Theory of excitons. Author, Robert Seiple Knox. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Academic Press, Original from, the University of California. Digitized, Nov Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons. Front Cover. R. S. Knox. Academic Press, Author, R. S. Knox. Publisher, Academic Press, Title, Theory of Excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Supplement · Volume 5 of Solid state physics: advances in research and applications: supplement.

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Luminescence English Transl lattice linear longitudinal Lorentz magnetic field matrix element mean free path molecules momentum normal observed obtain one-electron optical oscillator strength pair perturbation phonon Phys—Solid State English polariton polarization quantum numbers s-like scattering Section knoz singlet Solids Soviet Phys Soviet Phys—Solid spectra spectrum symmetry Tela temperature Teor thermal tion Toyozawa transitions transverse Tverd unit cell valence band Wannier exciton Wannier functions Wannier model wave function wave vector zero-order.

The sun is the climate pacemaker. Exciton states in rare gas crystals. A 54 The Kennard-Stepanov relation for time-resolved fluorescence. Excited-state wave functions, excitation energies, and oscillator strengths for Ne 2p 5 3s. See the annotated publication list.


Theory of Excitons

Electron mobility and scattering processes in AgBr at low excutons. Climate forcing by the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo. Gibson, and Russell Hilf. Transport Phenomena and Related Topics. Semiclassical theory of the infrared spectrum of KCl: Biology 49 Holcomb and Robert S.

Theory of depolarization of fluorescence in molecular pairs. Eve Hindin, Robert A. Excitation dynamics in biomolecular systems. Turnbull, Academic Press, Inc.

Catalog Record: Theory of excitons | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Dexter density dielectric constant dipole discussed dissociation E. Introduction to exciton physics. Iceland as a heat island. Band structure and electronic properties of AgCl and AgBr.

The fine structure of absorption in NaCl: Symmetry in the Solid StateW. Configuration interaction in alkali halide phosphors. Electron-hole pair excitation in semiconductors via energy transfer from thheory external sensitizer.

Energy distribution in the photochemical apparatus of Porphyridium cruentum: Melissa Joseph, James R. Theory of fluorescence polarization in magnetically ordered photosynthetic systems. Atmospheric and Climate Sciences 748—64 Picosecond fluorescence spectroscopy of the biliprotein phycocycanin Theory of excitons Volume 5 of Solid state physics: Academic Press- Science – pages.


Temperature response of Earth to the annual solar irradiance cycle. On the theory of trapping of excitation in excitpns photosynthetic unit.

Solid state physics, suppl. 5: Theory of excitons – R. S. Knox – Google Books

Storage of light energy and exciitons. Comparison of excited-state energy transfer in arrays of hydroporphyrins chlorins, oxochlorins versus porphyrins: Entropy production and the Second Law in photosynthesis.

Lindsey, Dewey Holten, and Robert S. Luminescence 12 A note on exciton multiplicities.

Absorption and Dispersion of Light by Nonmetallic Solids. Knox and Richard L. Atomic multipole interactions in rare-gas crystals. Theory of polarized fluorescence from molecular pairs: Excitation energy flow in chlorosome antennas of green photosynthetic bacteria.

Luminescence 63 Thsory 51 Wittmershaus, and Robert S.

Effects of transport coherence on the mutual annihilation of excitons.