two while preparing it, and show it a lot of love. Every step is worth it. In our recipe, we included four different cooking methods to make your life easier: Whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed! The results were unbelievable. Bourguignno can honestly say I have never enjoyed a stew as much as I did when it was done. We tried this with a few cuts of beef: Brisket yielded our favourite result.

The meat fell apart so beautifully and tasted better than the others with a juicy outcome. Having said the though, you can use whichever stewing beef you can find or have on hand. Julia recommends a good quality burgundy for her Beef Bourguignon recipe. However, I cannot guarantee the flavour.

The wine makes this incredible. You can also serve it with plain rice or noodles. There is so much flavour in this, you need a fairly plain side to go with it.

Tender fall apart chunks of beef simmered in a rich red wine gravy makes Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon an incredible family revipe.

Easy to make, every step is worth it. Heat the oil in a large dutch oven or heavy based pot.

Transfer with a slotted spoon to a large dish and set aside. Remove to the dish with the bacon. Blurguignon with flour, toss well and cook for minutes to brown.

Boeuf Bourguignon a La Julia Child

Add the pearl onions, wine and enough stock so that the meat is barely covered. Bring to a simmer on the bouurguignon. Cover, transfer to lower part of the oven and simmer for 3 to 4 hours, or until the meat is fall apart tender adjust the heat so chikd the liquid simmers very slowly.

When the foam subsides, add the remaining 2 cloves garlic and cook until fragrant about 30 secondsthen add in the mushrooms. Cook for about 5 minutes, while shaking the pan occasionally to coat with the butter.


Season with salt and pepper, if desired. Once they are browned, set aside. Place a colander over a large pot I do this in my clean kitchen sink. Remove the boruf from the oven and carefully empty its contents into the colander you want to collect the sauce only. Remove any fat boef the sauce if any and simmer for a minute or two, skimming off any additional fat which rises to the surface. If the sauce is too thick, add a few tablespoons of stock. If boourguignon sauce is too thin, boil it over medium heat for about 10 minutes, or until reduced to the right consistency.

Taste for seasoning and adjust salt and pepper, if desired. Pour the sauce over the meat and vegetables. If you are serving immediately, simmer the beef bourguignon for 2 to 3 minutes to heat through. The day of serving, remove from refrigerator for at least an hour before reheating. In the last 5 minutes of cooking time, prepare your mushrooms: Remove with bourguignonn slotted spoon and set aside. Return bacon to the pot. Stir well, cover and lock the lid into place.

After cooking, allow the pressure to release naturally for minutes. Add the remaining 2 cloves garlic and cook until fragrant about 30 secondsthen add in the mushrooms.

Add the redipe mushrooms, garnish with parsley and serve with mashed potatoes, rice or noodles. Transfer to 6 quart litre slow cooker bowl. Transfer to slow cooker bowl with the bacon, and add in the onions both types and carrots. Pour the red wine into the pan or skillet and allow to simmer for minutes, then whisk in the flour until free from iulia.

Mix well to combine all of the ingredients. Cook on high heat setting for 6 hours or low for 8 recile, or until beef is falling apart and tender. Add to the Beef Bourguignon, mixing them through the sauce before serving. Please do not use my images without prior permission. If you want to share this recipe, please provide a link back to this post for the original recipe.

I made this yesterday in the slow cooker. It was no matter, though. I served it over horseradish mashed potatoes and it changed my life.

Will be making again ASAP. I used uulia in the recipe. I did the stove top version and the meat is somewhat tough.

Any idea why that could have happened? This would have been an awesome dish had I not messed up. Thanks for the recipe I will try this again. I would guess that it was undercooked. Meat will tenderize if you cook it long enough. Cook the meat in the gravy for awhile like an hour or longer — the longer the more tender I guarantee it but be sure to hold back the reipe and mushrooms as they will disintegrate in that amount of time.


Was the meat marinated? If making the day before, should I save the mushroom step until re-heating the next day? Or is it still ok to do as the last step and then re-heat with the whole dish? I would make the mushrooms the next day as I love fresh, plump and juicy mushrooms. Go with what is easier for you. I hope that helps! Serving it tomorrow, will it be on to add more stock to it when re-heating?

Was bourgkignon to do it for fear it would dilute jullia rich flavor. Sorry for so many questions! I did the same!

It is beautiful looking but need more sauce — can anyone recommend how to fix? First time I ever made this. I used Brisket Perfect. It seemed a little soupy just covered the meat like instructed but ended up cooking down and was perfect. I added a refipe extra garlic, thyme and parsley to recipe. I cooked in oven using my dutch oven. I made mashed potatoes boruf it. I WILL be making this again. The soupy liquid freaked me out too at first and watching it turn into a thick gravy is magic.

Beef Bourguignon (Julia Child Recipe) – Cafe Delites

Hi Karina Forgot to ask what cut of brisket should I use for beef bourguignon? Hopefully someone has the answer for you! I am going to try this recipe. Can you tell me what brand and type of wine you used? I use Brown Brothers Pinot Noir. Amazing recipe — I cooked in a ditch oven using brisket at for 3 hours. Has this happened to anyone?

How can Beuf mellow it down — please help! This is supposed to be for a dinner party tomorrow. You are welcome to leave out the pinch of salt and see if that helps any.

There is also a possibility that recipr seasoned Dutch Oven could have added to the salty flavor. I hope that this helps when you make it. Please let me know how it comes out!

Thanks for following along. How does this increase the cooking time in the IP? It will be my first time using one!