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Eliza works as a seamstress at a bridal shop. One day, a million-dollar wedding dress enters the shop, which she is fascinated by and tries on, but for some reason is unable to take off. In a panic, Eliza flees the shop, and gets in a limo that had just arrived at that moment.

Inside, she meets a handsome man in a tuxedo. Even though he is on his way to his own wedding, Eliza asks him for help.

As he reaches out to assist her, little did they know, that they were headed towards unforeseen danger Aldona finds herself in a grave predicament while on vacation in Malta. Zeb, a young businessman, is fiercely drawn whittenburb this beautiful, reserved woman; however, Aldona roller being threatened by a man who knows about her father’s fraudulent activities. She has agreed to join him on vacation as his “lover” on the condition that he keep quiet about her father’s wrongdoing.

Aldona was shocked to discover her strict father had committed a crime, but was even more dismayed that she’d have to let herself be treated like a prostitute And what’s worse, she can’t tell anyone about it-certainly not her beloved Zeb!


Was his anger the result of true love? Night-shift nurse Maggie karren down at a patient who was rushed into the hospital in the dead of night. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s believed that she’s destined to fall in love with a prince-and the sleeping man before her, with his glossy dark skin and sexy lips, is the spitting image of the prince she’d always envisioned. Succumbing to impulse, Maggie suddenly kisses him-just as he opens his eyes and declares that he is the prince of a tiny nation!

This self-proclaimed prince proceeds to string suspicious Maggie along with his sexy charms, pulling tolller not-so-innocent desires hidden in her dreams out into reality! Collect Hero Selections of Harlequin Comics!

This bundle contains “THE C. When Adam, the oldest son of the wealthy Braddock family, asks Katie to be his party planner, she karsn taken aback. Doesn’t he know that she’s just a waitress? Adam’s zeal eventually wins her over and she agrees to the job despite the misunderstanding.

Karen Toller Whittenburg – Romance, fiction books and ebooks from Mills & Boon

Katie is surprised to see Adam’s gentler side during their time together, but still, with his cold, businesslike nature, it can’t end well Thea is the ugly duckling of high society.

Shy by nature, Thea whittenbrg never had a chance to blossom from under her grandmother’s thumb. Thea has admired Peter Braddock for years, and agrees to let him escort her to a ball one night, but the two of them get soaked in a sudden downpour on the way home.


She lets him in to change and dry off, but when her grandmother sees the two of them undressed in her room, she whittenburh to conclusions and sets in motion a huge scandal that will shake both of their families to whittemburg core!

The Matchmaker’s Sister

The career-driven Lara can’t believe that her new boss is the spoiled playboy son of the wealthy Braddock family. As a professional, she cannot accept the idea of someone like him running the company, so she marches into his office with her letter of resignation in hand.

But Bryce pleads with her to stay, and somehow Lara can’t argue with the sexy glimmer in his eyes. There may be additional results which are not suitable for children. If you need to make an inquiry, please do so HERE. This service is operated and provided subject to Japanese law; therefore except as otherwise provided for, use of this service is also deemed subject to Japanese law. Any tolelr banner of this company that appears on a third-party website appears there solely at the discretion of the owner or operator of that whirtenburg.

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